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How much is a Yorkshire Terrier: a dog, rubles, danger, history

How much is the Yorkshire terrier: dog, in rubles, danger, history

Yorkshire Terriers are small, luxurious, cute, elegant and popular dogs at present. You probably wondered what the value of such a dog would be. Read the article and you will make sure that the fee for such a nice zucchika is justified.

  • Story of the strange breed
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  • Yorkshire Terrier: the price of a baby
  • Danger of buying a puppy without documents

Yorkie - an indispensable satellite, both in mobile games and in a calm and cozy home environment, in the evening, when this magic glow will besleep on your hands. How much does the Yorkshire Terrier cost and how to buy it, we will consider in the article.

The story of the strange breed

This breed dates back to the 19th century, but still very popular. Ancestors of the Yorkshire terriers were Manchester Terrier, Skye Terrier and Maltese, famous for their special attraction.

From their ancestors, these miniature terriers have gathered only the best: tiny growth, loyalty, courage, loyalty and, of course, its luxurious long wool to the floor itself.

At the beginning of its history, the Yorkshire terriers were popular as good guards of the property of eminent people from all kinds of rodents and small predators.

For the long history of these breeds, these dogs became the object of desire as the most popular dogs, then, on the contrary, disappeared for a while, then again become popular.

From the twentieth century to now, such dogs are very popular among breeders, especially because of their small size, since an adult in York weighs only 3 kilograms, and the york mini is only 2 kg.

How much is the Yorkshire terrier: dog, in rubles, danger, history

The silky wool of these dogs does not leave anyone indifferent. Girls same york hosts like to do different hairstyles, decorating them with hairpins and bow ties.

The role of the Yorkshire terriers has also been played by the fact that many celebrities have it, because they are not ashamed to go "into people".

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Yorkshire Terrier: baby's price

So you were wondering what the value of this great puppy is in all senses. Let's look at the order.

But how much does the Yorkshire Terrier, the dog of the smallest breed, can be found in the nursery. On average, the price of a Thoroughbred Puppy of the Yorkshire Terrier or a puppet metric in breeders of this breed will vary from 35 thousand rubles or more.

Do not hurry to say that the breeders are just getting used to those who want to make such a miracle. In fact, the breeder who cherishes this breed, its purebredness, teaches puppies for breeding very large amounts of money.

Of course, it is not expensive to properly grow a mother of future children, feed her with proper nutrition, go to exhibitions, receive awards, then find a purebred dad and after growing strong children.
How much is the Yorkshire terrier: dog, in rubles, danger, history
Plus, during this pregnancy, expectant mum needs a comfortable environment, good food, and this is the key to a strong progeny. Mandatory visits to veterinarians, inoculations, registration of pedigrees - all these manipulations are worth the money, and quite small, so after a profound study of how the purebred puppies appear on the world, there should be no questions about the cost of such a baby.

But with certainty it can be said that buying a york puppy from a breeder, you are guaranteed to get a solid, healthy dog, which will not have any unpleasant "surprises" in the form of any kind of hereditary diseases.

Information about bona fide breeders can be found in dog clubs, specialized magazines and on special sites on the Internet.

Dangers of Buying a Puppy Without Documents

So we figured out how much the Yorkshire Terrier puppy is worth in rubles, but now it's worth talking about caution. On the Internet, a lot of ads about the sale of Yorkshire Terrier per puppets are almost for nothing. It happens even that they sell them for 7-10 thousand rubles.

And if you at least skipped the idea, why do I need a genealogy, because I will not carry the pet for exhibitions, but I buy just for myself, because you can save money, and here it is better to stop.

At such a low price, you are likely to buy a true companion, a great companion and a loving heart, but a completely non-thorough york, but just a fake under the rock.

After all, if the puppies of such an expensive breed are sold for a ridiculous price, it already means that this person will cheat you.

Of course, perhaps such a person and the truth live york, but kept without proper care: without walking, vaccinations, proper nutrition. In the end, such dogs can be just sick.

Again, a dog can be knit for every nibble, which is very harmful to the health and health of the puppies.

In the end, in case of improper maintenance, babies often suffer from infectious diseases, they often have worms and an unstable psyche.

If you buy such a crust, then its treatment can "fly into a penny".

There is another option, also no less common. Mom-York got pregnant from any animal, the puppies seemed to be born like mom, so they give out such crumbs for thoroughbred Yorkshire terriers.

And then such a puppy grows up and looks like a normal york. It's like that you will sell usual jewelry instead of a ring with a diamond in a jewelry store. Also goes with animals.
How much is the Yorkshire terrier: dog, in rubles, danger, history
If you still want to create a Yorkshire terrier, then it's good to know the breeder, check out all the details before you buy. Do not regret the money to buy a dog to avoid such "surprises." A good healthy dog ​​just can not and should not be cheap, remember it! It's foolish to save on yourself and your friend.

From this article you understand what the cost of a Yorkshire terrier's thoroughbred puppy. The best option is to buy a puppy from honest breeders, with a good pedigree or a puppet metric, which will have all the vaccinations, and of course, for worthy money. But you will be sure that your pet will be completely healthy and you will not need to spend much more money and nerves on his treatment, which means that you will spend a long and happy life together.