Shelves for violets with their own hands: instructions

With its own hand, making shelves for violets in fact turns out to be not so difficult. The main thing is to decide what kind of shelf to build, where it will stand and how to use it. It is very important to choose the right material. Most often racks are constructed of wood, but it is important to know the

that the glass shelf is best suited for the glass panes.


  • 1 From the tree
  • 2 From the glass
  • 3 Mobile
  • 4 From the metal
  • 5 Video "Shelves for domestic plants"

From the tree

Start to do your own hands with a wooden shelf in order to buy a chipboard trim in the shop. Is it possible to buy a whole sheet and cut it in the store for the desired particles. Each fragment can be, for example, 15 by 20 centimeters, and maybe more narrow.

For construction of wooden shelving for the sensors will be needed:

  • Particleboard Particleboard;
  • Hammer;
  • Drill and screwdriver;
  • Drill;
  • Shoe knife;
  • Adhesive Edge - Adapter and ribbon;
  • Blinds;
  • Scanners;
  • Glue;
  • Sheds, screws, screws.

To begin, fragments of the chipboard should be pasted on the edge( for example, with the help of an iron), cutting off the extra particles with a knife. Surfaces can also be covered with sandpaper. Part of the fragments, which will be the basis of the shelf for the senspolya - only need to be plastered to the middle. In the uncleaned part, drill two holes and kill the screws on the glue. By doing the same with the appropriate part, connect them with a "ladder".Shelves for violets with their own hands: instructions To save shelves have several hours. The "drag" of fragments consists of four elements( vertically).After that, on it it is necessary to make a marking shelf for violets, to drill holes, to fasten the cells, to screw the canopies and to mark the wipe. The heads of the Eurovisioners need to be glued. With the help of screws, the original shelf for beautiful snaples is screwed to an even vertical surface, for example, a wall.

From the glass

You can create beautiful, transparent glass shelves with your own hands. The thickness of glass for shelves should be at least 1 centimeter.

Cut and polish the fragments in the workshop, when buying glass. For mounting, aluminum profiles are used. We also have to buy dowels, screws, gaskets( sticks), screwdriver, electric shaft, hammer, drill, level, pencil and roulette. Shelves for violets with their own hands: instructions

Use the level, dowels, drills, screws to attach to the wall of the profile and install them. With the help of a hand, insert glass shelves for a sensory, on their rear ends strengthening the gaskets. The main thing - to monitor the dense fastening. If desired, the shelves can be equipped with lights, and special fluorescent lamps - this is very important for violets, as often replaces them with natural light.


Mobile shelving for violets is called floor racks on wheels. This is the most convenient view for small indoor plants that require a careful approach to lighting, depending on weather and season. For its manufacture it will be necessary: ​​

  • Plywood( sheet), metal profile and spikes from a tree.
  • Foam, glue, drill, if desired - paints and brushes.
  • Racks, crossovers.
  • Wheel, legs and screws.
  • After completing the necessary drawing, the marking is applied to the plywood. From the beam( or profile) is going to a special frame( two), fastened with screws and studs. Shelves designed for the Sepulcher must be drilled on the markings. For racks in them grooves are made. If desired, the rack is painted in any color, and left to dry. Shelves for violets with their own hands: instructions

    Wheels for wheels are attached to the frame. It's all painted too. Then wheels should be screwed up, and the shelves - fasten. Levels in the shelf for a sensory can range from two to five. It can be moved to the window, to the wall, to the shadow or, conversely, closer to the light. For the finest violets, this is the most acceptable design - mobile.

    Made of metal

    It is not very difficult to create metal shelves with your own hands, the main thing is to prepare properly .Metal rods( their diameter should be 8-10 millimeters) are welded with the help of a welding machine, the necessary design, of any size. The ideal size for the side bases of the metal shelf for the senspoly is 20 to 90 centimeters( for setting four shelves at a distance of 30 centimeters apart).

    Crossings and fasteners are also provided during the welding process. After that, the coloring takes place in the interior of the apartment or the color of the room. The planks are cut from bars, length 50 centimeters, in the amount of twenty pieces, and lay out, exactly parallel, and then knock down the bars 20 centimeters in length. Shelves for violets with their own hands: instructions

    For installation of a rack on a wall most commonly used screws are used. Then wooden shelves can also be painted, and then after that, set on the crossbar.

    Video "Home Shelves"

    On the record, you can see several variants of shelves for violets. Also the video shows the shelves.