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Cats for Yams( IAMS) - A feed review for a cat

The first acquaintance with the food Yams occurred on a random chance about a year ago. Prior to that, I constantly took my pets another premium meal that was pleased. But unexpectedly, before leaving, she could not find a pet store on the shelves; therefore, after consultation with the seller,

stopped her choice of dry feed IAMS.

I was waiting for a 5-day business trip. Filling the feeder with food, I went. What was my surprise when, upon returning, I found my beauty mega-fluffy! Yes, yes, without a prefix "mega" here can not do. The soft, just silk fur coat of my Lap( called the cat) shone, and the Lap itself was similar to a fluffy homemade sun.

Cats Feeding Cats( IAMS) Feed Feeding Cats

Another surprise was the one with which the yams were tamped with the oxygen appetite. Past food( I will not call it, so as not to spoil the reputation, because someone may like it) we did not fly away with such a pleasure. I do not want to seem strange, but I often noticed a not very pleasant smell of feed, even a premium or super-premium class. If such a food stays for a couple of hours, the whole kitchen spreads an impossible smell! What's more interesting, IAMS did not notice such "aroma".Or maybe it just got used to. ..

Plus, I noticed that yams are more rich, - in the four-feeding pot, there were empty three cells. Of course, like any normal cats returned to me, I suspected that LaPi could just not like the feed, and that's why she was undernourished. But then asked a neighbor who is following the cat, and understood - the whole thing is in the goodness of the feed.

Moreover, Lapi normalized the chair. Before that, we had problems, and she could not walk, so to speak, in a big way for two to three days. But personal observations showed that two large batches appeared in the tray every day. This certainly undoubtedly pleased me and a little frightened, therefore( just in case) I was taken to a veterinarian. And you know what? He laughed, saying that I myself do not know what I want! Like when not walking - it's bad when walking twice - too bad. However, now I calmed down, because our doctor approved the feed.

Cats Feeding Cats( IAMS) Feed Feeding Cats

I also want to say that my Paw is unborn, a typical courtyard-terrier. "Onooka is so pretentious in food as she has not seen the world yet! We do not eat this food, we turn the bowl to the other, expressing our protest and saying "it's eating", etc. This is another plus in the bag of Yams - Lapa eats him. And that's a honey!

Now I want to try IAMS with vitamin E, since my old one is already 8, namely, this kind of positioning itself as a feed increases the immune system of the body. Well, let's see, until I have nothing to say about it.

Instead of the conclusion: the feed was very much like me and the cat. I do not want to advertise, but I still advise everyone to try IAMS - and let your favorites be happy!