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Summer Women's Shorts 2017 With What To Wear New Pieces

This summer, in a fashion, there is a wide variety of shorts. The novelties are black and white Bermuda shorts. Denims also do not leave fashion, especially with an overwhelming waist. Lightweight sports models from thin fabric will be relevant.

Summer Women Here you can sew them with your own hands. Wonderful patterns

created Emporio Armani. This season is claimed by good leather, wicker and lace patterns. Shorts-skirts, micro and models with cuffs returned again. Trendy shorts 2017 summer men's, unfortunately, not so varied. Trends highlighted the following male variants: jeans, bermudas and cuffs.

Summer Women The collection of designers presents a huge number of bridges and shorts of achromatic colors - gray, white and black. If you are a supporter of bright and rich colors, then pay attention to all the shades of carrot, orange and green. Summer prints of 2017 are quite diverse. So today practically all the drawings, starting from the strip and ending with flower ornaments, went into action.

Summer Women If you want to add shorts to your summer wardrobe, then when choosing a thing, be sure to follow the following rules: Find the appropriate palette of shades. Jeans shorts 2017 are well matched to different ranges, ranging from white jersey to blouses of complex styles. Color models should choose a calm monotonous top. Correctly assess the type of figure.

Summer Women Short shorts are the perfect choice for long legs. Shorts to the middle of the thigh lengthen legs well. For the summer season it is better to choose linen or cotton shorts. Silk, satin or viscose is not the best option for hot weather. The shapes and colors of summer shorts 2017 are very diverse. So every beautiful woman can choose an option for her soul.

Summer Women

Trendy summer shorts with an overwhelming waist 2017 photo styles

An over-sized shorts style waist belongs to the female retro style. This technique is able to visually stretch your legs and reduce waist. Therefore, in the new season of 2017 it was not enough. As for fabrics, designers use completely different options. But in most cases the preference is given to comfortable and light materials. So they have to be really "elderly".

Summer Women Some fashionistas will choose their models with rivets and studs. But know the measure of such a decoration, so as not to overdo it in a general way. Wear such shorts with sweatshirts and sweatshirts, with oversize shirts in the cage and simply monophonic, but be sure to refuel them to show off the raisins of your setu - an overwhelming waist.

Summer Women For those who do not like the grunge image, you can create ensembles with such shorts, combining them with free-cut blouses and T-shirts, also refueling them. The waist line is desirable to decorate with a thin strap. Shoes are better than sandals on high heels or tankettes, so that the image turned out elegant and feminine.

Summer Women

Fashion jeans shorts spring-summer 2017 photo novelty

At first glance it may seem that there is nothing to invent. All trendy trends are echoed with the epochs of past years. However, designers do not stop pleasing fashionistas with original innovations, adding products to their raisins.

Summer Women So, for example, in 2017, fashion jeans shorts will not only refresh the wardrobe of a young girl, but will also help stand out from the crowd and emphasize their sexuality and uniqueness. And since practically all styles are combined with each other, this is a great opportunity to show off its originality and create a stylish image.

Summer Women For example, lovers of classical chic can confidently wear jeans shorts with scarves, and complement the ensemble with an elegant black jacket. In 2017 fashion jeans shorts were presented in different roles.

Summer Women In the trend, all sorts of styles, ranging from classic straight products, and ending with tight outfits and unusual shapes. The length of the product may be any, depending on personal preferences. But as for decorative elements, most models are decorated with holes, abrasions, metal fittings, as well as various textile inserts.

Summer Women

Fashionable images with denim shorts spring-summer 2017 photo

Especially popular denim shorts in the summer, because it is at this time of year you can choose the most original variants. Yes, it may be short models with different decorations, for example, floral print or interesting buttons will look very good.

Summer Women Be sure that such shorts will not make any difficulty in choosing clothes, as they can be worn in absolutely unusual combinations. There are other models that can be of interest to our favorite readers, you can read about this article about shorts with an overwhelmed waistline and with what they can be worn and combined.

Summer Women With jeans shorts everything is very simple. Dressed T-shirt and kedi - the image is ready. And let's try to add more raisins to him! We can congratulate you - in 2017 you do not need to understand the intricacies of trends. Fashion jeans shorts have common features - an inflated waistline, cavities in strategically important places, baggy suit and wear. But the variety with other details of the image at least additive. Lightweight blouse, classic white shirt, crop top or body - put up any top and become a star street style! Be more active with additional details( sunglasses, chokers, bags, earrings, hats) that make the image more complex and bulky.

Summer Women For sensual and feminine women and girls, you can create a very sensual and erotic image, combining a lace body or a long top with short denim shorts fitting shapes. This toilet can be diluted with a small amount of accessories that will only emphasize the perfect taste of a woman. Great image for a romantic dinner.

Summer Women As for super-short denim shorts, this option is uniquely suited only to slim girls and women. Such a model perfectly emphasizes the beauty and length of slender legs. Truncated models with a high waist look very advantageous. It is with the help of such a style that you can not only emphasize slender legs, but also the waistline. An overclock belt is very proportional to break the female figure and bring it closer to the ideal.

Summer Women

Trendy shorts spring-summer 2017 photo novelties

Well, of course, in no summer can not do without shorts shorts. Such models are the most diverse in color solutions, materials, prints. Short shirts of bright colors, combined with shirts and sandals, are the favorite outfit of many girls in the summer. They can also be worn with T-shirts, shorter tops, lightweight blouses, shorts and long sleeves, knitted sweaters. Shoes are also allowed any, depending on the height, other parameters of a specific image of a woman. Fashion designers offer a wide selection of short shorts with an overwhelming waist.

Summer Women In the fashion floral print, which, apparently, will never leave the spring-summer collections of fashion clothes. It can be present on beach sports models with ties, and on cotton models of classical length or bermuda. This print is well combined with white, light shades, and with vivid colors that overlap with the pattern on shorts. No less popular are geometric patterns, animated prints, stripes, abstractions and embroidery. In the finish you can find fringe, lace, applique and other items.

Summer Women

The new season presents many models of denim of different lengths, colors and styles. This is like a truncated old fashioned jeans model, and classic light, and more free models with dark denim. Trend and hanging fringe, and bent edge, and abrasion.

Summer Women