Folk remedies for headache

For the relief of headache attacks, folk remedies are widely used. They can be used as an independent treatment, and in combination with medicines. Be sure to coordinate all your actions with your doctor and make sure you can use the comprehensive

treatment method in this form.

Folk remedies for headache

Well-proven medicinal herbs, they are used in the form of infusions, decoctions, tea. Particular attention is paid to aromatic oils, metals. In some cases baths or compresses, contrast showers can help.


  • Tea, compresses, baths
  • Bath against headache
  • Aromatherapy
  • Healing metals and minerals
  • Several headache relief prescriptions

Tea, compresses, baths

Many recipes are passed from generation to generation, but it must be remembered thatthe body of each person develops individually and has its own characteristics. Therefore, when choosing a folk method, make sure that there are no medical contraindications for any of its components.

Conduct an allergic reaction test and observe how your body behaves. If your feelings were not so enjoyable, refuse this method and pick up another one. For example, many feel pleasant after visiting a bath, there is ease throughout the body, but with high blood pressure or heart disease, visiting it is not recommended.

Herbs from headaches can be of great benefit to your health. They are used as cleaning, soothing, antipyretic, reducing pressure, normalizing the work of the gastrointestinal tract. Each individual property has certain plants and herbs. Folk remedies for migraine are very diverse.

In cases of headache attacks, I use mint, melissa, chamomile, wormwood, mint, oregano, rosemary. You can make chamomile tea and wormwood tea to relieve headache attacks caused by poor stomach work, insufficient outflow of bile.

For chamomile tea, you need one spoon of chamomile flowers, fill it with boiling water and infuse it for fifteen minutes. You can use honey for sweets. Mint tea is better to brew in a thermos and give it a spit. In a half-liter of boiling water, you need to take one teaspoon of crushed wormwood. Infuse for an hour, drink fifty grams for half an hour before eating.

To remove spasm will help tea from oregano oregano. Mix one teaspoon of mother liquor with a glass of boiling water, insist for ten minutes. Drinking this tea is necessary twice a day for half a cup.

Headache with a cold will take off mint tea. Adding honey will add sweets and enhance the positive effect, but putting it in hot tea is not necessary, just wash it with tea.

In case of stress, it is possible to have tea with rosemary, two teaspoons to pour a glass of boiling water, to insist half an hour and drink a little five to six times a day. Mint can be combined with different ingredients - with rosemary, lime.

In case of headache attack, you can take baths. The average temperature of water is recommended, which will help to relax the body and normalize blood circulation. The contrast shower is very good in this direction.

You can use compress to offset the attack. You can soak your head or towel, and then wrap your head. It is recommended to take a comfortable position in the chair or lie down. It is best to make compress after a head massage or while drinking herbal tea. Usually, the relief will begin to take minutes after twenty.

When used in a complex of several folk remedies that can complement each other, long and stable remission can be achieved. But consult your doctor before using them.

Bath against headache

Bath is considered a good folk remedy for various diseases, but in the case of headache, everything may look controversial. Many bathers can have headaches after they have been taken. It does not depend on age and sex. The reasons why the head is hurt after visiting the bath:

  • Poor ventilation in the steam room, due to this may not have enough oxygen;
  • The steam cooker is equipped with stones that are not suitable for it, when heated, they release harmful substances;
  • If the stove releases carbon monoxide, poisoning may occur;
  • Heat shock;
  • Use of various oils and tinctures that can cause allergic reactions;
  • When pinching the nerve endings of the cervical spine;
  • Any diseases of the blood vessels of the brain;
  • Fatigue and overvoltage.

If a headache after visiting the bath comes from poor quality of services or arrangement of the room, then when changing the bath can all go. In this case, visiting the bath will be very useful and productive.

Correct bathing has a beneficial effect on the entire human body, but it also has a great deal of physical activity. Therefore, it is necessary to gradually prepare for bath procedures.

When visiting a bath and before it is strictly forbidden to use alcoholic beverages. Stubborn smokers may have headaches in the bath. Generally, alcohol and nicotine have a very harmful effect on human health and weaken immunity.

Before visiting a bath, it is not recommended to eat a lot, but if you still need to refresh, stop your choice of vegetables or fruits. A headache can occur if you are very tired, as a result the body experiences a very heavy heart load.

Therefore it is necessary gradually to accustom an organism to bath procedures, to regulate time of stay in steaming on the feelings. Based on this, in the presence of any illness or frequent headaches, consult a physician about the possibility to visit the bath.

You can use analgesics to relieve an attack, but it is advisable to undergo a medical examination to find out the true cause of its appearance.

Visiting a bath can be a good prophylactic or therapeutic agent for various diseases, and from headaches. It is necessary to adhere to certain rules and in case of occurrence of negative phenomena necessarily apply to the hospital. The treatment of migraines by folk remedies is recommended by many specialists.


The attitude of doctors and scientists to this method of treatment is ambiguous. But there are a lot of positive results when used. Aromatic and essential oils can affect infections and bacteria.

The following oils are very popular in this direction:

  • lavender;
  • mint;
  • lemon;
  • eucalyptus;
  • rosemary.

You can apply them in several ways. It is possible to use a mixture in the aroma or rub the oil in the temple. To prepare the mixture you need to take two drops of pine, peppermint, lemon and inhale its flavor. It is recommended to sit down in the chair and relax, you can lie down and try to fall asleep. A positive effect will come in half an hour.

Wipe in the temple the prepared combinations of oils:

  • geranium and ylang ylang, in two drops;
  • lemon, geranium, pine - 1, 2, 3;
  • rosemary, mint, eucalyptus - at 2, 2, 3.

When taking a bath, you can use an oil additive to achieve the desired effect. In this situation, orange, geranium, mint is very suitable. If in warm milk, dilute the ylang-ylang oil, nutmeg and lavender, and then pour this solution into the bath, as a result you can achieve relief of the attack.

When choosing aromatic components, it is imperative to make sure that you have no allergic reaction to any of them. Solutions of aromatic oils can be filled with cool water and moistened with a towel in it, and then used as a compress.

Such recipes have been used since ancient times, and they justify their purpose until now. In this method, there is one advantage - your body gets rid of the attack, and is not exposed to toxic substances.

Aromatherapy is a great help to relieve stress and strain, and these causes can cause migraine headaches and headaches regularly. In the absence of oil at hand you can use the plant itself, for example, leaves of mint, sprig of pine. You can inhale the scent or make a puddle and rub it in the neck or crown.

For frequent headaches and migraine attacks, it is desirable to have a bottle of oil with you and, when attacking, it is easy to breathe oil, make a head massage or walk along the street. All recipes that exist in folk medicine can be refined by you individually and individually adapted to your own body.

Healing Metals and Minerals

Many metals and minerals have healing properties and are widely used in folk medicine. But you need to know the exact cause of the onset of headache attacks in order to be able to pick up the item you need.

By themselves, stones and minerals are part of inanimate nature, so when they are formed, cosmic energy is involved. After which these stones can radiate it, and a person can absorb it. To do this, you just need to wear the element you want. There is a certain exchange of energy - the stone gives and receives, the same thing happens to a person.

Scientists read that a negative human biofield is able to convey the negative energy of a stone and in the future it will carry this information to other people.

When you get stones and minerals, you will be interested in whoever owned this thing to you and had serious illnesses. In ancient times stones could be crushed and taken inside. No such experiments are needed now.

Curative properties of stones:

  • agate is able to improve vision and affect the digestive system;The
  • diamond is able to be cured of sleepwalk, it is recommended to wear it during pregnancy;
  • amethyst cures dermatological diseases, positively affects the joints;
  • turquoise will improve eyesight, strengthen the heart;
  • hematite will cure ulcers and stop the bloody cough;
  • pomegranate will help cure jaundice, fever, diseases of the throat and stop bleeding;
  • pearl is able to remove various inflammatory processes;The
  • ruby ​​is able to relieve insomnia and restore the body's strength;The
  • carnage can be used for headache attacks, it is necessary to apply this stone to the closed eyelids, and the attack will begin to retreat;
  • topaz improves sleep;
  • amber is able to prevent headache attacks and restore body strength.

This is just a small list of stones that can affect your health.

Noble metals - gold, copper, and silver also have a lot of positive qualities, but in any case consult your physician and do not restrict your use of these tools to treat head-on attacks or normalize blood pressure. How true are these judgments about stones and minerals, you can judge after their application.

Several headache relief formulations

When using methods and methods for relieving an attack, it is imperative to take into account many factors:

  • cause its origin;
  • patient age;
  • general condition of his health;
  • presence of allergies;
  • location and time of the onset of the attack.

Assume that a headache attack has got you in the work place - try to take a short break, go out or ventilate the room. If you are sitting at your desk - stand up and shave a little. Make a massage of the neck and head. In that case, when the pain is very strong, without medication can not do.

Take the pill, and the attack will take about twenty minutes. If you have the opportunity to do without medications, use this opportunity.

If an attack takes you home, you can take a contrast shower or warm bath and lie down. In this case, to enhance the effect, you can use aromatic oils, you can add to the bath or rub in the temple. After a dream, the pain should retreat and you will be full of new forces.

At home and at work, herbal teas and broths can be widely used. Instead of traditional coffee or tea, brew the herbs in breaks between work. You can use ordinary peppermint with lemon or honey. If this becomes your habit, attacks can not start at all.

If the cause of the attacks is excessive pressure, try to brew a drink "Karkade" and drink it cool instead of tea, the pressure should stabilize, and the attacks will pass.

Exercise your body with great influence on your body, try every morning to arrange a jog or bike ride. Literally on the field of the first sample you will notice improvement of the general state of health and significantly decrease the number of headache attacks.

Learn how to get rid of stress, the way relaxation helps very well. To do this you need to take a comfortable pose, you can include very quiet soft music or sounds of nature, close your eyes and relax. This method is very effective for pain and over-the-air pain.

Choose the most optimal and effective prescription for headache attacks. But in any case, if the pain attacks are chronic or begin to bother you often, go to the hospital and complete the examination.

Headache attacks are not only drug treatments. In this situation, your good assistants may become proven folk remedies for headache, but before using them, be sure to complete a diagnosis at a medical facility and determine the correct diagnosis. It will depend on the success of your treatment.

Folk remedies for headache can be used in combination and alternately. Very often the desired result may occur after a certain period of use. But if you compare drug treatment and folk remedies, we can say that medicines can cure headache and at the same time harm your health.

With medicinal herbs and other folk remedies, you will not get such side effects. Therefore, try to use medicines only at the appointment of a doctor.

All folk methods and remedies are good ways to prevent migraine headaches and headaches, especially if they become your habit. A healthy lifestyle and proper nutrition will be a guarantee of good health and strong immunity.