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New Samsung Galaxy S7

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    Rumors of the Galaxy S7

    For a long time the Internet has a lot of rumorsabout the highly anticipated novelty - the Samsung Galaxy S7.Some rumors are so incredible that not every

    person can believe in them at all. In this article, we'll look at the most popular rumors and expected features of this device. There is information that the phone will be presented with 3 different color options of the case, as well as with different processors( depending on the market).Of course, all characteristics are based only on rumors. After all, there is still enough time for the company to have time to change them.

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    Expected Features of the Galaxy S7

    Many experts believe that the RAM of this smartphone will be in the size of four gigabytes. The same system memory will be three gigabytes. There will be different models on the market: with a permanent memory of 32 GB, 64 GB, 128 GB.This will allow you to get the best phone for your needs. It is expected that the main camera in this phone will be 30 Mp. And this is just an incredible characteristic! Also, the appearance of a front camera with parameters of 10-12 Mp is expected. This will allow you to make high quality sephi.

    There is also evidence that the Galaxy S7 will be very tight. The level of this tightness will become practically standard for many Korean flagships. The level of water resistance around the phone will be IP55.And this should not badly affect the thickness and design of the device. For many travelers, this option will be a great advantage.

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    Released date Samsung Galaxy S7

    As you know, the Internet already has a lot of talk about the upcoming Samsung novelty. There are numerous sources of information from which you can approximately talk about the date of release of a new phone. According to the latest data, we can conclude that the Galaxy S7 will launch in January. It is likely that the announcement of the smartphone will take place on January 19.

    Samsung Galaxy S7

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    Video about Samsung Galaxy S7

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