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The style of Faith Brezhnev's 2017 is the most fashionable images of the photo

Vera Brezhnev was born on February 3, 1982, in the suburb of Dnipropetrovsk, in the town of Dneprodzerzhinsk, at the home of Leonid Ilyich, the famous secretary general. There the company of two beautiful sisters grew upcoming star. Faith says its current success is not only a happy coincidence of the circumstances of the

, but also the most genuine work. Faith has been doing sports, dancing, learning to love his face and body. Vira Brezhnev believes that her current success is not only a happy coincidence of circumstances in her life, but also the fruit of her fruitful work. As a child, Vera trained in sports and dancing.

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Style Vira Brezhnevaya in life and on stage 2017 photo

As her literary teacher Victoria Shkilna recalls, Vira at school was a star of all the evenings. She danced great, played the first role in the plays.- Enough of her classmates? It seems so. It became especially noticeable when in the ninth grade the girls suddenly appeared different golden chains perstenechka. They began to whisper: I must, from a large family, where are so many gold?'Sponsor', what did you find? Only Faith did not pay attention to this.- Well, let them gossip. We, parents, know well since childhood, the daughter was purposeful.

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So that's what I wanted! Star mom who brings up two daughters, Vira Brezhnev always looks at "all 100", despite a tight work schedule and maternity. A popular singer is one of therecognized fashion legislators and often leads the ratings of the most stylish women show business. Faith skillfully combines sometimes unbreakable things and always stays in win - without a doubt, blond girlfriend has an excellent sense of style. The bride's fashionistas manage to look fashionable, both on stage and in everyday life.

The style of Faith Brezhnev

For public events and activities, Vira chooses luxurious dresses and elegant stage costumes, but in everyday life she loves comfort and simplicity. So, in the wardrobe there is everything from strange evening dresses to simpler casual-images, traditionally made up of tops, jeans, shorts and sweatshirts. The style for Vera Brezhnev is a laconic simplicity - these are the singer's own words. Of course, she looks at fashion magazines, but wears clothes that feel comfortable. A short dress of a classic cut and high heel shoes, or a trouser suit combined with shoes on a tankette, is its frequent choice. The singer does not like bright color clothes and keeps such outfits only for the scene. Vera Brezhnev's favorite tones are cream, white and beige. She likes the black color, as well as all colors of calm and warm shades.

The style of Faith Brezhnev

Fashionable hairdo of Vira Brezhnev's image and examples of 2017

The hair of Vira Brezhnev has long been a source of peace for both men and women. And if the first dreamers and vzhzhledyut, then the second want to see a similar on his head. Lush, negligent curls of the Faith look very feminine and involuntarily attract attention. All beauty of the hairstyle of the Faith lies in its volume. Most likely, her hair is naturally prone to splendor. The people think that it does not put them in any special way, but simply washing and stacking hair dryer. Another "army of admirers" argues that it is not about any naturalness and language can be, it's just enlarged hair or hair on the clip.

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Whether they are right right now is not important, it's important that you can do the very same hairstyle yourself. With the volume you have no problems( whether given with a hair), but just want to create a wave effect, you can simplytry to twist their tweezers. Such a hairstyle Faith wears quite often. One of the favorite hairstyles of the singer on long hair - soft big waves. Light roughness looks very natural and adds the appearance of femininity. Vera Brezhnev advised to twist dry hair, treated with the possibility of thermo-protection. This minimizes the harmful effects of hot flush. By dividing the hair into large strands, it curls each of them. At the same time, the tip of the curtain clamps in the fingers, not peering against the forceps - this is another small secret of the singer for careful hair care.

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After all the hair is screwed in, you need to tilt your head down and "break" the curls with your fingers or comb with large and rare teeth - they will become more fluffy. Then, straightening and looking in the mirror, you can correct and distribute the spinning wheels as you like more. After that it's just a fixation of the hair with a varnish - and you're done!
In thermo-gloves to wrap your hair more easily and quickly. Therefore, if there is such an opportunity, Vera recommends using this bouti-find. Vera Brezhnev makes such a hairstyle every day, for domestic holidays( for example, 2017 the singer met with great curls) and even on concert performances.

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The most beautiful dresses of Vera Brezhnev on stage and in life 2017 photo

Vira Brezhnev, one of the siblings of the group "Viagra" and actress, TV presenter always remains under the gaze of attention of journalists and its fans. Many have conquered her talent of playing and singing, and many have been fascinated by her beauty. Us, as a rule, are interested in the dresses of Vera Brezhnev, as they are also an integral part of her image. Succi Vera Brezhnev - in the first place, it is a dress that shows her beautiful figure.

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And it is not surprising, because the popularity should always be something to support. In addition, the actress has something to boast. First: long slender legs. Therefore, short dresses of Faith frequent frequenters in her wardrobe. Contrast to such open singer's dress are several styles of closed and more restrained type, which transform it into a true secular lioness. Such dresses of the Faith gracefully envelop her harmonious condition and add elegance.

The style of Faith Brezhnev

Many glamorous magazines like to invite Vera Brezhnev to a photo shoot. And there, of course, the actress, not inferior to the beauty and skill of experienced models. In dresses from well-known designers, led by professional stylists, it turns into a model of style and great taste."Looking at the clothes of the Faith, I would even highlight some of her own style - cut dresses and dresses with all sorts of cuts she loves. Such a Ukrainian glamor "- described the style of the singer fashion expert Alexander Vasiliev.

The style of Faith Brezhnev

The Secrets of the Beauty of the Faith Brezhnevoy Meykap 2017 photo

A famous, bright, beautiful person, whose life they observe, talk about and whom many young women want to look like - all about Vera Brezhnev. We want to know how cares for Vira Brezhnev, what are the main secrets of her beauty? This is what Vera Brezhnev himself told me in her interviews.

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At 80% of the make-up of Vera Brezhnevoy - on her own admission - consists of the products of the company MAC.In addition, the singer prefers the facilities listed below.
cream brands: Shiseido, Ericson laboratorie, La Biosthetique, Bioderma and Natura Bisse; lipstick: Clarins; blush: MAC; lip balm: from Nivea - "Milk and honey"; powder: Make Up Fir Ever and Chanel; mascara: L'oreal Paris.

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By the time of the make-up of Vera Brezhnev, in recognition of the singer himself, is his complete absence. The only exception is the lip balm of the brand Nivea( "Milk and Honey"), which the singer really likes. In addition to it, it can correct the tone of the face with powder - if circumstances require it. At concerts or surveys, the makeup of the singer is more thorough, and Vera Brezhnev emphasizes that she is painted for herself.

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Star figure of Vira Brezhnevaya 2017 and the secrets of its support of the photo

Not so long ago, Vera Brezhnev issued a disc titled "The Secrets of the Beauty of Vera Brezhnev", where she told her audience about various recipes for the preservation of beauty and youth,the main principles of nutrition, keeping oneself in shape. According to the singer, in order to achieve such a relief, which she has now, she had to work a lot, long and bored to do specially developed for her fitness trainer exercises.

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At present, the beauty blonde is engaged in herself at home, because she knows perfectly the technique of performing the entire complex. Daily gymnastics, include elements of pilates, helps her maintain her figure in a better shape. Faith admitted that the most important rule for weight loss is positive thoughts, then - nutrition and sports. The singer shared that doing sports is necessary every day or, if there is not enough time, then at least three minutes to shake the press and this will also give good results. Also, the star said that it is not necessary to ban itself is a calorie product, as it adversely affects the human psyche, but simply use it in the minimal portion.

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Vera Brezhnev complemented her photo advice, in which she is depicted in a short topaz and tight leggings. The artist showed her podcasting press after slimming. No matter how strictly you do not adhere to proper nutrition, but without sports, in the belief of Faith, you will not achieve the beauty and harmony of the body. Brezhnev himself practicing daily exercises, devoting lessons at least forty-five minutes a day. By sharing their beauty recipes, she advises absolutely all the girls who want to lose weight and give the body a tidy look, go to the gym or practice at home independently.

The style of Faith Brezhnev