Headache for cough: causes, symptoms and treatment

From this article you will learn why there is a cough headache when you are cold, what symptoms you may feel, and most importantly how you can cure this pruritic illness.

Headache for cough: causes, symptoms and treatment

Any headaches should not be neglected, be it a primary headache, or it is already an

secondary pain, that is, which is repeated not the first time.


  • General Information
  • Symptoms of headache with cough and sneezing
  • Treatment with dasgs and folk remedies

General information

Primary pain may be harmless, but secondary, due to some serious illness. If you suddenly begin to have a headache when coughing, then in the near future you should seek medical advice.

Most people who have cough pain are men at the age of forty. The pain arose absolutely suddenly and lasts quite short, usually about two minutes.

Doctors argue that if the pain appeared for the first time in coughing attacks, then this is likely to not happen again. Perhaps this pain is a result of low pressure and only a reaction to changes in the weather or cold of the body.

But if the pain is repeated, then most likely it is the result of some serious disorder or disease in the human body.

Many countries are conducting a series of studies to identify the main cause of cough headache if it is time to detect an illness, then it is easier to cope with, than to fight later when the disease becomes chronic.

Symptoms of headache with cough and sneezing

Headache( cephalalgia) many times more often torment men of forty years of age than women. It occurs mostly suddenly, after coughing attacks, and sometimes sneezing. A characteristic feature is short-term, from 2 minutes to half an hour and high tension.

Pain is acute and pruritus, most often scattered, but some patients complain of one-sided pain, and it appears in the posterior and upper areas of the head. In the body there is a weakness, and also the temperature may rise.

A headache after a dream is another symptom that indicates that you need to go to a doctor. This kind of cephalalgia is dangerous because it can turn into a chronic form of the disease and it will be difficult to cure from it.

Causes of headache:

  • Smoking;
  • Meteosensitivity;
  • Bronchial asthma;
  • Cold Diseases;
  • Arnold-Kiri syndrome;
  • Allergic reaction.

We all know that smokers hurt their health. Nicotine, which is contained in tobacco smoke, adversely affects humans, in particular, impairs the functioning of the heart and the vascular system of the body. As a result, the heart begins to work faster and arterial pressure gradually increases.

If a person is a persistent smoker, his body is constantly poisoned and headaches for coughing can become chronic, accompanied by nausea, shortness of breath or mood change. All these symptoms suggest a violation of the human body.

One can definitely say that people with good health are not inclined to respond to changes in the weather. Consequently, meteosensitivity is nothing but a side effect that affects pain when coughing.

If a person has illness in the area of ​​the musculoskeletal system, cardiovascular, immune, nervous or genitourinary systems, then the sensitivity to the weather changes of their frequent companion.

Painful feelings in the head when coughing is badly affected by people with heart disease and vegetative vascular dystonia. The fact that intracranial pressure is necessarily increased before the storm, frost, severe heat in the summer or the sharp drop in the temperature of the street in any time of the year, lead to headache in coughing.

People are prone to allergies or other diseases in the respiratory system, at moments of atmospheric pressure jumps and increased humidity are prone to coughing, which can also cause headache pain.

Bronchial asthma begins suddenly and manifests itself as a dry cough. Breathing is complicated, there is shortness of breath, a person breathes superficially and as a result, an oxygen starvation occurs, which leads to cephalalgia, drowsiness, irritability.

A common cold is often a major symptom of headache and cough. As a result, the cough clears the respiratory tract and the lungs get rid of sputum, the body struggles with the disease. Headache pain occurs due to intoxication of the body. We can say that such a disease - a common occurrence in viral diseases of the body.

If you have a pain in coughing, it can be a sign that the Arnold-Kiri syndrome has appeared. Self-treatment can not be done, urgent seek medical advice for further examination and treatment. This syndrome is associated with improper development of the brain, disturbed circulation of liquor.

In allergies, coughing, leading to cephalalgia, occurs as a result of contact with the allergen. This cough can be confused with a cold cough. To distinguish allergenic cough from colds you need to know:

  • cough occurs immediately after contact with the allergen, as a result - there is a headache;
  • duration is about 3 weeks;
  • dry cough without sputum.

Treatment with drugs and folk remedies

Headache for cough: causes, symptoms and treatment It is never necessary to be self-medication and at first suspects that as a result of coughing headache appears, and sometimes the pain after a dream is to consult a doctor for advice and start treatment.

The first survey that should be done is magnetoresistance head introscopy as a result of this survey and will be given the necessary treatment.

If introscopy does not show deviations, the pain is eliminated by usual pain relievers, for example, Ibuprofen, Nurofen, Analgin, Paracetamol and others.

It is not necessary to abuse drugs or any analgesic drugs, they should be taken with caution, not exceeding the daily norm. Every individual is individual, so it's worth picking up the drug that's right for you.

Compresses very effectively. For example, vinegar compress can be used for both headache and coughing. It is worth moistening gauze in vinegar and attach it to the forehead, as soon as the compress is warming up, it's worth changing it.

Cold compress reduces blood vessels, quickly removes major anemia. You need to collect cold water and add a few cubes of ice, it will further reduce the temperature of water, and then apply compress to the forehead. After two minutes the compress should be changed.

Grass tea, which not only relieves headaches after sleep, has a special effect, but also has a beneficial effect on the whole body as a whole. Tea is worth taking, which includes mint, anise, dexins, licorice root, leaves of lobelia. Also infusions of chamomile, thyme, magnolia and other herbs will ease suffering.

It is a good idea to brew tea only in porcelain dishes, as it retains its useful properties more, and it is worth drinking right after tea has been used differently from it.

Herb teas should be brewed in a porcelain teapot to preserve all the healing properties of infusion. Broth you need to drink only fresh, because after a few hours the taste of the beverage is irretrievably lost.

When you contact a doctor on time, you can prevent a serious illness that will not have to be treated for many years. Headache pain in coughing does not appear just like that. Find the cause, get rid of it and live long and happy without worrying that your illness may come back soon.