Hemorrhoid Treatment

How to treat hemorrhoids after childbirth

In women, hemorrhoids are a very common disease. It arises, as a rule, even during pregnancy, when due to increased load in the pelvic organs, stagnant phenomena are formed. After delivery, hemorrhoids pass into the stage of exacerbation, making it difficult for the already difficult

to live a young mother. How dangerous is this disease and how to cure it?

Symptoms of

Hemorrhoids Before answering the question, to cure hemorrhoids after the birth of the , needs to be addressed in its manifestations. The main signs of inflammation of the hemorrhoids are as follows:

  • Common aspiration to the toilet
  • Asymptomatic asleep in the back passage
  • Isolation of mucus or feces with feces
  • Feeling of a third subject in the anus
  • Feeling of heaviness in the anus area
  • Pollution pain
  • Failure of the hemorrhoidal nodes from the anus
  • Bleeding

Sometimes other symptoms of hemorrhoids can be detected after childbirth. An obvious sign of the disease is the loss of hemorrhoids. In this case, you urgently need to contact a specialist. He will determine the degree of disease and will appoint an effective treatment.

Conservative treatment of

How to treat hemorrhoids after childbirth There are many types of hemorrhoid treatment after childbirth. Of these, the most affordable and effective is conservative. It includes the use of ointments, candles, laxatives, enema and other medicines.

  • Ointment .They act directly at the focal point of the lesion, so they are most effective in external hemorrhoids. Most ointments not only have analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects, but also help to heal the morning. The most famous ointment for hemorrhoids after childbirth is heparin. It has been used for more than a decade. Recently, such tools as Troksevazin, Proktozan, Posterizan have proven well.
  • Candles .Used to treat all forms of hemorrhoids in the initial stages. Most of them do not contain harmful components, so they are ideal for breastfeeding. The most effective candles after hemorrhoids after delivery are Natalsid and Relief. They eliminate inflammation, stop bleeding and promote healing of cracks.
  • laxatives. In the vast majority of cases, hemorrhoids are accompanied by constipation. Moreover, they most often become the cause of the disease. For the normalization of the intestine and the relief of bowel movements, they are prescribed special medications that contain lactulose. Unlike other laxatives, this substance does not cause strong diarrhea. Well-labeled Dyufolac, which can be used during lactation.
  • Microclysters is an indispensable remedy for postpartum hemorrhoids, has anti-inflammatory and wound healing properties. Before the procedure, a woman must empty the intestine. As a solution you can use butter of sea buckthorn, decoctions of herbs, preparations with hemostatic action.
  • Innovative methods for treating

    In the event that conservative treatment does not provide the necessary therapeutic effect, physicians resort to surgical intervention. The most common type of surgical operation is the excision of the nodes.

    However, such an operation is very difficult and dangerous postoperative complications. Therefore, the safest and fastest methods of treating hemorrhoids after childbirth are now used. How to treat hemorrhoids after childbirth

  • Landing .The essence of this simple procedure is that the hemorrhoidal node is worn with a latex ring. It compresses the base of the node, blocking the blood supply. In 1-2 weeks, the node dies and is self-abandoning.
  • Cryosurgery .Another effective way to cure hemorrhoids after childbirth. It involves the destruction of nodes at low temperatures. This method treats both external and internal nodes at any stage, except for the fourth.
  • Sclerotherapy .This method is based on the introduction of a special drug that destroys hemorrhoidal tissue.
  • Infrared Photocoagulation .The essence of this method is the influence of infrared radiation on the nodes. As a result of the procedure, the tissue turns into a crust after burn, which in a few days goes out with the chair.
  • Each of these methods is good because it does not require hospitalization, it does not bring pain and harm to the patient, takes only a few minutes and eliminates the hemorrhoid site once and for all.

    Popular methods of treating hemorrhoids

    How to treat hemorrhoids after childbirth In case of the first symptoms of the disease it is appropriate to use the means of folk medicine. Of course, in severe cases, non-traditional methods are unlikely to help, but in the first stages they are very effective. So how to treat hemorrhoids after delivery at home?

    The following products are well-trusted:

    • Aloe Juice. Grind a piece of aloe to the formation of a muck, and then attach to the problem area. Such compresses relieve swelling, reduce inflammation and promote regeneration of damaged tissue;
    • Mustard Juice. Lotions from the juice of this plant are also good for pain and remove inflammation;
    • burdock root. Take 1 item.lfinely chopped root, pour a liter of boiling water and place in a cool place. After the infusion cools down, strain it and heat it. Now it can be used for sitting trunks. One procedure should take at least 15 minutes;
    • Another way to cure external hemorrhoids after childbirth is sitting soup with broth of nettle. They are made in the same way as burdock with burdock and are taken overnight. The throat has a good hemostatic and anti-inflammatory property.

    Remember that taking seated baths is possible only in the absence of secretions from the rectum. If there is a secretion of mucus or bleeding, the baths are strictly forbidden.

    Prophylaxis of the Disease

    How to treat hemorrhoids after childbirth If hemorrhoid occurs after childbirth, what to do is clear. But how to act so that the disease does not bother at all? To do this you need to take care of prevention. First of all, to restore the normal functioning of the intestine, since it depends on what the chair will be. The less a woman will interfere with constipation, the less likely a disease to develop.

    To get rid of constipation:

    • Eat more dairy products, vegetables, fruits. It should be included in the daily diet of fish, non-fat meat, bakery products prepared with the use of flour coarse grinding.
    • Drink 1.5 liters of liquid every day. Moreover, doctors recommend drinking a certain amount of pure water, not lemonade, coffee or tea.
    • Restrict the use of spicy foods, spices, alcohol, stale bread, cabbage and legumes.
    • Move more. At long seating in one place from time to time it is necessary to get up and move. For example, at work it is recommended to go up the stairs between floors.

    With increased attention to your health, adherence to the rules of personal hygiene and proper nutrition, the question of how to remove hemorrhoids after childbirth will not bother the young mother.