How to distinguish a dove from a dove: the best ways

Everyone knows what a pigeon looks like, but not everyone knows how to distinguish a dove from a dove. In nature there are 800 different breeds of this bird that differ in size, behavior, color and place of residence. In this case, each breed has its own distinction between

by males and females. The person who is interested in pigeons, for example, the breeder of this bird, is important to know all the differences. This will help in choosing bird in the bird market, accounting for reproductive capacity. After all, no one will ever want to understand once that only girls or boys live in a pigeon house.

How to distinguish a dove from a dove: the best ways When breeding and buying pigeons, it is very important to know the differences that can be identified as a poultry species.

Different approaches are used to determine the sex of pigeons. For example, by behavior( as a male is bypassing the female), sounds issued( as the dove begins to start), body structure and other features, one can easily understand where the boy is, and where the girl is. If you know all these signs, then do not necessarily be an experienced golfer to determine the sex of a pigeon.

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How to define the floor

Known ways that can be found among a few individuals of a female or male. The following features are taken into account for the determination of sexuality:

  • external characteristics;
  • pelvic bone structure;
  • behavior during the marriage period;
  • structure of the head and beak;
  • coloring;
  • sounds;
  • character.

External characteristics

In many pigeons, the head, neck and trunk of males are larger. The female's head is smaller, the eyes are convex and expressive, the neck is thin, the beak is narrow at the base, waxia is developed. It is noteworthy that in Chinese pigeon pigeons the female is larger in size than males. So it makes no sense to compare one breed from another. The external characteristics of the pigeon varieties are different, and the definition of sex only on this basis will be false.

How to distinguish a dove from a dove: the best ways Usually male pigeons are larger than females, but there are exceptions to this rule.


pelvic structure This method, unlike the other, can be more likely to be known. The main feature that distinguishes the pigeon from the dove is the pelvic bone. Two bones can be found below the chest of a bird. Their location and talk about the sexual belongings of the individual. The male bones are located so close to the
that they are practically confronted. In the females of the pigeons, this distance
is several centimeters. It should be borne in mind that females did not carry eggs with a narrow pelvis, and in males who were previously sick with rickets, because of a lack of calcium it is wide. These are rare cases that occur rarely.

If the bird raises its paws when it touches the stomach, it means it's a boy, otherwise, a girl.

Behavior during the

marriage period During the marriage period, you can also determine which of the individuals present is a dove and who is a dove. A male cares for a potential bride, and, in turn, if he takes cloakiness, he responds to his goodwill: he kisses, lets his feathers flutter, bows and nods. Pigeons are actively tightening the tail and wings, lifting feathers, and it seems that they are trying to jump on a dove. At the same time, females tend to head, raise the back of the body and issue specific sounds.

How to distinguish a dove from a dove: the best ways During the marriage period, the dude cares for his dad.

Structure of the head and the beak

To find the floor in the pigeons on the head and the beak, you need to look at the head in the profile. In the male you will see a wide neck and a massive frontal bone. As for the beak, it is steep and curved. In females, the head is more elegant and attractive than males.

If you have noticed that a dove and a dove are larger than usual at the purchase of pigeons, discard the deal. In the future there will be problems with the breeding of offspring.

In addition to the structure of the beak, the sex can be determined by the reaction to the touch of it. If you suck on a beak, the bird begins to react rather violently - before you a male, if the bird behaves calmly, it means the female.


You can distinguish the female pigeon from the plumage. In most rocks it is darker. It is interesting that this way determines the color of the future offspring.

How to distinguish a dove from a dove: the best ways It is possible to distinguish a female's pigeon from a male by colored feathers.

Voice of

It is believed that the sounds that publish the females of pigeons are different from those expressed by males. The grumbling of the gentlemen is louder and more confident, as if appealing to the opposite sex representative and the horrific competitor. In girls, the voice is deeper and more guttural. Therefore, many will think that when the doves are croaking, then a little "kartavyat".


Behavior or character is another sign that the female is different from the male. If two birds are hooked, they began to fight and show militant fervor, which means that you are male representatives. Usually they fight for the territory or potential bride. In order to make this method more effective, it is necessary to place two predicted pigeons in one box or cage for a certain time and monitor their behavior. There are cases when a female who has already got a couple begins to actively repulse the late fiance, showing her not at all a female character. In some cases, the male, having a milder character, begins to respond with bow and benevolence to the attacks of another pigeon. So this method may not always help in determining the gender, because the birds characteristic of the reaction can only be an indicator of the rigid nature of the nature.

How to distinguish a dove from a dove: the best ways A male is more aggressive than a feminine.

But still this method is still used in the bird markets. To the male( if it is reliably known that he is indeed a male), the bird is planted in a cage, in which it is necessary to determine the sex, and see how the dove will behave, or find aggression to his neighbor.

Popular method

This method is questionable, but many pigeons still use it. It turns out that the motion of the pendulum can determine who in front of us - a dove or dove. How to build it and how to define a gender? Tie a thread to a piece of copper - and the pendulum is ready. Take one bird in one hand, and hold it in the other pendulum over your back. If the copper temple rotates - in the hand of the female, if evenly swirling along the back - male.

How to distinguish a dove from a dove: the best ways You can determine the sex of a pigeon using a pendulum.


Know how to distinguish a dove from a dove, first of all, for those who are engaged in their breeding. This will allow breeders to take into account the flock and reproductive capacity. Each method, having some or other defects, can only show an approximate degree of probability, so it is recommended to use the aggregate results of each method for maximum confidence. The ability to distinguish between sexual addiction will avoid difficulties in the creation of pigeon pairs, the identification of birds with genetic and hormonal abnormalities. The methods do not show the exact result, all depends on the peculiarities of the breed, age and individual characteristics of the birds.

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