Treatment for migraine and headaches are simple ways


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treatment of headache can be infinitely varied, which includes a fully

usual pills and physiotherapy, and meansnon-traditional medicine with clever diets and special measures of "energy" nature. And what if it's not just a headache for overvoltage, but a real migraine? Here are some ways to fight for a good state of health.

Treatment for migraine and headaches are simple ways

It is believed that migraine is incurable - if the pain of such a force has already begun, they will persecute a person until his death. But this is not altogether - even the most terrible pain can be cured.

Propensity for

There are people who are more resistant to headache and those who are the most susceptible to it. The easiest way is to set it in migraine-prone and other syndromes of sharp and intense cephalalgia - if a family has at least someone with a similar illness, the chance to suffer from it is substantially increased.

In addition, people with such discomfort tend to be overweight, with little time devoting to a healthy lifestyle. Improper nutrition, a large amount of fatty, roasted, canned food almost always leads to the development of a bad state of health. And if treated with tablets only, it will only be worse.

Also among the most common causes of headaches and migraines are called intoxication. That is why during illness infectious diseases begin to "split" or "scratch" the head. The same can be said about the hangover, and about those cases in which the emergence of migraines is due to a chronic ailment - for example, poor work of the pancreas, liver, kidneys. Separately, it's worth mentioning diabetes - with its development headache becomes a constant companion of the patient.

Almost always people who are poorly tolerate of stress and any psycho-emotional stress that has a changing mood almost always suffer from headaches more than more mentally balanced people.

In all cases of the appearance of a headache of any kind it is necessary first of all to identify the cause and remove it, and then remove the symptoms.

Oscillation of an

drug attack Most often it is remembered about headache when it already exists. The first thing that comes to mind - to drink a pill. It may be aspirin, analgin, citramon, spasmagon and others. In this case, patients are usually oriented not on the action of a particular drug, but on its strength and speed of action. But this is a completely wrong approach!

And again it is necessary to find out the reason for the development of a headache - because it also happens differently. For example, in case of headache, it is enough to drink an analgin tablet, but when spasm of the vessels of the brain will require spasmallon. But there is also a kind of cephalalgia, such as abusus syndrome - when you do not have to drink tablets, relieve pain, because they themselves cause them.

Also, pains that arose from nerve stress, it is better to remove sedative and anti-depressant drugs. From intoxication - absorbents and metabolism stimulators.

In general, it's worth saying that taking pain with tablets, syrups and ointments is better and more effective before an attack begins. This is especially true for migraine sufferers - it is only necessary to begin to manifest "aura", as it is time to take medication.

By the way, specially for those who suffer from migraines, there is a separate type of drugs that relieve pain during an attack. They are sold in pharmacies at the doctor's prescription.

Emergency Assistance

In order to cope with a sudden headache or migraine headache, several simple rules are required:

  • Inflow of fresh air - it is better to avoid suffocating rooms;
  • Lack of tobacco smoke - this also applies to hookahs and electronic cigarettes;
  • A glass of water - dehydration can provoke pain is not worse than illness, and instead of water it is better to use green tea;
  • Food - the head may also be sick of hunger, so it is worth whether it is timely or always keep some snack at hand;
  • Sleep - at the onset of a migraine it is better to fall asleep or at least try to do this;
  • Darkness and silence - when a headache, a person is more sensitive to light, color and noise, they can even reinforce the attack.

Even if it does not help completely get rid of pain, then significantly weaken the attack. Particularly to the monitors of computers and mobile phones - their light is also able to act as a trigger, a provocateur of pain. Instead of reading an e-book or viewing a photo, it's best to lie in silence and darkness, fall asleep and wake up already a healthy person.

Professional Treatment of

In case of headache, the therapist should in any case refer to the neuropathologist and ophthalmologist for examination. Regular headaches are not a joke, they may not only be normal migraine, but also a symptom of a much more serious, but not yet, end of the disease.

Neuropathologist examines the nervous system and puts a likely diagnosis, prescribes a course of treatment. In recent years, along with the usual analgesics that break off the attacks, they recommend nootropics and manual therapy - nerve pinching in the cervical unit is perhaps the most common cause of constant discomfort. The

Ophthalmologist examines the full face, finds out the level of intracranial pressure and eliminates eye diseases that can cause similar symptoms.

HeadacheMigraine. Intracranial pressure

Treatment for migraine and headaches are simple ways
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Prophylaxis with

medicines Sometimes it is enough to stop taking any medication to make things normal. For example, women stop taking oral contraceptives on a hormonal basis to stop regular headaches.

In other cases, it is guilty of anxiety with pain relievers - the course of reception most of them is only 3-5 days, but many patients with ignorance drink them for months. As a result, abusus syndrome develops - a headache from drugs. To refuse this harmful habit to drink any pain with analgesic is difficult enough - the syndrome has a pronounced withdrawal effect, that is, when you try to just stop taking medications, the condition will significantly deteriorate. To overcome the dependence on the pills, you need a well-established course of therapy and the help of an experienced physician. Not only that, with abuzusnym syndrome, headaches do not stop after taking medications, so it can also seriously affect the liver and kidneys.

Many patients note the beneficial effects of homeopathic remedies - herbal extracts have a beneficial effect on the state of blood vessels and blood pressure, cleans the gastrointestinal tract from slags and contribute to the work of enzymes, which all reduces the risk of cephalalgia.

But still doctors do not refuse from proven techniques. For example, several different analgesics are being tested. If none of them helps, then more powerful drugs, usually containing narcotic substances, are in progress.

An easy attack is removed by paracetamol, analgin, ibuprofen. Medium gravity will require taking Solpadain or Pentalgin. An intense headache can be taken by opioid analgesics or tryptans, as well as antiemetic. Interestingly, for drugs of the last generation of this type, the form of tablets is less commonly used - they are gradually replaced by sprays.


There are many ways to get rid of migraines and pains, each with its own. Many help with manual therapy, others need help osteopath, the third - eastern acupuncture. In any case, during the therapeutic treatment the doctor does not affect the head, but, more often, on the back. By removing muscle cramps, pinching and preventing osteochondrosis, you can nullify pain attacks of any strength.

Lifestyle Prevention

Those living outside the city are much less likely to suffer from headaches than citizens. The reason is not only fresh air, but also constant labor, which does not allow the stagnation of blood in the body. Fewer stresses, modesty and tranquility favorably affect the psyche, making it stronger, and the body healthier.

The diet of cephalalgia is one of the important risk factors, so it is better to review your attitude to what is considered tasty and useful. Pain can trigger canned foods, cheese, chocolate and nuts, alcohol and coffee. Even a cup of cocoa can deliver a few unpleasant hours! And this not to mention that it can cause intoxication - heavy, greasy, fried food.

A weak body reacts very responsibly to no change in weather. In order to stop being a man-barometer, one should do sports or at least an unhealthy curative physical education. Even simple walks every day will greatly improve your health and prevent most attacks.

Non-traditional prophylaxis

It is believed that the use of decoctions and tinctures of some herbs can, if not completely eliminated, significantly alleviate the patient's torment. Such, for example, tea from picked sprig swab, green tea, ginger tea. Of course, it's best to first consult with a doctor, but the data of broth rarely appear to be forbidden for the patient.

Treatment for migraine and headaches are simple ways

Surprisingly, yoga, autotraining and fitness systems aimed at relaxing the body also greatly help to fight the pain and thus not exaggerate the body.

Other methods should be attributed to physical culture more quickly - it's a variety of soothing and sparing gymnastics, as well as yoga. By giving a moderate load to the body, we strengthen the vessels and reduce the level of stress, which helps to fight the onset of pain attacks.

Surprisingly, the effect of placebo is quite good for such patients, when patients are given harmless pills, vitamins under the guise of potent drugs. Similarly, there are all kinds of folk methods and prejudices - "ordering", "cleansing" and manipulating "psychics".

One of the most effective methods of prevention used by doctors is to reduce the number of headaches and migraines by avoiding situations, provoking them. Of course, the emotional and mental load is very difficult to preserve, it is still easier to keep the mode of the day, to avoid suffocation, hunger, dehydration and lack of sleep. Therefore, with each patient, a psychological study on the triggers is conducted - individual pathogens of unpleasant sensations. With the help of observing some simple rules in this approach, if not completely cured, then significantly reduce the suffering of the patient.

The most effective way to fight headaches remains the commitment to a healthy lifestyle.