Headache in the temples: causes, symptoms and treatment of the ailment

A headache in the temples may be caused by pressure variations. The attack can be felt on the left or right side, and there are attacks when the pain is observed immediately in both the temples.

Headache in the temples: causes, symptoms and treatment of the ailment

Perhaps an attack may start with a sense of ripple in the temples. Such manifestations of negative

affect lifestyle, working capacity, quality of rest.


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Causes of headache in the temples of the

Headache in the temples: causes, symptoms and treatment of the ailment Pain sensation in the temporal region is almost always different from other pain manifestations. They are usually naive in nature and can be manifested at any time of the day.

There are cases that their feelings can make you wake up, most often it comes in the morning when the sleep is strong enough.
Such attacks begin suddenly.

If such attacks occur with a certain frequency and their number increases, do not delay, consult a physician. Be sure to get advice from an immunologist and a neurologist.

The nature of the headache in the temples is quite diverse and requires a comprehensive study. It is imperative to find out: whether it is a consequence of a complex disease, and headache attacks with this, a side effect.

Headache attacks can talk about the presence of various illnesses. Doctors believe that they are more than fifty. The reasons for the appearance of pain are also a lot, let's dwell on the most popular:

- changes in the work of the blood circulation system, the whole body and, in particular, the brain. Often there is a sharp increase in indicators and there is a pain attack, pain is felt in the temples. When the vessels of the brain lose their elasticity and narrow, an attack may also occur. Treat such manifestations, perhaps, but this process is not one day;

- various bacteria and viruses can enter the body, temporal headache occurs in the case of influenza, genital herpes, meningitis. Usually, after the treatment, pain is experienced;

- age-related changes in the body occur in all organs, vessels are prone to this one of the first. They get thinned, clogged and can bleed through them. These factors may be influenced by the tendency to meteosensitivity, especially in old age;

- intoxication of the body with any substances. In such a situation, low-quality products, alcohol, toxic substances, and overdose with medicinal products may be attacked;

- there may be a limitation of the temporal nerve, such a manifestation occurs due to diseases of the cervical spine, be a spine injury, sometimes even noise effects occur in the temples;

- a violation of the hormonal background of the body, this can occur during the formation of the body and during the menopause;

- inflammatory processes in the walls of the arteries, with pulsation and pushing pain;

is a toothache or any pain in the area of ​​the face, lower jaw. In such a situation, it is difficult to establish the correct diagnosis, the headache in the temples is felt as a consequence and is not the root cause;

- overexertion and exhaustion of your body, may be the cause of pain attacks in the temples;

- The use of various spices and products with various additives provokes headache attacks in the temples.

In any case, all the causes of headache, very individual. You can not use the advice of friends and relatives unless you find out the exact cause of their appearance. Even when your causes coincide in the basis of manifestations of an attack, you need to choose a treatment course in this case.

Symptoms of such a headache

Headache in the temples: causes, symptoms and treatment of the ailment Pain sensations come unexpectedly, you can even say abruptly. The attack begins in the temporal part of the head. The pain may be felt, on the one hand, both immediately and in both.

If the attack is due to fatigue, stress, pain can be felt all day, and may take about half an hour.

When an attack begins because of poor blood vessels, pain occurs in the morning. There will be a feeling of tinnitus, nausea, general weakness, ripple in the temporal region.

There are cases of headache in the morning in the temples, this can happen because of the awkward posture during sleep. In such a situation blood circulation has been disturbed and after an awakening the attack may retreat. There are cases of chronic morning headaches.

Bright pain in the temporal part of the head can come after a head injury. Symptoms are varied. An attack on the temples may begin and go into the occipital part or, conversely, but in any case, the pain will be strong, may become chronic or disappear after remission.

If pain attacks are felt in the temples and go into the cervical unit, are given in the ear, in this situation one can talk about inflammation of the nerve endings in the neck.

By symptomatology it is possible to assume the nature of headache in the temples, but in any case it is necessary to undergo an examination prescribed by the doctor.

In order to establish the correct diagnosis, it is recommended to keep a headache diary, especially if they are very disturbing to you. Your records or labels will help you recreate the complete picture of the course of the illness and the doctor will be able to diagnose as soon as possible.

The use of any medication can be done only after consultation with the physician. On the advice of a specialist you can take sedative drugs, such measures can help to quickly remove the attack and for a longer time.

Nonsteroid effects are effective, but prolonged use can affect digestive organs. When choosing a drug you need to choose with the least number of side effects, and use complex drugs is worth the extreme need.

During pregnancy and childhood, try to avoid taking medications. But if such a need still exists, strict adherence to the dosage or other method should be followed.

Medicinal treatment for

Headache in the temples: causes, symptoms and treatment of the ailment Doctors believe that any disease is easier to prevent than to treat. Headache attacks can be a temporary phenomenon, and can be permanent.

Temporary migraine attacks can occur during pregnancy, puberty, changes in the hormonal background, severe climate change. Such phenomena can be sustained if the pain is severe to take the pill.

However, if pain attacks often trouble you and your number is constantly increasing, see a doctor immediately. Headache in the temples has a different nature and therefore several methods of its treatment are used.

In case of migraine attacks, it is necessary to find out the reason for their appearance and to exclude the external stimulus. Such a method can dramatically reduce the number of migraine attacks.

Spell an attack, perhaps with analgesics, but not always, such measures can bring the expected result. In cases of serious illness it is necessary to treat the root cause and a side effect such as headache attacks, will gradually pass.

Nonsteroidal drugs may be used in cases of migraine attacks or muscle tension pain. Such medications should be taken at the beginning of a pain attack, because of this, it is always best to have them at hand.

Often used drugs from the group of analgesics, but when they include codeine, they can be purchased only on prescription. In general, there is an addiction to such drugs, if taken for a long time.

This group includes "Sedalgin", "Pentalgin", "No-Spalgin", "Capetian", "Unispas", "Codelmix", "Solpadein".They can help to take off the attack quite effectively. Recently, very popular, from attacks of pain in the temples, became "Ibuprofen".

There are drugs that contain components such as Nurofen Plus, which includes codeine, Ibuclinbrustan, consisting of paracetamol, and Novigan, with the addition of phenopyrerin bromide.

Quite often used "Metamizole sodium".A good effect may come from the use of acetylsalicylic acid, "Voltaire" with the addition of diclofenac.

Due to the possibility of accumulation of chemicals in the body, in case of random use of drugs, take medication only at the appointment of a doctor.

Treatment at home

Headache in the temples: causes, symptoms and treatment of the ailment There are different ways of treatment, when choosing it you need to take into account age, health condition, the presence of chronic diseases, all the characteristics of the attack itself.

You can rely on drugs using drugs, but you can use folk remedies. Treatment of headache at the temples in the home provides a certain system and a comprehensive approach.

First of all, you can learn how to do simple head self-massage, the main thing to find and understand where the points are from the headache and what is responsible for it. This technique is very effective. It is also convenient because you can do it at any time convenient for you and without any help.

Video: Gymnastic Exercises for Headache Pain

When attacking, you need to take a comfortable position and massage your head with your fingertips. First of all, the area where pain is most strongly felt. Massage can begin with a forehead or temporal area and gradually walk all over the head. After the massage it is desirable to relax, relax.

A good way is to take a contrast shower or warm bath. The choice will depend on the reasons for the manifestation of headache in the temples. Contrasting souls can be taken daily, it improves blood circulation in the body and can actually relieve headaches.

When you are suffering from overdose, stress, you need to learn how to avoid unpleasant situations, and if the event is inevitable, give rest to the nervous system. For this purpose a method of meditation is good, it is easy to master.

In case of migraine headaches, it is necessary to find out the presence of an external stimulus and, if possible, avoid its effects. Most often, headache in the temples can go after a walk in the outdoors.

The modern rhythm of life does not always give us the opportunity to walk in the park or square. Therefore, the room in which you are necessary to necessarily ventilate and with any opportunity to walk in the fresh air.

There are many ways to relieve headaches using medicinal herbs and folk recipes, but you must necessarily find out their nature and agree on all procedures with your doctor. This is especially the case when the attacks are very frequent and severe pain.

If you are at home and you have a headache attack you can lie down, the dream will also benefit. Rest can help to relieve headache, without the use of drugs. This should be remembered and used.

Diagnosis and prevention of

Headache in the temples: causes, symptoms and treatment of the ailment But it should be remembered that in case of frequent headaches in the temples it is necessary to visit a doctor and undergo a medical examination. Usually appoint a comprehensive survey, at the discretion of the specialist.

Diagnosis is performed on the appointment of a physician of a therapist, another specialist may be appointed if necessary. Usually the nervous, cardiovascular system is investigated. Inspect the spine, especially in the neck area. The detailed examination is subject to the brain, special attention is paid to the vessels.

Preventive measures bring positive results and help increase the length of remission. But it is not necessary to decide on the use of one or another method on its own. Talk to a specialist.

After taking all the necessary measures, the doctor will diagnose and choose a course of treatment. In preventive measures it is necessary to follow the system and necessarily agree with a specialist.

First of all you need:

  • to lead a healthy lifestyle;
  • to abandon alcohol, nicotine and narcotic substances;
  • prefer healthy eating;
  • to avoid the use of foods containing nutritional supplements, preservatives, flavor enhancers;
  • adhere to day mode, sleep in at least eight hours;
  • eliminate strong tea and coffee;
  • to do physical education and sports;
  • to walk outdoors.

For the prevention of headache, it is possible to use decoctions or infusions from medicinal herbs and various plants.

Very effective prophylactic measures of the bath with the addition of aromatic oils. You can choose the most suitable for you and with a certain periodicity to use it. Especially this measure will help you relax after a hard day of work and in the morning feel in the right tone.

Recently, widespread method of acupuncture, for the prevention of headache. There is a point effect on certain points of man. The method is very effective and has proven itself on the positive side.

Only a specialized clinic can use such a method and only a specialist is allowed to conduct sessions. Such measures are necessary measures to avoid any unprofessional effects on your body.

In this case, the treatment of the underlying disease and for this period is prescribed medications that can relieve headache. Usually, after the treatment, the attacks take place.

Summing up

The main temporal pain may be different in nature. Such manifestations are curable and the prognosis has a positive dynamics.

Whenever possible, try to use drugs as little as possible. This approach to treatment will help you avoid side effects. When taking medication, follow the dosage and all doctor's recommendations.

The selection of such methods should be carried out individually and not all means can approach you. Rest, sleep, healthy food, sports are a part of a healthy lifestyle.

Alcohol, nicotine, narcotic substances, overweight - the negative elements that can be encountered in your life. Only from you will depend on what you choose and what attention to give to your health.

Preference when taking headache is needed without medication. It is advisable to use medicines when other measures do not help you.

Self-treatment will not only help you, but it can cause irreparable harm to your health. After that, it will be difficult to treat the headache, and maybe the whole system or body. All your decisions and actions agree with the doctor.