2017 Year

Lada Largus in 2017.Characteristics and prices. Photo

Lada Largus in 2017.Characteristics and prices. Photo

At the very start, it's worth noting that Lada Largus in 2015 was among the top ten best cars on the domestic car market. That's why the developers have decided to introduce the new Lada Largus to the world in 2017.

But at present, all the detailed specifications of this model are still

kept confidential.

Overview of the new Lada Largus 2017.

2017 will become a period when domestic manufacturers literally fill the Russian car market with their latest innovations. Especially our drivers were pleased with the news about the release of the new model of the new Lada Largus. To create this model, developers used new racks, plastic weighing and high rear springs. Road clearance of the car will be 17.5 cm. At the moment, the novelty is positioned as a road car, made in a body wagon.
Photo Lada Largus 2017.
Lada Largus in 2017.Characteristics and prices. Photo

Exterior of the new Lada Largus 2017.

Developers used the very best Continental 55/205 tires to create a new model. Such tires are used in the production of many foreign cars. The application of the GLONASS satellite complex has become unexpected. The engine under the hood Lada Largus meets all European norms.

Specifications and prices for the new Lada Largus.

Domestic manufacturers are planning to drastically change a number of Lada Largus power units in 2017.The developers have decided to carry out serious work on changing the car's engine, as in its previous versions the noise from the engine was quite loud. Lada Largus will get rid of this shortcoming already in 2017.However, more accurate motor specifications are not yet officially presented. But some additional options of the car still managed to find out:

  • Multimedia complex.
  • Airbags.
  • Split System.
  • Heated two front seats.
  • Door closing through the central system.
  • Fog lights.
  • Heated exterior mirrors.
  • Electric window lifters.
  • ABS.

Lada Largus in 2017.Characteristics and prices. Photo

Experts leave only positive feedback on the new Lada Largus 2017 model.

The exact price for a new car model is not disclosed by the developers yet, but some conclusions can be drawn about this. The cost of a car for 5 seats will be about 485 thousand rubles. The price for a model with 7 seats will be 510 thousand rubles. However, some sources argue that the cost of the Lada Largus in the base configuration will reach 650 thousand rubles. The car in full package will cost another 70 thousand more.

Already there are many who want to buy a new model Lada Largus, but the car will officially appear on Russian markets only at the end of 2017.This is the