How to teach a child to fall asleep on their own

As soon as the baby is born, the parents have problems one after the other - when to feed, how to bath, it is worth taking the child to his hands if he cried. But the most important question for many parents is how to put it to sleep. And from how parents decide the issue with

for a child's sleep, family life depends on the future.

A healthy person's sleep takes one-third, and sometimes even half the life. Night rest is necessary for the normal life of the organism, especially the child. At this age, the child is very sensitive to the outside world, he learns quickly and constantly learns something new. If the baby is not fully resting, his psyche will be overloaded and depleted.

In sleep, the body resting, all processes are slowed down and there is a disconnection from external stimuli. It is very important for the active life and health of the organism as a whole to fall out. And if newborns and more adult children reflexively fall asleep when the body requires this, then children from the age of three years and older, sometimes do not want to invest in a crib. In order to avoid such situations, the child should be trained to day care. In addition, it is very important that parents teach him to fall asleep on their own.

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1. Why do not children go to bed
2. Consequences of sleep problems for children
3. Why it is important to teach a child to fall asleep on their own
4. How to teach a child to fall asleep on their own
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Why do childrendo not want to go to sleep

All dads and moms want children to listen to them from the first time, especially when it comes to time to sleep. But very often angelic patience, when children do not want to sleep in their own crib independently, expect that they will fall with one of their parents and begin to seek their persistent crying.

When a baby cries, not wanting to sleep, it's quite difficult to immediately understand the true cause of crying. A kid may have something to do with pain, or he has not eaten and is hungry, or the reason is banal - wet diapers, and he just needs to be dressed. But if the child is full, dry, healthy and causes no pain, then there is no doubt: before you a small manipulator. Such behavior requires attention before bedtime, especially if it is not taken out of the whole day, and then they try to leave one in a crib.

A breast child still does not understand many things, but the mother's warmth is felt immediately. When the baby in the process of feeding fell in the arms of his mother, and woke up in a crib alone, then he hardly likes it, and the next time he will cry if he will lay down to sleep alone.

How to teach a child to fall asleep on their own

It is possible that the reluctance to sleep alone is due to some unpleasant circumstances, for example, the child woke up from a feeling of hunger or cold, and my mother heard him cry not immediately. And the waiting time seemed too long for him. After all, he does not understand that mom also sleeps at night and can not approach him as quickly as during the day. In this case, the baby will be subconsciously afraid to sleep alone in a crib.

Very often the child is trying to put the baby in bed when he is still not tired enough. When a child grows, he will not need to sleep in the afternoon for 4-5 hours, otherwise he will not be able to sleep in time at night. Mom should not miss this moment, it is important to reduce the time of daytime in a timely manner so that the child could get tired until evening and sleep quietly at night.

Children of pre-school age are very often fond of games or other interesting activities, therefore, the call of our mother to go to sleep is perceived extremely negatively. In this case, it is necessary for the child to warn that he has half an hour for his classes, followed by the necessary water procedures and favorite bedding.

Very often children are afraid of silence or darkness, so they do not want to go to their bedroom. In this case, it's enough to include in a child's shiny night-time and put quiet calm music, and the child will sleep calmly.

However, the main cause of the baby's whims is the elemental spoofiness of the baby. If he knows that the mother said "no" after five minutes, the baby's cry turns into "yes," there will be a lot of problems with such a child. Parents should clearly know what they want from their child, and be able to seek their own. And let the baby cry once, second, third, but as a result, he will understand that the requirement expressed by mother or father will have to be fulfilled.

It's no wonder that before starting to bring up a child, parents should educate themselves. Thus, we can sum up the reasons for the abandonment of sleep.

  • A child is not able to immediately switch from games, it is difficult or not at all to part with his favorite toys, cartoons, computer games and others. Psychologists advise parents not to remind that it's time to sleep every 3-5 minutes, but to say once that the child still has to play for another 10 minutes, and then we will have to go to bed.
  • The sublime and spoiled child, his propensity to manipulate his parents.
  • Psychological trauma associated with nightly fears. These may be nightmares, bad dreams, too dark room, wet diapers or cold bedding.
  • A child may not tire a day physically.

Consequences of Sleep Problems for Children

Consequences of sleep problems in children of different ages do not lead to anything good. Children do not sleep alone, they do not allow sleeping around, as a result both of them and others get tired. The result is a feeling of intense fatigue.

How to teach a child to fall asleep on their own

The child's body is so arranged that a feeling of intense fatigue leads to a great overexcite, because, paradoxically, it sounds, the child sometimes does not sleep because of what is very tired. This problem also occurs in infants and young children, as well as in preschoolers. And the parents' task is to prevent excessive fatigue of the child.

Because a tired and overexcited baby really wants to sleep, but can not fall asleep, so he begins to cheer up, becomes too active and overly excite. That is how the uncertain and too timid future teenager, who finds it difficult to find a common language with his peers, will be affected by school success. This list can be continued and continued.

It is during the night's sleep that the pituitary gland produces more hormones of sleep, which means that those who fall badly asleep can grow slowly.

After six months, a child is able to sleep independently in his bed without light all night, he does not need to be dispossessed at this time, the usual sleep duration is about eleven o'clock. And if to five years the child never learned to go to bed quietly and fall asleep independently without whims and persistent persuasion, then in the future he has the risk of suffering from insomnia.

Why it is important to teach a child to fall asleep on their own

The child is practically accustomed to certain skills from birth, and the older he becomes, the more he has duties, useful habits and skills. For this, he is studying in his family, so mom and dad gradually prepare him for adult life, and the ability to fall asleep independently in his bed - one of the main skills that should be formed in a child younger years of life.

Unfortunately, the problem of putting a child to sleep exists in many families, and how fast a child learns to do it on their own depends on the patience and persistence of parents. The child should know that mom and dad have many things that nobody will do for them, so the baby must learn a lot to do their own food, go to the toilet, wash, brush their teeth and sleep on their own.

A child who does not know how to sleep independently faces a day's sleep problem in a preschool institution. But it is precisely in the children's team, when all the peers themselves eat, undress and dress, go to sleep in the afternoon, the child is more likely to become independent rather than at home surrounded by mothers and grandmothers. And from how quickly a child gets used to falling asleep himself, the life of his parents also depends, since his mother has to spend time sitting beside his baby, while trying to put him to sleep, instead of doing homework, relaxing or doing his favorite work.

Why should a child fall asleep himself? That's why why he should learn to eat, keep personal hygiene on his own - in order to grow up and be able to serve himself, without hoping for the elderly family members.

How to teach a child to fall asleep on their own

It's easier to teach a single newborn to fall asleep. Most often the first six months of a baby's life, the mother has not yet fully recovered after childbirth, gets tired quickly, homework is very much, and still battalions of care for babies. Therefore, when a baby is naturally nourished, it is much easier to put it next to him during feeding, and when he falls asleep, the mother can sleep next to him.

How to teach a child to fall asleep on their own

But this is wrong. It's much better to invite to live with a young family grandmother, who will partially relieve the young mother from home, so that she could accustom her baby from the first days to the proper day of the day, to sleep alone in her room without parents at the side. It is from this that the future of the child's reluctance to sleep independently begins.

And if the mom has a helper in the house, the baby's baby will not get used to the fact that during his sleep someone is constantly lying next to him. During a day's sleep, you can leave the turned on a non-voice TV or music center, do not close the curtains window - let it be light and silent during the day. But at night there must already be the main attributes of this time of day - darkness and silence. So the child still unconsciously learns to distinguish between day and night.

The earlier the parents will take care to teach the child to sleep on their own, the faster and easier it is to do it.

While the child still does not understand anything, he is indifferent to how, where and with whom to sleep, and after the first year of life, he will perceive his day or night sleep without accompanying as something of course. If parents start to give up to three years without mother, then you need to be persistent and patient so that the whims and crying of the child can not distract from the intended purpose.

And already a preschooler needs to explain that he is already big, so he will sleep as a father alone( or as a favorite baby fairy tale hero).Moreover, the child's perceptive tone perceives negatively, one must be able to explain to such a child why he should sleep alone.

Asteroids Rituals In order not to severely disturb children before going to bed, it is necessary to correctly organize the baby's transition from daytime activity to night sleep.

  • Two hours before sleep it is not necessary to beat up noisy games, it is not worth watching nightly terrible or too exciting TV programs.
  • It is best to go for an hour with a baby to walk in the fresh air, then take the water procedures.
  • It is also not worth it to eat "coming to sleep", because the digestive process negatively affects the efforts of the baby to fall asleep. Yes, and the stomach at night needs rest as well as all other baby organs.
  • Putting a child in bed, you can talk to him about something calm, read an interesting book at night, you can give in bed a favorite toy that will sleep next to his master all night so that both of them were not scary.
  • How to teach a child to fall asleep on their own

    All such rituals serve only one thing - that the baby is not excited before going to sleep, and on the contrary gradually calmed down, and when his head touches the pillow, his eyes are almost closed.

    Instead of Conclusion

    How to teach a child to fall asleep on their own The ability of a child to fall asleep on their own is a merit of parents. And their ability to bring up their babies depends on whether the child can go to sleep on their own. It's not as easy as it seems, but it's not necessary to lower your hands. If the parents are in solidarity with their demands, they jointly make demands to their child, then everything in the family will be normal.