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Acne exocrine - causes, symptoms, treatment, photos

Exposed acne is a special kind of acne that develops in the background of neurosis. If previously excited acne was exclusively a female illness, today this form of acne is also found in men, most often in those who have an

career oriented.

Clinical manifestations on the skin when extruded acne may be minimal, however, the appearance of each new pimple is carefully monitored by the patient. The detected rash is immediately scratched or squeezed out.

When exacerbated acne, patients pay attention primarily to the face, but other areas are sometimes also struck - the chest, shoulders, and forearms. Exocriatio( damage, scraping of the skin) can be observed even in the absence of acne on the skin.


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Causes of development of the disease

The main cause of the development of excited acne -this is a neurosis of intrusive states. Patients feel an insurmountable desire to look at the skin in the mirror, finding flaws. Discovered pimples, camellias or just skin irregularities are immediately scratched.

The main danger of an exociated form of acne is that if the skin is damaged, it may get infected, resulting in inflammation.

Clinical manifestations of

Acne exportable causes, symptoms, treatment, photos As a rule, in patients with exocrine acne, there were previously minor acne eruptions. However, at the time of illness, special skin problems may not be. When exacerbations of the neurotic condition of the patients begin to crunch, scratch the skin, trying to eliminate the slightest imperfections.

In patients with exociated acne on the skin, various injuries can be observed. As in the case of damage to the skin in the morning it is often infected, in place of a small pimple may develop a serious inflammation, for example, other forms of acne may develop: pustular or even cystic.

Thus, there is no specific clinical picture in this form of acne, the only sign of exocrine acne is the presence of exacerbations that can be observed both on the background of acne, as well as on healthy skin.

Diagnostic Methods

Diagnosis of exocrine acne is to carefully collect anamnesis. It is necessary to find out at the patient, for what reason he damages the skin, how long has he had such an aspiration.

A patient with a suspicion of extirpated acne is necessarily sent to a psychoneurologist or therapist for advice.

Treatment of

In an exoped form of acne, treatment should take place simultaneously in two directions. A dermatologist should choose a treatment for acne( if present), and a therapist prescribe treatment for a neurosis.

Dermatological treatment

The main task of acne treatment is to normalize the production of sebum. To do this, adjust hormonal status( after conducting relevant analyzes).

Externally used anti-inflammatory agents - Zinerit, Skinoren, Regenol, etc. If severe acne symptoms are observed, systemic antibacterial drugs are used in addition to external treatment.

In addition, it is recommended that the patient:

  • Follow the diet with acne. It is necessary to reduce the consumption of fats, sweets, and sharp products. Acne categorically excludes alcohol, strong coffee, sweet soda water.
  • Patients with severe acne are encouraged to undergo a screening to exclude helminth infections. When detecting parasites in the intestine, it is necessary to undergo specific treatment.
  • Follow the rules of cosmetic care. In all forms acne should be regularly cleaned skin, use creams and lotions, which contain additives that reduce the production of sebum.

Psychotherapeutic treatment of

Acne exportable causes, symptoms, treatment, photos

With such acne, psychotherapeutic treatment is very important.

Exposed acne is not so much dermatological as psychological problem. Therefore, psychotherapeutic treatment is the most important component of the treatment of this disease.

The main purpose of psychotherapeutic treatment of this form of acne is to eliminate the intrusive desire to squeeze or scrape off acne. If the problem persists, then the following tips may help.

You need to try to think less about the condition of your skin. However, this does not mean that you should stop looking after the face.

Need to look less like a mirror. And looking in the mirror, do not focus on the condition of the skin. Better to correct a hairstyle or makeup or just smile and say something nice.

You need to understand well that there are no perfect people in nature, and small skin problems are not the end of the world. You need to abandon the habit of carefully looking at your skin, the old one to find another pillow. The less likely a person will look in the mirror, the faster the scratching of the skin will be reduced to zero.

If you have a desire to squeeze pimples, you urgently need to think of something urgent, but even better, a pleasant and exciting affair. That is, you just need to switch your attention, it will help get rid of the intrusive desire. There are so many interesting things in the world, so you do not have to worry about some pins.

It is worth to realize that the desire to squeeze pimples is a bad habit, like smoking. Therefore, in order to get rid of it, it will have to squeeze all its will into a fist.

A large amount of free time is a provocative factor. When nothing to do, there is a temptation to find a new pill on the skin. Therefore, one has to try to think up lessons and better, so that they are interesting, so that there is no desire to distract and again "stick" to the mirror.

To get rid of exociated acne should use self-irritation. It is worth many times a day to talk about your attractiveness and the needs of your loved ones and friends.

In the event that the cause of excited acne becomes a neurosis started, self-maneuver can not do. You will need to apply to an experienced therapist and go through the prescribed course of therapy.

Treatment by folk methods

For the treatment of acne exacerbated by folk methods, it is recommended to use fees that have a calming effect, relieve anxiety. Here are some recipes.

Soothing Tea. To prepare tea, which can help get rid of exociated form of acne, you need to take 3 tablespoons of crushed fresh leaves of black currant, 2 tablespoons of herbs of melissa and peeled, cut from one lemon. Brew the raw materials with two glasses of boiling water and insist for at least an hour. Then strain and take a third of the glass in the morning and before bedtime.

For the treatment of acne exacerbated, you can prepare the following delicious medication: take 500 grams of lemon and honey and one third of glass of apricot kernels. All grind. Take one spoon in the morning and at night.

Forecast and prevention of

Forecast for acne exacerbated depends on the psychological state of the patient, so in no case can not refuse psychotherapeutic treatment.

Prevention of this form of acne is to avoid stressful situations. You need to spend more time outdoors, fill your life with interesting and positive impressions.


Acne exportable causes, symptoms, treatment, photos Acne exportable causes, symptoms, treatment, photos Acne exportable causes, symptoms, treatment, photos