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Rottweiler parenting at home, photo and video

Rottweiler parenting at home, photo and video

Correctly organized Rottweiler education will get rid of its tedious tricks. From the first days of the appearance of a puppy in the house it is necessary to send the dog's energy in the right direction, instilling the child a basics of obedience and the necessary skills. It will have to stop such bad

habits as begging or disobedience, accustom to the toilet and walks.


  • And here you brought the puppy
  • Who is the owner of the
  • How everything happens
  • Where to start
  • Can not, then you can not
  • Slept - You can eat and eat
  • Potions - Can and go to the toilet
  • Do not have time to walk
  • Dating with the siblings
  • The manifestation of the independence of the

And now you have brought the puppy

It is a mistake to believe that the obedient and intelligent and the dog that knows and performs the learned teams. Rottweiler - capable dog, but capricious. What a sense, if the dog is familiar with the teams, but steals from the table, goes to the toilet, where he wants, shows aggression to the outside. By order, he sits down, falls down, but departing from you for a meter, ceases to obey. From such a dog you can expect anything.

It is not by chance that training dog raising is worth training. Living next to people, the rottweiler should get along with the environment and not be disappointed with anybody. This is possible if the animal knows the rules of education and can behave properly both at home and on the street. Both alone and outsiders.

Rottweiler parenting at home, photo and video

Who is the home owner of the

Rottweiler appears to be mentally and physically undeveloped. His character and habits are formed gradually, under the influence of the environment. Up to one and a half or two months his environment is a mother and a sister. It is they who influence the behavior of the baby and introduce the basic skills: go to the toilet where to belong, to eat independently, play, defend, obey the elders.

After acquiring a puppy you have to become a leader for it, which will indicate the right path. Every day, step by step, you must not only acquaint the puppy with the outside world, but also to make him the right attitude to the outside world.

Rottweiler parenting at home, photo and video

In five to six months, the Rottweiler begins to manifest its character and independence. Prior to this, you must have time to show it the limits allowed:

  • that is possible that can not;
  • how to behave on the street;
  • how to treat other animals;
  • where and when to eat;
  • where to go to the toilet and so on.

If you let it go smoothly, the Rottweiler will grow on its own and will make its own decisions, regardless of your orders. If you do not educate Rottweiler during his maturity, you will not be the leader, but your pet. As soon as the dog feels its strength, she will declare herself, and not in the most pleasant form. To learn and to tame rottweiler - the task is not easy.

Rottweiler parenting at home, photo and video

So you do not have to hide a dog from strangers, be afraid of yourself and your loved ones, you need to know how to properly raise a Rottweiler puppy.

As everything happens

Up to five or six months puppys are formed about who he is and what he should do. The child receives this knowledge from life situations, communication with you, and the subjects you encounter. While little Rottweiler has no personal experience, he has nothing to compare with what happens to him. Therefore, he perceives the knowledge gained as they are, fully trusts you.

During this time, the puppy must get the basic knowledge that will remain with him for life. What they should be, you decide. You teach rottweiler how you need it. If you allow something to him immediately, and then change his mind, explaining to the grown dog that you changed the decision, it will be difficult.

Rottweiler parenting at home, photo and video

You and your family members must build a relationship with the puppy individually. To be engaged in his education should all in turn, otherwise the dog will listen to someone else, and others will not pay attention.

It should be remembered that the puppy is a small child. He needs to be taught calmly and calmly, with rigor, but without violent methods.

Encourage your dog with good luck and praise for the correct actions. When a puppy feels that he is cared for and loved, he answers reciprocally. But do not overdo your praise and delicacies. If you constantly pamper a dog, it will grow up capricious and tedious.

In a harsh but calm voice, braw for disobedience. Also, it is allowed to slightly slide the dog on the thigh, gently take a nape and press it to the floor, lift up and shake a little, briefly shut the face with a hand.

Rottweiler parenting at home, photo and video

If you scream or beat a dog, you will eventually get a smashed or aggressive dog. Such character traits most often remain with the animal for life, because for him it becomes a norm.

Do not think that the dog specially tries to annoy you. If you have not yet fully taught the puppy what you require, then he will not understand what you want from him. You will not do anything by force, just be patient and persistent.

If you organize your puppies properly, he will not have the thoughts to conflict with you and other households. Rottweiler is ready to work with his master since childhood. This breed is familiar with the fundamentals of discipline. The main thing is to fix them in time in the memory of the dog.

Up to five or six months you have to teach the puppy to behave properly in the family, and in a society outside the home or courtyard. But your kid should know not only the rules of conduct, but also the basic commands. Handling basic teams is a solid foundation for future training.

Rottweiler parenting at home, photo and video

Where to start

For the first time, the puppy took his hands, start talking with him and name it. Klitschko is an important part of the upbringing, with which you will manage Rottweiler all his life. Later on from the intonation with which you pronounced the dog's name, she must understand what will happen next. After all, dogs can feel the mood of their master.

When you bring the baby to the house, immediately show him his place and get acquainted with him, saying "place".Puppy must get used to the native corner and learn to go there not only when he wants to rest, but also on your order. Relate Rottweiler to the site several times a day, each time repeating the "place" until it starts to do it on its own.

Rottweiler parenting at home, photo and video

Well, if puppies have toys on their place. They will help to love their corner, to go there with joy. Sometimes toys are replaced by baby siblings and deprive him of anxiety in the old house. The delicacies will also not be overwhelming, wanting to taste delicious, the puppy will run to his place with pleasure.

You can not, therefore, you can not

You are enthralled with a puppy game, and suddenly your baby starts to tear the wallpapers or bite you by the hands. Such behavior is unacceptable, without stopping these actions now, in the future you will encounter big problems. Leaving one dog at home, you can return to the "ruins."You will constantly be afraid that the rottweiler will bite you.

For such and many other occasions there are prohibited commands: "impossible", "fu".If you want rottweiler to stop the current class, use the "fu" command. Use the "can" command when forbidding the dog to do evil to you once and for all.

Slept - you can eat and eat

Rottweiler must adhere to the dietary regime and familiarize him with these rules in the first feeding. Once you have brought the puppy, it means you have determined where he will eat. Call the baby with a "me" command at a certain time, putting a bowl of food in the designated place. After fifteen minutes, clean the food.

If the puppy needs supplements during breaks between feeding, do not pay attention. Rottweiler is always against eating. Will condescend to his desire: to have a snack or feed from your table - grow a beggar. The number of meals per day and the rules for preparing a dog for this breed can be found in the article "What to Feed Rottweiler".

Rottweiler parenting at home, photo and video

During feeding you can work with the puppy team "wait", "you can".Food for Rottweiler is a good incentive for obedience. The teams "stand", "sit", "lie" can be taught both during feeding and doing dog hygiene. If you plan to expose the Rottweiler, then, in addition to the "stand" command, learn from them also "give a paw", "show your teeth".

Potions - you can go to the toilet

The first few weeks after the appearance of a puppy in your home, you will be amazed at the way with which an unobtrusive look he goes to the toilet where he wants. And the point is not that the rottweiler shows you your advantage. Just babies can not tolerate - where coughed, there, and "fattened".

Your task is to get the puppy to go to the toilet in your chosen place. Each time a baby starts to spin in one place and take a snack, place it in the tray, saying "toilet".Praise the Rottweiler, if it goes down the tray, but not by. Gradually, he will begin to do it himself. Usually, puppets go to the toilet after a dream, energetic games or well-eating.

Rottweiler parenting at home, photo and video

If the baby continues to walk past the tray, you can change the tactic. Spread everyday disposable diapers. The dog will understand that it is more convenient to go to the toilet in a warm and soft place and start to do it on the diapers. Gradually reduce their number until one tray is left with a napkin in it.

When a puppy starts to walk in a tray, he needs to be trained to do things on the street. If you do not teach Rottweiler to go to the toilet in the fresh air, he will endure the house in the walks. Slowly move the tray to the front door.

When you start outdoors, you can take the used diaper with you. A familiar smell will help Rottweiler to orientate. For the same reason, you can walk around the places where other dogs went to the toilet. After a while, remove the tray and take the puppy for walks as often as possible, at least five to six times a day. Over time, the rottweiler will start asking for the street.

Rottweiler parenting at home, photo and video

It is not time to walk

Unless a second vaccine is to be made from common canine diseases, it is recommended to practice raising the puppy at home, Two weeks after that, one can go out with a baby for a walk. Even if you live in a private home and decide to keep the dog on the street, it is better to transfer it from home to the cage no earlier than three and a half months.

However, it's impossible to keep Rottweiler in the yard forever. From time to time, you have to start the dog in the house so that it gets used to your scents and knows that it needs to be protected.

Two to three weeks before walks, begin to accustom a rattweiler to a collar and a leash. Do not forget about the muzzle. Which muzzles are suitable for rottweiler and why they are needed, you can find out from the article "Rottweiler in the cage and in the apartment."

Rottweiler parenting at home, photo and video

At first walks the puppy can behave differently than at home. It can surprise and even scare street noise. It is possible that he will run for a cat or go to get acquainted with the passersby. For the first trips to the street, choose deserted places. Rottweiler needs to be socialized, but it is necessary to start this when the puppy starts to listen to you, despite distracting factors. All the teams studied in the house, add "near", "walk", "apport".

Puppies are very emotional and interesting. By studying a new territory, a small rottweiler can pull you in different directions. If you do not want to lose control of the dog, you will have to restrain the baby's gusts. If he realizes that you are betraying you will continue to manipulate you further. To prevent the puppy from behaving as you like, use the prohibition orders and keep them in place with the help of a leash.

Rottweiler parenting at home, photo and video

Getting to Know Your

Brothers When starting a puppy completely ready to meet other animals, start walking on special dog sites. It is there that he will be able to get acquainted with his siblings, play with them. By educating Rottweiler, you can not do without such communication.

Not knowing that others' dogs need to be treated calmly or be friends with them, the rottweiler will start throwing at them. Without timely socialization, he may even start to fear them. A creepy rottweiler can not protect you, and the wicked will bring a lot of hassle.

Rottweiler parenting at home, photo and video

The manifestation of the independence of the

Even recognizing your leader, the rottweiler can afford some liberties. So he tries to show you your independence. Trying to take away the right to decide on your own, the dog suddenly ceases to obey you or does not specifically do what you command.

Do not let Rottweiler have a single chance to swap places. When you lose your wheel at least once, you risk developing an unmanaged dog that will behave badly both at home and in the community.

Only hardness, harshness and perseverance will help you overcome the manifestations of independence in the puppy and develop his habit of unquestioningly obey you. Stop stubbornly any dogbing with a "can not" command. On the walks, do not drop the puppy from the bowl until he begins to obey you unobtrusively.

Rottweiler parenting at home, photo and video

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