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Acute hemorrhoids - treatment of conservative medication and

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Acute hemorrhoid treatment is a conservative medication and

Prevention of hemorrhoids is caused by factors such as malnutrition and

sedentary work. Statistics says that every fourth adult in our planet suffers from this disease. Therefore, you should be afraid of hemorrhoids, sitting whole days in the office near the computer monitor, and then, coming home, fall asleep on the sofa. As a rule, people with this way of life are at risk, and this article is for them. But do not be afraid, the hemorrhoids itself are considered to be a very insidious and sticky disease, which is completely curable at any stage of development, but it is always better to prevent the disease than to treat it. Often the question is asked: "Tell me how hemorrhoids manifest and what to treat it?" - Let's try to understand.

Stages of Hemorrhoids

First Stage of

Hemorrhoids are divided into 4 stages of development. On a degree, the illness is manifested by a low-level symptomatology. As a rule, 1 stage begins with a sense of burning in the anus and a feeling of something alien inside the rectum. However, such symptoms do not cause anxiety in the patient, and the disease develops in its turn. After some time, at 1 stage of the disease there are pain and bloody discharge during bowel movements. Just go to the proctologist, who will help quickly cure the disease. But, as a rule, 1 stage of the disease smoothly flows into the next period of development.

The second stage of

The hemorrhoids itself has the same symptoms as the first stage in the second stage of development. How long does it take to experience symptoms of the second degree? It depends on many factors, it can take a week or two months; in any case, you should not wait, it is better to start treatment immediately.

So, symptoms of 2 degrees - this is blood when defecation, only the allocation becomes more intense manifested in large quantities. The patient, as a rule, starting with the first degree of disease, suffers from constipation, and each walk to the toilet is accompanied by pain syndrome. Solid fecal masses "scratch" the walls of the rectum, provoking the appearance of cracks and a sore anus.

Acute hemorrhoid treatment is a conservative medication and

At 2 degrees of hemorrhoids, a direct symptom of the disease, which is absent on stage 1, is hemorrhoidal nodes. They fall outside during a chair. At 2 stages, the nodes themselves are still small, there is no inflammation, they independently enter the rectum. Gradually at 2 degrees, the whole symptom of the disease becomes aggravated. An inflammable fluid is constantly secreted from the gut, which greatly enhances signs of burning and itching. Pain with 2 degrees of disease during a chair also increases compared to stage one. Pectic masses during passage crush and damage the knots themselves. The

2 degree of illness, as a rule, brings more troubles and the patient begins to be treated. To the proctologist, such symptoms can go away, maybe they will not make it, but to buy an ointment or candles from hemorrhoids will make. Typically, 1 and 2 degrees of hemorrhoids are treated by nutrition correction and drugs that remove symptoms. Well help to cope with the hemorrhoids of the 2 stages of special exercises that normalize the circulation of blood in the pelvic region.

Third stage

3 degree of hemorrhoids has symptoms 1 and 2, but in a very pronounced form. Still, itching and burning, pain in the anal aperture, bloody discharge at the end of the bowel movement and hemorrhoids disappear.

A characteristic feature of the 3rd degree of hemorrhoids is the very hemorrhoids, which now fall out not only during a chair, but at any voltage and are not self-administered. At 3 degrees of disease, correct nodes inside the rectum can only be manually.

3 degree of hemorrhoids may be complicated. As a rule, at the 3rd or 4th stage of the illness, the patient is exacerbated in the form of restriction or thrombosis of hemorrhoidal cones. Can nodes on 3 degrees of illness and ignite. The inflammation looks just awful and delivers very severe pain. That is why 3 degrees of development of hemorrhoids are already beginning to be treated. The patient goes to a consultation with the proctologist and receives proper treatment. At 3 stages of hemorrhoids, you can still do without surgery, if strictly follow the doctor's prescriptions. However, treating stage 3 of the disease will take a long time, and for this patient will be forced to revise his entire lifestyle, learn to eat properly and abandon alcohol.

Inadequate treatment of 3 degrees of illness or the hope that hemorrhoids will go on their own, forcing the disease to move to the 4th stage of development.

Fourth stage

This is the final period of development of hemorrhoids, then there is no more where, as they say. The nodes themselves at this stage are large in size and are constantly outside. They can not be fixed back even with their hands. It is very painful for a person to walk, sit, constantly burns burning and itching. Blood allocation after the chair is intense, the patient may develop anemia.

Externally, the 4-stage hemorrhoids look like a bunch of inflamed nodes around the anus. At this stage, the cones are infringed, thrombized and ignited. Urgent treatment and possibly the help of a surgeon.

Acute hemorrhoid treatment is a conservative medication and

Thrombosis with

Hemorrhoids Thrombosis is not threatened with a mild degree of development of the disease. If you turn to a doctor and start treating hemorrhoids, there will not be any complications. But if thrombosis still develops, one can safely say that proper treatment has simply not been done.

Thrombosis manifests itself as a sudden unexpected pain. For example, when the patient tightens in the toilet, the fecal masses irritate and damage the nodes. This is accompanied by a strong pain, and nodes can not be inserted inside because of spasms of sphincter. Thrombosis develops when the sphincter circulates the hemorrhoids, thus breaking blood supply. It increases, swells, becomes crimson. Thrombosis differs acute local pain in the anal anus.

Thrombosis can be characterized by a symptom like bleeding. Usually it happens when internal hemorrhoids occur when nodes are damaged. The bumps themselves become painful and harden. When thrombosis develops to 3 degrees, the appearance of necrosis of tissues is not excluded. At the same time hemorrhoidal cones are covered with wounds and bleeding.

If thrombosis appears on external nodes of small size, inflammation begins, they immediately swell and increase. If previously the "sleeping" tubercles near the anus did not deliver inconvenience and remained unnoticed, now that thrombosis started, they became denser, grew and became more painful. Concomitant symptom - swelling of the tissues of the diseased area. Gradually swelling can grow, and the patient's health will deteriorate significantly. The surface of the cones is covered with necrosis and becomes purple or purple. If long not taking measures to remove inflammation and thrombosis, you can allow the development of purulent paraproctitis, which is already life-threatening.

Treatment for acute hemorrhoids

Cure for hemorrhoids is possible at all four stages, but the sooner you start treatment, the easier it will be to win it. Rapid treatment of acute hemorrhoids is performed asymptomatic, when the symptoms are stopped, the patient must adhere to the diet, restrict physical activity and comply with all the prescriptions of the doctor. Methods of treatment of the disease are different, but the most comprehensive approach to treatment is the most successful. Conservative treatment of acute hemorrhoids is more often performed.

Heart Diseases

Treatment for hemorrhoids should be prescribed by the doctor taking into account the symptoms, although people often decide this question on their own. For internal hemorrhoids it is more productive to use candles, most of which are able to quickly remove the main symptoms of hemorrhoids, cure inflammation, stop bleeding, overcome constipation. Most often prescribe such rectal candles as candles from belladonna, with propolis, with adrenaline, Relief Ultra candles, glycerine candles, candles with sea buckthorn and others. How long will it take for a full recovery if treated with candles? The question is ambiguous, which depends on many factors. But if the disease is not started, there will be several procedures and dietary requirements.

Medicinal treatment of external hemorrhoids of acute form is carried out using ointments or gels. They have the same properties as candles, namely, the ointments remove symptoms such as pain, burning, which can cure swelling, inflammation, cracks in the back passage. In addition, ointments can be used to treat the internal form of hemorrhoids.

The most popular drugs used in the treatment of acute hemorrhoids are: Heparin Ointment, Vishnevsky Ointment, Flemingo Cream Gel, Proctozan, Troksevazin and others.

Also, medical treatment consists of taking pills. For example, Protoxedil tablets, they are able to quickly remove itching and burning, cure inflammation, and, hence, relieve pain. However, pills act on the whole body, unlike candles or ointments, so the effect of them is much stronger.

The tablets "Postrezan", "Detralex", "Antrasennin", "Ginkor Fort" and others, besides the above-mentioned properties also strengthen the walls of the vessels, promote normal blood flow, eliminate stagnant blood phenomena in the pelvic region.

Folk Medicine

Acute hemorrhoid treatment is a conservative medication and

External and internal hemorrhoids: treatment by folk remedies. Do you want to know how to treat hemorrhoids in pregnant women or in nursing mothers? This is often a question, since hemorrhoids occur in every second pregnant woman and mother. It is right to pay more attention to preventing the disease, and if the illness still appears, natural remedies should be preferred and appeals to folk recipes.

Methods of folk medicine are diverse. Treatment for acute hemorrhoids can be done in such a way. Birch tar in folk medicine has become widespread for the treatment of many diseases, including hemorrhoids. The tar is well anaesthetized, it helps to remove dull or jerking pain in hemorrhoidal cones. In addition, birch tar can eliminate the tension and swelling of hemorrhoids, make them mild and less painful.

Birch tar can quickly heal the cracks and wounds of the anus, eliminating the patient from the bleeding in just a few days. Also, the tar serves as an excellent means against infections, preventing pathogenic bacteria from settling and multiplying in hemorrhoidal cones. This folk remedy is actual in any form of hemorrhoids. The outer nodes simply lubricate the tar or apply the compresses smeared with the means. Duration of the procedure - for the whole night.

For internal nodes, rapid treatment for acute hemorrhoids is carried out as follows: first, the patient should take a sedentary bath with a solution of manganese, then enter the gut all the night into a gauze swab, richly moistened with tar. The remedy is absolutely harmless, so you can use it for as many days as necessary to complete treatment.

Cooking salt kills hemorrhoids

Popular folk remedies for hemorrhoids include the following treatment. According to the people, salt can not only be a white poison, but also a medicinal product. It is possible to heal himself with hemorrhoids using salt. Boil three liters of water, adding half a kilogram of salt to it. Cool the water to a tolerable temperature, and take the seated bath. Cure the disease first, its development can be completely, doing the procedure daily before bedtime. If the disease is already at 2, 3 stages, salt baths, of course, will not be able to completely cure the disease and remove the nodes, but to defeat the inflammation and pain symptom is quite capable. No matter how many days or weeks it takes for treatment, the main thing is not slipping and treating the disease.

For a greater effect, it is necessary to combine different methods of combating hemorrhoids.

Healthy Nutrition Against Hemorrhoids

Acute hemorrhoid treatment is a conservative medication and

Anti-hemorrhoids include proper nutrition. As a rule, he himself accompanies hemorrhoids constipation, so the first thing to do to get rid of hemorrhoids is to start eating properly. What is the right nutrition? For a good chair it is very important to eat products with high content of vegetable fibers. It is necessary to include in the diet the products: gooseberries, apples, plums, pears, cherries, dried fruits, turnips, beets, carrots, sea kale. Need more fresh vegetable salad with vegetable oil added. In addition, it will have to strengthen immunity with lemon, cranberry, onion, garlic. Proper nutrition will restore the normal functioning of the intestine in a few days.

Treatment of Hemorrhoids in Truskavets

Truskavets is the most popular balneological resort in Ukraine. In this big city, doors are open for people with different illnesses. During the year, the resort Truskavets hosts more than 2000 tourists from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Germany and other countries.

The popularity of the resort Truskavets is due to the infrastructure development, excellent specialists and the ability to help people with different diseases. Truskavets is famous for the five-star "Rixos Prykarpattya" complex, health resorts: "Crystal Palace", "Crystal", "Rubin", "Yantar", "Almaz", clinic of the international level "Elita" and other sanatoria.

Healing sources

Truskavets is famous for its "Naftusya" water with a low content of minerals, a taste of oil and a smell of hydrogen sulfide. Water has a lot of positive properties: it can cure inflammation, remove stones from the kidneys, prevent the formation of sand, remove slags, improve the functioning of the kidneys, liver, restores immunity and much more. Most often on resorts of Truskavets come people for the treatment of stomach and hemorrhoids.

The Truskavets sanatorium provides a huge number of therapeutic procedures, examines various methods of treating intestinal diseases( microclysters with medicinal herbs and oils, flushing of the rectum "Naftusya", therapeutic procedures with clay, etc.).

The Truskavets resort is located in the west of the country, in a beautiful town to the north of the Eastern Carpathians. He is surrounded by wildlife. Near the town there is no smoke factories, so water and air are clean. Having undergone a course of therapeutic procedures, relaxing and relaxing, people forget about their sores. As a rule, it becomes an occasion to re-visit this place.


"How to Avoid Hemorrhoids?" This question is popular in the office of the proctologist. And indeed, sometimes people are very careless about their own health. That is why the statistics of patients with hemorrhoids are increasing day by day. It is much easier to prevent the disease than to deal with it later. Prevention of hemorrhoids is the most reliable means to prevent the disease. Moreover, doing so is not so difficult. A person should keep an eye on his chair, walk more than sit, try not to lift the weight, keep his health and not abuse alcohol. In this case, the reasons for the development of hemorrhoids simply will not remain.

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