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Colic in the newborn: symptoms and treatment

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Colic in the newborn, the symptoms of which are troublesome almost all infants, known to each mother. After all, at the birth of a baby in his body, there is still no useful

microorganisms, because in the abdomen in his mother child was protected and did not need them. The nutrition that came to the baby through the umbilical cord was digested by enzymes.

So the kid received the necessary vitamins and trace elements. And with the advent of the light the child enters the environment, which carries a lot of microorganisms, not always useful for the newborn. Fighting with the last is not possible due to the lack of immunity. The settlement of beneficial bifidobacteria and other species occurs at the start of breastfeeding.

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  • Disease Etiology 2 Typical Symptoms in Infants
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1 etiology of disease in babies

In the first two weeks of life the child receives enough for him microbial colonization of mother's milk, and then beginning to fail in the digestion of food due to lack of bacteria. A small populated intestine is not able to cope. The remains of food accumulate in the intestines, and the fermentation process begins. Every minute, gas bubbles are formed, accumulate, they expand the walls of the intestine and cause colic in the newborn.

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Colic in the newborn: symptoms and treatment

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their causes are many, often a poor diet mother. For example, you can not eat cabbage and beans, as they contribute to the formation of gas and cause painful swelling of the abdomen. Each mother should, from the first days of the appearance of her baby, stick to the diet and go to the general table gradually.

Infant feeding technique also plays an important role. After all, with improper capture of the areola, the nipple from the air can leak out with food in the stomach and cause colic.

In today's world, many mothers refuse breastfeeding and from the early days they begin to give different advertised mixtures, the amount of bifidobacteria that is insufficient for the body. Despite the large selection of mixtures in the market, replacement of mother milk is still impossible.

The development of colic occurs when infant is switched over to artificial food. Physicians recommend taking a fecal examination to check the presence of the required amount of bacteria in the body.

One of the prevention of spasms is prolonged breastfeeding, so that as long as possible, the baby gets into the body of the beneficial bacteria. According to recommendations of WHO it is desirable to breastfeed up to 6 months without any additives. A litter start in turn and small portions.

Other causes of colic in infants

colic in infants depend on the progress in the gastrointestinal tract of food intake, improperly diluted mixture.

The presence of jaundice can also provoke the appearance of colic. Some changes in the baby's nervous system can lead to gas formation. Therefore, you should go to the clinic for medical preventive examinations, especially for the neuropathologist.

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2 Symptoms typical of infants


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Symptoms of colic in infants should be distinguished from intestinal infection. To do this, it is necessary to observe his behavior during the feeding period.

  • For spasm attacks, one and the same time of day, usually in the evening or at night, is a sudden appearance.
  • The baby begins to wrinkle, shrinks, her face turns red, turns over, trying to point her to the condition that Mom could understand and help.
  • With the appearance of pain, the child pulls his legs, trying to squeeze them to the abdomen and unscrew, bends the back and is heavily strained.
  • Handles grips in cams.
  • Voice and crying.
  • If you feel at this time the stomach, then you can note its hardness, attaching the ear to the abdomen - to hear the rumbling of the intestine.
  • After bowel movement or emptying, the gasses go away and the child calms down. After some time the signs are infinitely repeated.
  • At other times the child feels good, active, eats well and gains weight.
  • Colic in the newborn: symptoms and treatment

    3 At what time of day signs are displayed?


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    In the daytime, the baby recognizes the world and pays attention to every little thing. However, already at 18 o'clock the fermentation process starts, and pain begins. Mother's hands are the most important baby's help, from which warm and tender are obtained. This psychological moment calms the child and even eliminates part of the colic. Mummy needs to take the baby so that the arm was under the tummy, and the head of the baby lay on the palm. Another should stroke the back. Or just press the baby to himself and stroking the back, helping to go disturbing the gases.

    Colic in the newborn: symptoms and treatment

    If the child already has a month, then it can be turned over to the abdomen, pre-bedding the heated diaper, and continue to stroke the baby on the back.

    You can use some massage techniques: lift your baby's legs and knees to the abdomen, releasing the path to the gases;stroking the stomach clockwise, while trying not to squeeze and irritate the right hypochondrium, the position of the liver.

    A good anti-colic effect is given by some medications. For example, hofitol, bobotic, babino, plantex and others. However, doctors do not recommend giving drugs in the first 21 days of life crumbs, for this better use of folk methods of treatment, massages and tap water.

    Colic in the newborn: symptoms and treatment

    A few examples of folk remedies for the tick:

    • uses tea from herbs and infusions. They need to be given before each meal. Tea is made from chamomile, fennel, peppermint, ginger;
    • infusion of dill 2-3 teaspoons 2 times a day;
    • warm bath with chamomile will help with strong pain feelings;
    • use gas-duct tube.

    When are spasms going on?

    In medicine, it is commonly assumed that within 4 months the intestine adaptation to nutrition has been formed, the intestine begins to adapt to different influences of the external world, signs of colic are reduced.

    4 Maternal Recommendations

    After giving birth, a woman should refrain from receiving bread, chocolate, fruits, berries and fresh vegetables, dairy products and legumes. The diet should be kept until the end of the first month, then gradually expand your diet, and it is desirable to increase the increase of those or other products in the first half of the day to observe the reaction of the child's body to the product.

    As well as the psychological state of the mother will play its role, the child as a sponge takes on all the emotions of the mother. If the mother is annoyed or anxious, then the emergence of colic does not force itself to wait.

    Apart from the correct application to the chest, it is necessary to pay attention to getting a kid not only the upper milk but also the lower one. When milk is high, the baby gets an immature top milk, and the amount of lactose in it is small. Therefore, there is a need to squeeze a portion of the milk before feeding.

    Treatment options for newborns can be different, the choice is for moms who want to soon rid their child of a morbid condition. However, American scientists are convinced that folk medicine is ineffective here and the process of colic passes independently according to time. Experiments were carried out on them, in which it was noted that folk methods only helped three dozen. These three kids, the scientists wrote off on the proximity of mom with infants and a mentally calm condition of mothers.