Treatment of migraines at home: symptoms, causes and treatment

From this article you will learn how to cure migraine at home without resorting to doctors. Let's talk about the types of pain during a migraine attack, as well as the symptoms of migraine and its treatment.

Treatment for migraine at home: symptoms, causes and treatment

Headaches that overcome you are called migraine. This

disease can be attributed to the Department of Neurology. When migraine headaches can be permanent or sometimes occur, sharp and infectious.


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General information

This is most often the case in one part of the head. The fact is that all these manifestations are not associated with arterial pressure, diseases of the brain.

Usually migraine has chronic manifestations. It affects about ten percent of the population. It is believed that such a disease is mostly women. Migraine can be inherited.

Migraine attacks can not attack very often - three, five times a year. May be invisible. According to statistics, this happens up to ten times a month. The course of treatment is not cheap. In this regard, treating migraines at home can help you.

Migraine manifestations interfere with the performance of official duties at work, which can lead to disability issues or the establishment of a special schedule of work.

In the course of an attack, the language may slow down, vision may get worse, a malfunction may occur in the musculoskeletal system. The tendency to manifestations of migraine symptoms can be laid at the genetic level.

Types of manifestations of migraine headache

Treatment for migraine at home: symptoms, causes and treatment In modern medicine, these forms of this disease are classified.

A classical form is called migraine with aura. She is inclined to twenty-five percent of people suffering from migraine.

From a few minutes to an hour, signs of an outbreak may begin to appear.

It is expressed in increased sensitivity to light, flashes and reactions to any stimuli. The so-called Alice syndrome is expressed in visual signs. Surrounding objects distort you, change your color, size. May even appear hallucinogenic phenomena.

After such manifestations, migraine attacks usually occur. For senses, pain can be given to the eye or neck, and it may seem that all the teeth are sore. If there is any stimulus - the pain can increase sharply.

Such attacks last from several hours to days.

There are cases of manifestations of migraine attacks without aura. During loads, pain relieves and becomes more vivid. Accompanying pain may be nausea or vomiting. The pain is felt in one part of the head. The intensity of manifestations changes.

Migraine Symptoms

To correctly diagnose, several symptoms need to be correctly identified.

Very often headache attacks are preceded by stress, very intense stress or physical activity. Migraine can also cause medications taken over a long period.

Doctors distinguish the onset of migraine. In this case, the patient may lose sight for a while or flicker will appear. Such feelings are present in both eyes. But all this does not indicate the disease of vision, but with the unstable work of the central nervous system.

It can proceed individually or with regular migraine. It's usually not very long for about half an hour. If the occipital cortex acts violently, nausea may occur. At such moments it is better not to sit down behind the wheel. Her nature is not yet fully understood.

There is another type of migraine - hemiplegic. It occurs infrequently. In this case, weakness in the body manifests itself on the one hand. How would light paralysis of muscles of the body. This type of migraine is usually inherited. To establish such a diagnosis, a medical examination using a tomograph is required.

The main reasons for its occurrence are

  • aggravates cerebral circulation;
  • vessels of the brain are poorly and unevenly expanding;
  • crashes in the central nervous system;
  • changes inside the brain vessels, worsening of the exchange of serotonin( a hormone of happiness);
  • is a sharp edema of one part of the brain.

The ways of treating migraines are very diverse. When you visit a doctor, and after a medical examination, you will be given a course of treatment. Medicines are effective, but we must not forget that there are possible side effects. It is difficult to cure a migraine.

Usually conduct prophylactic treatments to reduce the amount and strength of headaches. Therefore, the number of drugs taken is quite convincing.

Some solve problems quite simply. Take medications that are able to anesthetize and consider the problem exhausted.

Treatment Methods

I would like to talk about methods for treating migraines at home.

  • can take a tablet of paracetamol( if there are no contraindications);
  • can take a pill of aspirin( if there are no contraindications);
  • papazol can relieve an attack if it is taken at the first signs of an attack;
  • hot bath or simply soak the heads with hot water and wrap it with a towel( can give a certain effect, but the attack may repeat);
  • necessarily needs fresh air, lighting should not be annoying, try to stay in silence, sleep can improve your well-being.

When a headache develops with fever and lasts about a day, you should contact your doctor. Since this can speak of other diseases.

People who are suffering from migraine often remember techniques that have helped them to reduce their headache or duration.

First of all, at home, you will be able to create the most comfortable environment, which will help reduce the level of annoying factors.

This approach will have a very beneficial effect on minimizing the number of migraine attacks. But if these still happen, you can apply folk remedies, to eradicate them and to relieve them.

An ideal approach to treating migraines at home is to try to guess the onset of an attack. In some medical circles there is an opinion that if you fall asleep, the attack will retreat for a long time.

Your emotional background is very important in the tendency to migraine. Consult a neurologist for possible depression. Review your plans and goals, attitudes towards life in general. Perception of oneself in life.

Mayauvas torment some unresolved problems, find out how they are prioritized and relevant to you. Try to establish a mental balance. Excessive brain pressure can cause migraine attacks. Enter the habit of a healthy lifestyle.

Discard Nicotine and Alcohol. Try to lead a vibrant way of life. Be sure to stay outdoors.

Folk Medicine

  • brew leaves and stems of raspberry, you can add a little black tea;
  • attach to the sick part of the head of the lemon crust without a zither - it will be able to distract your attention or relieve headaches;
  • can be brewed on the motherboard, and use its decoction three times a day:
  • essential oil can stimulate a calming effect, especially peppermint or mulice oil( you need to rub in the temple area in one drop);
  • water compress has a relaxing effect, it can be from cool water or warm( moisten your head and wrap it with a towel);
  • during pregnancy should be very careful to use medicines and folk remedies in this case we will go to the massage of the head.

Massage you can do for yourself or ask for someone.

You can put elbows on a table, do a small breathing gymnastics and start a massage.

  • for a few minutes massage your entire head with circular motions in any direction;
  • then mentally divide your head into several parts and massage each separately, as if stretching the skin on it and a little pressing;
  • dividing the hair into the strands, pull each one in turn, to a slight pain;
  • by knocking movements with your fingertips walk all over the head;
  • massage the neck, nape to cheeks, and then face from chin to forehead( do such movements ten times, fifteen);
  • for two to three minutes massage the neck;
  • massage the neck, along the shoulders, moving to the collarbones;
  • pay special attention to the neck in the area of ​​the spine, try to feel them with your fingers, shake them with little effort;
  • carefully scrub your forehead, changing the power of influence on it, feel the appearance of warmth;
  • separately massage the temporal area.

In folk medicine, chamomile flowers are used for the treatment of migraines. Two tablespoons, pour half a liter of boiling water and insist for half an hour. Then take this infusion before each meal.

Gradually attacks of migraine will begin to retreat. Chamomile broth is stored for some time in the refrigerator, so in order to save time, it can be done for a few days.

Migraine tincture

Treatment for migraine at home: symptoms, causes and treatment For example, lime tincture. One liter of alcohol, 100 grams of lilac flowers( better white).All this put in a glass container, in a dark place and insist for at least ten days.

Assuming a migraine attack, apply a few drops on cotton swabs and rub in the temporal area. This tincture for external use.

Take lavender, mint and chamomile. All this pour half a liter of boiling water. Insist for about half an hour, strain through gauze and eat before eating.

Improve blood circulation of the brain will help the following plants:

  • arnica mountain;
  • flowering flowers are viscous;
  • wormwood is small.

Boil them one or two tablespoons a glass of boiling water for a few minutes and take usually in the morning and evening or at a time convenient for you.

In some countries, raw coffee is used at home. It is dried, then stuffed. The powder is cooked at a rate of fifteen twenty grams per glass of water. You need to take one tablespoon in the morning during the month.

Some use mummies. Make a solution and take at least fourteen days.

If you have the opportunity to sow bees on the temple. When it is planned the positive dynamics of bees can be put on the shoulder. Their total number can be no more than six. Be sure to test for an allergic reaction.

Folk methods speak of the use of common marshmallows, in order to remove the attack of migraines. Mustard need to be put on muscle caviar legs.

If you have a very pale face during an attack, you can make a warm compress on it. The countryside is a well-known recipe that is used in the form of a compress, a leaf of fresh cabbage.

Well, of course, the lemon peel. Usually, they are put on a cloth and applied to the body in the temporal region. If you will pinch and the skin reddenes nothing terrible. This is called a distracting effect.

Since the causes of headache are very different, let us dwell on one recipe. Cause migraine, maybe the wrong work of the intestine, bloating. To do this, you need to make a tincture of dill or cumin.

As a prophylactic for many diseases, do not forget to use a contrast shower. It improves blood circulation of the brain and the whole organism as a whole.

Several folk recipes

A few times a day refresh your body, namely the stomach with cool water with salt and vinegar.

Two tablespoons of grass crust pour half a liter of boiling water, then cook in a water bath for about half an hour, let it brew. Then take two to three times a day. Store the tincture in a cool place. This recipe only for patients with high pressure.

Take two tablespoons of dry mint or melissa, two tablespoons of dry coriander and pour medical alcohol( one hundred or one hundred and fifty grams), insist two to three days. At the onset of signs of an approaching attack to rub the tincture in the temple.

Here are the most common folk recipes.

Summary of results

Migraine is a disease associated with the circulation of the brain. Be sure to find out the causes and nature of the disease. Maybe it's a consequence of a chronic illness. Before engaging in self-care, be sure to consult a doctor.

Talk to him as much as it is right for you, any method of treating migraines at home. Be very responsible to phytotherapy, especially if you have other illnesses. Conduct a test for an allergic reaction. Listen to your body and you will find the best method for you.