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Ointments and creams for the treatment of dermatitis: hormonal and non-hormonal, corticosteroid

In a series of very common modern diseases there is a dermatitis, treatment, ointments and creams from which in large quantities it releases the entire pharmaceutical industry. There are a lot of them, and each of us can freely buy any ointment from dermatitis in the pharmacy. But how not to make mistakes

in the selection? How not to cause even more complicated reaction of an organism? On this question, the answer can only be given by a dermatologist after a survey of the state of the dermis and internal organs.

It is necessary to address it at the first signs of dermatitis, which include hyperemia, itching, peeling and even pain in palpation. After all, many chronic diseases of organs and systems, which people may not even suspect, are direct causes for the occurrence of dermatitis. Chemical or physical stimuli that are present in daily use can affect the skin of a person and provoke rash and redness. For each of the pathogens with allergic dermatitis there are ointments and creams that alleviate the symptoms of the disease.


  • 1 Composition of therapeutic agents
  • 2 Corticosteroid drugs
  • 3 Zinc oxide medicines

1 Composition of therapeutic agents

Anti-inflammatory hormones contained in dermatitis ointments have a powerful anti-inflammatory effect. The effect of such a remedy can be seen after one day of use. But some patients are very worried about side effects after they have started to systematically apply it. The doctors of the leading dermato-venereological centers refute such speculations. After all, modern hormones from dermatitis are topical steroids. They affect the surface of the skin, removing unpleasant symptoms, but do not have any general effect on the internal organs. They can be used freely to eliminate rash, even in small children.

If patients decide to choose ointments or creams themselves to treat eczema, atopic or contact dermatitis, and make it illiterate, the risk of changes in the dermal structure of the skin is very high. By removing external symptoms, an ointment of dermatitis in any of the forms begins to suppress the cellular system of the epidermis and make it correct its life cycles. In this case, there is dry skin, small cracks, coarsening, scarring. Bacteria that fall into the wounds, provoke pustular infections. Therefore, an ointment with allergic dermatitis is a powerful tool in the fight against skin pathologies. But only on the recommendation of the attending physician and with the exact indication of the dosage is possible their application. The most common contraindications include the use of these funds by pregnant women during the period of nursing a child and after childbirth during feeding.

Hormone therapy courses include treatment:

  • Advadant, which soothes dermatological foci on the skin, promotes healing of wounds after sunburn and neurodermatitis;
  • Celestoderm, which relieves itch and displays peeling with allergic dermatitis;
  • Acriderm, which, along with its polycyclic antibiotic, is effective in combating atopy, solar lichen, seborrhea;
  • Fucicort, which has a neutralizing effect on bacterial microflora in the treatment of contact dermatitis, eliminating red lupus erythematosus;
  • Flucine, which increases the moisture content of the dry skin of the psoriasis, the various stages of eczema, facial dermatitis.

2 Corticosteroid drugs

Corticosteroid drugs have a positive effect in the treatment of dermatitis for children and adults. They were tested, tested and firmly established in the world market for pharmacological products. But fear of side effects is still present among those who use them. Therefore, in pharmacology, there are other, non-hormonal ointments, which not only have a positive effect on the picture of dermatitis and effectively deprive its symptoms. They are based on extracts and extracts from medicinal plants, oils, fiber.

Contact dermatitis is a phenomenon of allergy caused by human skin cells. They, having seen foreign antigens and allergens, start to be very excited. These little defenders have such an excessive reaction that occurs with local local inflammation. Trying to kill the alien, they kill their native cages. Gestamins and serotonins in these cells cause itching, peeling. To remove these phenomena and cure contact dermatitis, it is necessary to systematically use( 4 times a day for 10 days) the use of the multifunctional means Fenistal, Hydrocortisone, Fregmen. They are applied to the affected areas of the skin in small portions. Mazzu is a combination of Radevit. This tool has in its composition vitamin supplements E and A, which have a beneficial effect on the affected areas of the skin, and healthy. Many types of eczema, contact and atopic dermatitis, neurodermatitis can be cured using this ointment. The skin gets adequate moisture and nutrition.

Contact dermatitis is treated using means that support its natural protective barrier, an epidermal component and prevent peeling, rash, itching. The cosmetics industry, together with the pharmaceutical industry, has developed means that nourish and have a healing effect on the skin. They are called emollients. These include a series of Oylatum remedies. These are creams, soaps, gels for the shower. These funds are used for the skin of newborns. They are not called humidifiers. Emollients support normal skin moisture and prevent its rapid evaporation. In this case, the fluid-lipid balance, which is normal, contributes to the good elasticity of the skin.

3 Zinc oxide based medicines

During the Soviet era, ointment with zinc from dermatitis of any form and eczema was widely used. It was used as a means of local action and had anti-inflammatory effect. Not only allergic dermatitis, but also bedsores, pathology caused by the herpes virus, can be successfully treated with this ointment. Zinc, which is the basis of ointment, is necessary for the normal functioning of all organs and systems. This is especially true of the skin. It catalyzes many processes that are triggered by enzymes. For the normal life of the skin requires more than 20% of the total percentage of this element in the human body. Zinc, which is in the ointment, serves as a good antiseptic, with its therapeutic help the skin is dried, it is irritated, and the hearth of damage can no longer wet. Her special texture will create a peculiar film on the skin, which will not allow dust particles and dirt to fall into its pores.

Dermatologists are not advised to combine ointment with zinc in combination with other means. But in parallel, you can enrich your diet with zinc-rich foods, perhaps. These include:

  • nuts,
  • liver,
  • eggs,
  • beans.

You should not use zinc blockers - products that contain a certain percentage of copper and soy protein.

Apply zinc ointment to skin areas that have contact dermatitis or manifestations of eczema, with a thin layer 3 times a day. Its action is longer than another ointment for allergic dermatitis, and it is determined from 1 to 2 months of application.

All remedies for dermatitis should be used under strict medical supervision and only after careful examination.