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A bio-toilet, or a closed cat-tray - the pros and cons, the rules of choice

In recent years, the original closed toilets, which are called "cat toilets" began to appear on the animal goods market. This is a rather interesting design, very similar to a plastic carrying case for animals. The biowallet is made up of the following parts: the main tray for the grid, the

grid, the intermediate tray for the filler and the lid with the door for the pet.

Some of us, people who prefer to retire in the dressing room with the newspaper, so that nobody distracts. That's how many of the Murmansk people want to calmly trouble without anyone's observation or intervention in the toilet business. It is precisely for such boots that any type of closed toilets is perfect. In addition, this design provides purity, because if the whiskered-striped in the past was a miner - he loves to bury, a comfortable lid will not allow flying filler to get outside the toilet.

A bio-toilet, or a closed casserole for pluses and minuses, are the rules of choice

Pros and cons of

However, not all boys will take and will like this tray. For someone, the door will be incomprehensible, they will be surprised when they ask themselves the question "where was the toilet", and it is unlikely to take closed spaces. Moreover, there are favorites that prefer to go straight to the toilet, so before you buy such a cheap biotoileto we must weigh all the pros and cons.

Apparently, one should start with the positive qualities of closed trays:

  • First of all, it is clean and odorless. Inside the bio-toilet itself there are special carbon filters that absorb the smell. One filter lasts about six months for one cat;
  • This is a closed tray, so cats love all the little inaccessible spaces, it will be pleasure to walk it there, but the toilet is unknown. ..;
  • Dual purpose. In apartments with small dimensions, a comfortable toilet can be used in the bathroom as a small table or a shelf. Some owners easily use it in the guest room or in the hall as a coffee table;
  • Appearance. Pretty sympathetic plastic box of any colors will easily fit into any interior and will not spoil it;
  • Form. If you can not put a toilet bowl for cats in the center or near the wall, you can buy a triangle shaped tray - it will fit perfectly into the free corner in the dressing room;
  • Size. Any owner with ease will pick up for himself and his pet just such a biologist, which does not get stuck in a big poppy whistle and does not catch his tail.

A bio-toilet, or a closed casserole for pluses and minuses, are the rules of choice

The clear negative qualities can be safely attributed:

  • Price. This is probably the most important minus. Such detergents are an order of magnitude more expensive than regular trays. In addition, they require the same amount of filler, and, therefore, it will not reduce costs;
  • In small apartments of small size it is sometimes quite difficult to find a suitable place for a biogallery. This tray refers to the type that can simultaneously fit into the interior with its own color and absolutely not fit in size. Even the smallest bio toilet for cats takes about half a meter;
  • Design inconvenience. Many cats simply ignore their new tray because of, for example, a door and, like the owner did not try, the pet just refuses to go to him.

Of course, for many these minuses will not turn out to be so important, so I want to immediately warn that the taste and color, as is commonly stated, all the markers are different - you only need to choose the discretion.

A bio-toilet, or a closed casserole for pluses and minuses, are the rules of choice

The right choice is the key to the success of the

Bio toilet for cats, like any other purchase, requires careful examination. When choosing a particular model( and not less than a dozen) special attention should be paid to the doors and its constructions. Thus, the house and the doors must necessarily be a small gap, which will prevent the possibility of scratching the tail of the tail. Otherwise, the cloak is unlikely to be happy to do business in it. Moreover, it is necessary to examine the mounting of the door, so that, if necessary, it can be easily removed without damaging the structure.

Be sure to pay attention to the height of the sides of the main pallet to avoid getting drops of urine in the toilet. It is also necessary to examine how tight the structure is connected so that the small particles of the filler can not fall outside the tray.

Usually, in the set of each biogallery there is a special sovochok for cleaning the excrement and the compressed filler. Blade should not only look, but also be strong, capable of keeping weight and not bending. In addition, in some sowachki too much distance between the openings, and on the contrary, too small - it turns out that the use of some leads to the fact that the lumps collapse and everything is not completely removed, and the rest - that is removed and thrown away a large amount of unused filler.

Buying a regular tray or preferring a special drywall depends only on the owner. However, it is imperative to take into account all the pros and cons, to observe the pet - perhaps it suits the one that already exists - and then go to the pet store.