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How to care for fluffy cats? Methods of care for fluffy cats

How to care for fluffy cats? Methods of care for fluffy cats

How to care for fluffy cats

According to the taste and color, as you know, there are no comrades. One likes short-haired cats, another important color of the pet, others - just love. .. not for appearance. And some hosts have a special tenderness to the fluffy ones. This

can be both expensive breeding cats and simple non-females, who had to inherit a long thick wool from one of their ancestors.

This article is especially for owners of such beauties.

Care for fluffy cats

Own fluffy fur coats require special and very careful care. This is due, first of all, to the fact that all the cats, and especially the long-haired, often fade. Thanks to the rough tongue, they swallow up a large amount of wool.

Mudra nature has taken care of their children. Therefore, in cats there is a protective mechanism against the accumulation of lumps of wool in the stomach. It is well-known to all of us - the cats breed these lumps.

How to care for fluffy cats? Methods of care for fluffy cats But sometimes, for example, in the period of seasonal molting, the animal's organism may not cope with a very large amount of swallowed by licking the wool. In such cases, there may be very serious problems with the normal functioning of the digestive system.

In order to help your fluffy pet to avoid these problems and maintain their health, there are two ways that you need to combine to increase their effectiveness.

First of all - regular combing.

The more wool you pull off with fluffy coats, the less it will get its very own cat when licking. This is especially important during molting, when the cat can swallow too much of it. In such periods, combing your pet needs daily, but preferably twice a day until you see that there is hardly any wool on the comb.

Attempts to deal with misting with various supplements and vitamins are not only useless, but even harmful. Linka is a natural process that is predicted by nature. Thanks to him, the wool is updated. Therefore, it is not necessary to rape nature and to prevent this necessary for the cat's process, giving all kinds of chemical drugs. It's best to help her by scratching.

How to care for fluffy cats? Methods of care for fluffy cats A comb combiner should be chosen so that the procedure is as comfortable as possible for the cat and in no case does not cause pain. Under thick and long wool hides a thin and very delicate skin that can easily be injured. Therefore, when choosing a fodder, make sure your teeth are not sharp. They should be plastic and have rounded tips.

If the combing procedure will be enjoyable for your pet, then he will love it. And this, first of all, will make it easier for you to work.

Hurting pain at least once in the future will be difficult to "agree".

Another way to prevent the accumulation of wool in the digestive tract of a cat is to feed special malt paste .They are given on the hungry stomach and contain oils, enveloping the swallowed six and contributing to its natural removal along with digested food. Such pastes are sold at pet stores.

It is important to remember that malt-paste is effective only when the wool is swallowed a bit! With large lumps, they will not help!

That's why it's important to thoroughly and regularly shave the hair of your pet. Especially if he is tidy and often licked himself!

How to care for fluffy cats? Methods of care for fluffy cats

Beauty Requires Victims. And in our capacity to make sure that these victims are not related to the health of fluffy pets, but consisted of only small and regular spending time for care, including the purchase of the necessary funds. But this is nothing compared to the joy and love that they give us.