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Castor oil from hemorrhoids, treatment, contraindications

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Castor oil from hemorrhoids, treatment, contraindications

Today, the problem of hemorrhoids is familiar to many, but not everyone, suspected of being unwell, is ready to immediately escape to a doctor. Most often, people first try to treat themselves independently, using different oils, for example, castor. It is desirable that it be cold spin.

Castor oil from hemorrhoids, treatment, contraindications

Hemorrhoids Despite the fact that inflammation of hemorrhoids, called hemorrhoids, is familiar to many, not everyone knows that these sites are available at all. And hemorrhoids are called the phenomenon of their inflammation, loss or increase. The initial signs of hemorrhoids are burning and itching, but often we do not pay attention to them, which subsequently leads to serious consequences: pain and severe inflammation. In this case it is recommended to take certain measures immediately, for example, to use castor oil. Of course, "castor" is better to apply before hemorrhoidal nodes are already out and serious inflammation has begun, as in this case it is necessary to consult a doctor.

The main causes of hemorrhoids are:

  • weight lifting;
  • sedentary lifestyle;
  • problems with digestion resulting in constipation.

Castor Oil

Castor oil from hemorrhoids, treatment, contraindications

Useful properties of castor oil have long been known. Women use it to tone the skin, illuminate freckles and pigment spots, wrinkle control( it is not recommended to use it in pure form on sensitive skin, as it can cause an allergic reaction). It's great for skin, eyelash and hair. In addition, castor oil is used for arthritis, as laxative and for the treatment of hemorrhoids. Efilol well heals wounds, as well as an anti-inflammatory agent.

Treatment for hemorrhoids

Castor oil from hemorrhoids, treatment, contraindications

For the treatment of hemorrhoids, castor oil can be taken both internally and externally.

Inside it is used to cleanse the intestines and eliminate constipation, which is very important in the treatment of hemorrhoids. It is best to use it as laxative. Castor etherol is usually available in two forms: capsules and a liquid. In order to cause a laxative effect you can take from fifteen to thirty grams of oil, corresponding to fifteen to thirty capsules for an adult, and five to ten for a baby.

It is worth remembering that the "medicine" begins to act in four or six hours, so it is best to be at home at this time. In addition, it is not recommended to use oil for more than three days in a row, so that there is no overdose.

Externally, etherol can be used as compresses, in suppositories, in the form of seated baths.

For example, you can pour a few drops of oil onto a cotton swab and attach it to the anus, fix it and leave it overnight. It is also recommended to simply lubricate hemorrhoids after each "toilet", as well as in the morning and evening. Candles and capsules sold in pharmacies also have a curative effect.

You can also take fifteen drops of oil for four liters of warm water. Mix and pour into a basin. It is recommended to take the basin before the complete cooling of the water .The recommended course of treatment is seven days.

Many note the decrease in hemorrhoids after application of castor ether.

It is also worth remembering that hygiene for the treatment and prevention of hemorrhoids is one of the most important components.


Castor oil from hemorrhoids, treatment, contraindications

It is worth remembering that, despite its naturalness, overdose with castor oil can lead to not very good effects:

  • dizziness;
  • Stomach Disorders;
  • hallucinations;
  • loss of consciousness.

In addition, it is not recommended for pregnant, lactating women, children under the age of twelve, or for those suffering from kidney disease.

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