What to cook for children for breakfast

To teach a child to have breakfast is a sacred duty of every mother. Breakfast is very useful for the body and should be as useful and nutritious as possible.

But it turns out that oatmeal is not an appropriate option for a baby breakfast, no matter how useful it is, it does not own


So cook your children for breakfast to fill all the necessary vitamins and trace elements in the baby's diet and prevent him from starving in 1.5-2 hours? We will talk about all this in this article.


1. Why is it important to have breakfast?
2. How to make a child have breakfast?
3. TOP-10 useful breakfast
4. Interesting breakfast cereals for
5. Instead of finding

Why is it important to have breakfast?

We all remember the old saying that breakfast should be eaten by yourself, sharing a dinner with a friend, and giving the dinner an enemy. People's wisdom, of course, is right, but this principle is not entirely suitable for children.

Children should eat balanced, right and every 4 hours, and sometimes more often when it comes to babies.

Breakfast is good for all people, and especially for children. In the morning, no later than an hour after awakening, the stomach should receive a portion of food. Oatmeal from cereals, fast breakfasts are not always the best option for the baby.

Of course, they reduce the time for cooking, they are delicious, but the energy they transmit to the child is enough only to go to school. Meanwhile, breakfast is needed in order to stay healthy and energetic all day. What to cook for children for breakfast

How to make a child have breakfast?

You want your baby's breakfast to be good and helpful, but the baby flatly refuses to eat in the morning. To solve this problem, you can resort to various tricks.

For example, tell the child that his favorite animation character always saves, because he is so strong, courageous, brave and everybody wins.

If a child is already old enough and takes such fables with mockery, then you can talk to him as an adult and explain why it's important to eat right in the morning. Especially if he attends any sports section.

Daughter refuses to eat, worrying that she will recover? Explain that the right and useful breakfast program the body to use the right products for the rest of the day.

For kids, you can not only cook the right breakfasts, but also to feed them correctly. Decorate the porridge with berries in the form of a funny face, and the baby will eat all the portion. In general, experiment so that the dish was not only tasty and useful, but also colorfully decorated.

TOP-10 of useful breakfast

There are several options for useful breakfasts that will give you and your child health, strength, useful vitamins, trace elements, cheerfulness and everything else that your child needs in the morning.

In the tenth place - cheese casserole.

With the addition of cheese eggs and cereals( manna, rice, corn), you can get a good breakfast for the baby.

There is nothing terrible in sugar contained in the recipe. In fact, sugar is harmful in large quantities, but in childhood some certain amount of it is even necessary for the body, because carbohydrates are a source of energy.

Rice groats and other types of groats, which require long cooking, are better to be added in half-baked casseroles.

Groats, sugar - give a lot of energy to the baby, and the cheese will not let this energy get lost right away. After such a breakfast, the baby will feel saturated for about 2 hours. This breakfast is suitable for a snack in the morning in front of a school or kindergarten if the child is forced to wake up early and have breakfast for a long time in the garden or school.

is the ninth place in the list of useful breakfasts, with boiled meat and vegetables .

This is a favorite breakfast for many children and adolescents. He will absorb well, will increase the muscle mass of the child, strengthen his muscles. Especially, if on this day he has in the schedule a physical education lesson. This kind of breakfasts is good for junior and middle school students, as well as for boys of the upper classes.

The eighth place of holds cooked apples with sweet rice( raisins, nuts, dried fruits and candied fruits) in the list of useful breakfasts.

For breakfast, not one but a few baked stuffed apples is offered; it is especially useful to make a honey dish already prepared if the child has no allergy to this ingredient. Such a dish is characterized by sufficient nutrition and easy digestion. In addition to a large number of minerals useful for the body, this breakfast will hold back energy for a long time in the body.

In the seventh place - pancakes with berries or cheese.

For children, you can cook ordinary pancakes on wheat flour. The only thing to be limited is the amount of vegetable oil used during roasting. In this case, it is better to fry pancakes on a frying pan with a special non-stick coating.

Sweet or cheese filling in combination with pancakes will give the child the required amount of energy, nutrients. What to cook for children for breakfast

If your teenage daughter is already monitoring their body or controlling weight, this is not a reason to refuse a breakfast like pancakes. Just use oatmeal instead of wheat flour to prepare the dish.

For preparation you can use any seasonal vegetables( eg pumpkin), buckwheat flour. All this is no less useful for your child's breakfast.

The sixth place is occupied by salted salads .

The basis of such a salad can be any product, for example, avocados. It is rich in useful vegetable fats, minerals and vitamins. Combine vegetable fats with any protein( cheese, boiled eggs, chicken breast, grated cheese).

For preschoolers, it's best not to take this breakfast because of a possible allergic reaction to unfamiliar exotic fruits. But children of school age may well have a good and healthy, and most importantly, nutritious food for breakfast.

The fifth place in the list of healthy breakfasts is the sandwich from whole grain bread.

You can put meat, vegetables on top, get a light but nutritious salad.

An important point: if you use ordinary white bread to prepare such a sandwich, then the feeling of hunger will come back very soon and will torment the child during the school breakfast lessons, as the white bread contains simple carbohydrates that do not have enough energy.

Whole grain bread is the best solution for making sandwiches. Incidentally, this option will be suitable for breakfast in the event that you are thinking of giving your child a school for lunch. What to cook for children for breakfast
Fourth place is buckwheat porridge with milk .

In fact, you can cook absolutely any porridge in milk, but buckwheat has the best properties for such a combination.

The fact that micronutrients and proteins contained in buckwheat are cooked on milk, their beneficial properties are doubled. Such a breakfast will stimulate a good level of hemoglobin, provide the child with a sufficient degree of vitality, a good supply of energy.

The bronze medal winner is .

But it's better if it's not an ordinary omelet, but with greenery and vegetables. This breakfast does not contain harmful cholesterol, it can be cooked for babies, and for older children.

By the way, such a meal for breakfast will suit and the mothers who are constantly forced to control their weight, to remain healthy, beautiful and always be an example for their children. What to cook for children for breakfast
In the second place - green cheese .

In this case, the cheese is not thermally processed. Green is added because in addition to high-quality protein, in the morning the body must receive trace elements, vitamins and useful fiber. In addition, herbs help strengthen immunity, and its regular use in the diet of children and adults helps to avoid various colds.

If the child does not like shriveled greens, it is not a problem, it is entirely possible to replace it with fresh berries or finely chopped fruits.

And, finally, the most beneficial and nutritious breakfast that takes first place in our Top is the whole cereal porridge.

At such a breakfast, contains a balanced amount of nutrients, vitamins, minerals. It has the optimal amount of calories, which is suitable both for children and adults, and thin and full. You can eat porridge with sliced ​​fruits, berries, greens and vegetables( peas, sweet pepper, carrots, etc.).

By the way, berries are available all year round, they can be frozen in the summertime and each time preparing breakfast, add a handful of berries to the porridge. Such porridge is rich in the right complex carbohydrates, which give energy, all the trace elements and vitamins.

To such porridge include: buckwheat, oatmeal, pearl, millet, porridge from unripened rice. What to cook for children for breakfast

Kashi is a useful source of energy, the complex carbohydrates that make up them add human vivacity, while vitamins and trace elements improve metabolism and improve brain activity.

Children who are accustomed to eating porridges every day are less likely to suffer from bronchial diseases and have no digestive problems.

Interesting dishes for children for breakfast

And yet, the menu of 10 proper breakfast looks somewhat boring for the children's menu. Even if an adult feeds daily with porridges or omelets, then, after all, it's bored, and he wants something more "harmful".And even if it is a case for children, then it's preferable, you have to fancy a little or use the recipes below.

Oatmeal Pudding with

Cheese Oatmeal with home cheese and apples is an ideal combination of delicious and healthy breakfast products. It contains the ideal ingredients for the morning meal.

Milk, cheese, eggs are products with high protein content, and oat flakes add apples to the diet of useful complex carbohydrates. Even if children do not like oatmeal, the recipe for this dish will allow such a disguise of this ingredient that children can not even guess that the pudding has this cereal.

For cooking you will need:

  • oatmeal flakes - 100 grams;
  • apples - 2 pieces;
  • milk - 150 ml;
  • pumpkin seed - 50 grams;
  • proteins - 2 pieces;
  • yolks - 2 pieces;
  • sugar - 250 grams;
  • cheese - 200 grams;
  • vanillin - 1 sachet.

For a caramel take:

  • sugar - 100 grams;
  • water - 20 grams;
  • apples - 2 pieces;
  • butter - 30 grams;
  • cinnamon - 5 grams.

Oatmeal, milk, pumpkin seeds, yolks and sugar( half of the total) - for oatmeal. For cheese layer - cheese, proteins, remaining sugar and vanillin.

Oat flakes soak in hot milk and allow to cool. Make blender cheese with egg yolks, sugar and vanillin.

Squirrels with sugar to foam and mix with chilled cheese mass. Add pumpkin seeds. Apply the apples, cut into thin slices.

Melt sugar in a frying pan, add butter and cinnamon and caramelize apples in it. Shaped cream with butter and sprinkle with flour. Put them oatmeal mixture, then top cheese and decorate caramelized apples. Bake at 175 ° C for 15 minutes.

Fast and useful breakfast "on stock"

This breakfast is suitable when your child is already going to school and in the morning does not have time to cook for breakfast. It happens that the parents themselves never do breakfast in the morning. Therefore, it is advisable to do the preparation of semi-finished products.

To do this, take portions of glass jars( available from infant food), sign them on days of the week or by the number of family members.

Take oatmeal, but not fast-cooked flakes, but one that needs to swell. Add to them flaxseed, rich in omega-3 fatty acids, you can use pumpkin seeds. Take the milk that will swell the mixture, yogurt( home or shopping).

In a cup, pour 2 tablespoons of flakes, 2 tablespoons of yogurt, a teaspoon of flaxseed and a little milk. Close the lid and shake well. Thus, you can fill all jars and remove them in the refrigerator.

Having prepared such workpieces on a Sunday evening, you can have a ready-made "breakfast" from the jar to the environment without worrying that there will be no time for its cooking. On Wednesday evening, make breakfast cereals by the end of the week. And this breakfast will be useful and rich for children and adults. Opening a jar in the morning, you can add honey, fruits, raisins and nuts to her if you like.

Instead of finding

What to cook for children for breakfast Of course, this is far from all the recipes that can be used for the preparation of children's breakfasts.

Any mother knows her child better than others and can always figure out what to combine to bring the child real pleasure from breakfast. But while preparing some kind of dish for the baby in the morning, one should take into account how its day will be planned, the peculiarities of its taste and its maximum usefulness.