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What vitamins are necessary for cats from hair loss

Undoubtedly, each owner of a four-legged morkchasche one more than once faced with such a problem as wool. More precisely, wool is everywhere! In food, in bed, on dishes or clothes. Sometimes, you will wear a clean suit, sit down for breakfast, get up - the whole fifth point in the villi of different colors. You can use

daily wet cleaning to minimize the amount of wool in the apartment, but you can deal with the cause of such a fallout.

Causes of a worm's loss

Reasons for moulting can be several:

Actually, itself is a slime of .The process of abundant change in coat occurs twice a year: in the autumn, the pet is preparing for winter and drops a light coat, overgrown with a warmer coat;In the early spring, the cat is preparing for warm days and sunshine, so it releases a heavy winter coat, "changing clothes" into a lighter summer option. Typically, each lynx lasts one and a half to two months. But in case of violation of the temperature regime in the room, the lack of proper care( brushing with furinator), the process is significantly increased, and can last for 3-4 months;

What vitamins are necessary for cats from hair loss

Incorrectly unbalanced power supply .So, the lack of food in the necessary minerals and certain vitamins leads to the fact that the hair bulb simply collapses;

Attenuating immunity. If, after an illness or during the postoperative period, the pet does not get all the same vitamins and minerals, the body begins to react in a kind way to it - the hair falls and fights;

Allergic reactions of , for example, to certain foods or environmental factors( such as after outdoor exercise).For a certain time, animals accumulate in the blood allergens, which are manifested by a decrease in immunity. And this, as is known from the preceding paragraph, leads to the loss of the wool of a pet;

Fungus - the disease is nasty, but it is through it that the woolen skin of the tick is beginning to fall out locally and is limited. Most of all on the coat is influenced by such fungal diseases as trichophytic and microsporia;

Skin Parasites .If a pet has somewhere become infected with hairworms, fleas or pouffes, there may be a significant drop in villi;

Hormonal changes to may result in hair loss. During the violation of the phases of the binding( for example, after the use of drops or tablets that reduce the attraction of a cat or a cat), with frequent overfeeding( obviously overweight), or with the constant "feeding" of a pet with hormonal drugs, there is a failure in the work of the endocrine, pancreas, which leads to the loss of wool.

What vitamins are necessary for cats from hair loss

Most often, the main cause of year-round hair loss is avitaminosis in cats due to nutritional imbalances. Therefore, lack of vitamins needs to be filled.

What vitamins are needed to prevent the loss of wool

If no illness is observed in the infant, the vet is sure, it means to feed the whiskey with special vitamins that prevent hair loss. In addition to the specially developed complexes - for example, Fellaway, Olias, Polidex, Boehalf, Helovay ( the latter two are especially popular due to its complex effects on the body of a pet), you can also use vitamins containing iodine, sulfur, extract of Laaminaria( sea cabbage),biotin, B vitamins.

What vitamins are necessary for cats from hair loss

Usually, due to lack of vitamins of group B, problems with wool and its consequences begin. If in the human body the vitamins A and E correspond to the strength of hair, in cats it is В2 and В5.The main manifestation of the lack of vitamin B5 in the body of a pet is the strong loss of wool, the emergence of various dermatitis, excessive excitability and nervousness of the pet. In the absence of B2, the coat begins to abundantly fall on the chest, back, area around the eyes until complete baldness. Also, there may appear cracks in the corners of the paste( as "zaid" in a person), clouding of the cornea, general weakness.

In recent years, complexes of minerals and vitamins consisting of two-colored tablets have become very popular. It is these complexes best to give to their pet, because they have clearly defined norms of useful substances, as well as the division of vitamins and minerals into various pills improves their digestibility and prevents the formation of allergic reactions.

Health to you and your favorites!