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Treatment and symptoms of neurodermatitis in children and adults: causes of occurrence

Neurodermatitis, the symptoms and treatment of which are interconnected, is a chronic disease that affects the skin and has a neuro-allergic origin. By the way, he is also known as atopic dermatitis.

Seasonal periods of exacerbation and remission are characteristic for this disease. In the winter, the

usually occurs during exacerbation, and in summer it is remission. It is believed that neurodermatitis is a common skin disease.

It occurs both in adults and in children, but children are ill with it a little more often. Neurodermatitis in children is about 40% of all skin diseases that occur in childhood. In many cases, when the disease manifests in children, it completely disappears in adolescence. However, the treatment of neurodermatitis should be carried out in any case, otherwise there will be unpleasant complications in the future.


  • 1 Causes of the disease
  • 2 Etiology of the disease
  • 3 Diagnostic measures
  • Therapeutic therapy 4
  • 5 Systemic preparations
  • 6 Physiotherapy
  • 7 Forecast treatment of pathology

1 Causes of the disease

In the disease of "neurodermatitis" causes the appearance of a very diverse, which explainsits prevalence. Often, the causes of this are as follows:

  • The tendency of an organism to allergic reactions, which is often hereditary.
  • Frequent stress, depression.
  • Disorders of the functioning of the nervous system.
  • Intellectual and physical stress.
  • Reduced Immunity.
  • Sleep Disturbance.
  • The mode of the day is often changing.
  • Problems with the functioning of the digestive system, malnutrition, including the frequent use of allergy-causing products.
  • The presence of various infectious diseases, especially if they are chronic.
  • Intoxication.
  • Neuroendocrine and neurovascular disorders.
  • Accepting some medications.
  • Treatment and symptoms of neurodermatitis in children and adults: causes of occurrence

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    It is not always possible to find out the exact cause of neurodermatitis, which greatly complicates the treatment process, as well as successful recovery in many respectsdepends on the elimination of the factor causing the disease.

    2 Etiology of the disease

    At disease the symptoms appear bright enough. Identify the disease at the earliest stage, when the first symptoms appear and treatment in this case will be much easier. In adults and children, the disease manifests itself in the same way.

    The first sign of a neurodermatitis is considered to be the appearance of a rash, which is accompanied by a very strong itching.

    Usually a rash appears on the neck and then extends to the area of ​​the cheeks, forehead, mouth and eyelids. After that, the rash may occur in the groin area, at the bends of the elbows and knees, on the buttocks. The rash has a reddish color, the skin on the affected area becomes dry, peeling. The patient usually experiences severe discomfort due to persistent itching.

    Treatment and symptoms of neurodermatitis in children and adults: causes of occurrence

    At the onset stages of the disease in the patient at the site of the rash, bubbles may appear, which then turn into a thin, crusty crust.

    Sometimes the itchy skin becomes so severe that the patient ceases to control himself and begins to comb the appearance of the rash. As a result of this defeat, they begin to wet, but the drying occurs quickly enough. In such areas, the skin becomes much more coarse.

    In addition, there are other general signs of neurodermatitis, which appear to varying degrees in each individual patient or not at all. These include:

  • Darkening of the skin. This is due to the fact that the neurodermatitis has a very negative effect on the functioning of the adrenal glands.
  • A fatigue that appears every day without special reasons.
  • Apathy.
  • The general feeling of weakness.
  • Reduced Pressure.
  • Low Blood Sugar.
  • Defeats of lymph nodes.
  • Sometimes neurodermatitis is accompanied by a number of other diseases, such as pyoderma, various viral infections, fungal lesions.

    3 Diagnostic measures

    Treat yourself to a diagnosis, paying attention only to symptoms and treatment at home is not recommended. It is known that signs of neurodermatitis have a lot to do with signs of some other skin diseases, for example, for neurodermatitis it is easy to take chronic eczema. Despite the many common features, the methods of treating diseases can vary significantly. Confirm the diagnosis and appoint the best treatment for neurodermatitis can only doctor based on the diagnosis.

    Diagnosis of neurodermatitis usually does not cause difficulties. Diagnosis is confirmed on the basis of visual inspection, detection of allergy, blood tests and, if necessary, additional diagnostic measures.

    Treatment and symptoms of neurodermatitis in children and adults: causes of occurrence

    After diagnosis, the physician should provide a detailed description of how to treat neurodermatitis. In addition, give the necessary recommendations for future procedures and medicines purchased.

    Therapeutic Therapy 4

    In most cases, the treatment of neurodermatitis is aimed at eliminating the causes that caused the pathological process. Also, treatment helps to avoid relapse. In order for treatment to be effective, it must necessarily be comprehensive.

    Treat neurodermatitis in adults and children using the same methods. First of all, attention should be paid to the following therapeutic recommendations:

    • Adherence to a strict diet.

    In the treatment of neurodermatitis, the diet is very important. Diet provides for the complete exclusion of various marinades, chocolate, spices, smoked and spicy dishes, eggs, cow's milk, meat broths and citrus.

    • It is not recommended to stay in one room with animals, including aquarium fish.
    • With great care should be taken into the presence of flowering plants in the house, especially if the patient was sensitized.
    • In the house you should do a daily wet cleaning, so that the dust did not have time to accumulate. It is necessary to abandon the carpets, in which dust ticks often occur.
    • A patient with a neurodermatitis should wear free clothes, in no case can wear garment wearing, which seriously irritates the skin. Necessary to avoid wearing clothes made of wool and synthetic fabrics.
    • It is necessary for the patient to provide a complete sleep, to exclude factors causing fatigue, to eliminate stressful situations.
    • Restricts water procedures to a minimum before relief.

    Treatment and symptoms of neurodermatitis in children and adults: causes of occurrence

    In order to reduce the likelihood of developing neurotic reactions, patients are prescribed special sedative and psychotropic drugs, antidepressants and tranquilizers. A good effect gives the tincture of the root of valerianum a tincture of peonies.

    It is often recommended that measures be taken to clean the foci of chronic infection. Compliance with this condition is one of the most important in the treatment of the disease. If you do not rehabilitate foci of infection, treatment may be delayed.

    In many patients, during the diagnosis of neurodermatitis, various disorders in the functioning of the digestive tract and the digestive system as a whole are detected. Eliminating this disorder will help take enzymatic drugs such as Pancreatin or Festal. In the presence of dysbiosis will require taking probiotics. Such drugs should only be taken if they are prescribed by a doctor.

    5 Systemic drugs

    The most important in the treatment of this disease is the use of antihistamines. The following drugs, such as Terfenadine, Fexofenadine, Ebastin, Loratadine, Cetirizine and some other medicines, are very popular. Such drugs have a prolonged effect and have no side effects on the central nervous system, such as delayed reactions or increased drowsiness.

    If the patient begins to experience severe exacerbation of the disease, he or she is given an intravenous injection of calcium gluconate solution or sodium thiosulfate. If a secondary bacterial infection is attached to the disease, broad-spectrum antibiotics must be used for treatment.

    Treatment and symptoms of neurodermatitis in children and adults: causes of occurrence

    If the disease goes into severe form, hormonal medication may be needed. Usually they are prescribed in cases where treatment with other means of results did not bring.

    A great deal of attention is paid to the treatment of vitamin therapy, especially of such vitamins as A, B and E.

    As with other skin diseases, neurodermatitis is also treated with topical preparations. There are quite a lot of them: different lotions, ointments, creams. It is desirable that the drug is designated as a specialist in order to avoid possible side effects. Means for local use are much safer than other treatments, so they are often prescribed to young children. Among the local remedies, there are many folk recipes that give advice rather than treat neurodermatitis.

    6 Physiotherapy

    Among the other agents used in neurodermatitis, the following are distinguished:

  • Physiotherapy. The procedure for phototherapy is considered to be quite effective in the treatment of neurodermatitis. It can consist of using a quartz lamp and selective phototherapy. Duration of treatment is 15-20 procedures. As a physiotherapy, it may be very useful to massage with liquid nitrogen and treatment of lesions with a medical laser.
  • Extracorporeal hemocorrection. This procedure involves the processing of blood plasma components, including the complete removal of all of the harmful products from it, which can provoke the development of pathology. To improve the general condition of the body patients are recommended for spa treatment.
  • Prevention of neurodermatitis. Take measures to prevent the development of neurodermatitis most effectively when the patient is a child. In this case, prevention should begin to be carried out before the birth of a baby.
  • Treatment and symptoms of neurodermatitis in children and adults: causes of occurrence

    In order to reduce the risk of a child's illness, pregnant women should strictly follow the diet, reducing their allergenicity to a minimum. The same rules should be observed during lactation. Particular attention to such prevention should be given in the event that many family members are prone to allergic reactions.

    When a child becomes older, you have to choose the right food for him. For this purpose it is recommended to consult a specialist. Also, pay attention to clothes: should prefer the things from natural fabrics.

    In adults, the disease often develops against the backdrop of stressful situations, so you need to be able to deal with them or carefully avoid them.

    At any age, it will be superfluous to adhere to the regime of the day, to go to bed in time, not to strain.

    Also, prevention includes timely treatment of the disease. It is necessary to pay attention to the symptoms and not delay with the appeal to the hospital.

    7 Forecast for treatment of pathology

    The prognosis of treatment of this disease is quite favorable. The aggravation of the disease lasts no more than two weeks if it is timely to begin treatment and to carry it out correctly. On the skin of the patient there are no traces of the disease, except for those cases where treatment was started already at later stages.

    If the disease has begun in childhood, the risk of its transplant into a chronic form increases significantly.