2017 Year

New Year's drawings 2017. New year's draw for the table

New Year

The New Year is a holiday that is accompanied by jokes and good mood. That is why the New Year's drawings of 2017 should be appropriate. The more such jokes and jokes, the unforgettable will be the celebration of the New Year 2017. And to celebrate, drawings should be prepared by

in advance.

Let's take a look at what can be selected for New Year's drawings at the table.

New year's raffles to the New Year 2017.

Festive and funny jokes should only be accompanied by positive emotions. If in some games somebody falls, then this should not be a tear. Everything should go a joke.

Draw with a box without a bottom.

It is necessary to find a box of medium size and cut the bottom of it. Pre-box should be wrapped with a red ribbon and a bow attached to the top. This will give you an attractive gift. A box without a bottom should be put on some kind of shelf, which will be on the head higher. In a box it is necessary to pour confetti or paper snowflakes. We choose any guest and tell him that on the shelf waiting for him a pleasant surprise. When the guest comes to the shelf and takes a box, confetti falls on his head. The rest should only be observed. It turns out a lot of fun! The main thing - to choose a victim with a sense of humor, so that the person is not offended on such a draw.

New Year

Draw with sleeves.

You have to choose one responsible person who will help arrange this drawing. While guests are sitting at the table, someone should go to the room where all the outerwear is. The bottom line is to sew one thread by one sleeve. When guests begin to get home and start dressing, they will not understand at first what is going on and why they can not get their hands in their sleeves. At first everyone will think that alcohol is to blame for everything. And only then will they be guessing what is really happening.

Draw with boiling water.

Such a draw is most convenient at the time of the celebration of the New Year in 2017, when guests are going to drink tea. For this joke you need two teapots. The protagonist must pre-select a victim for a draw. The victim should have an excellent sense of humor to appreciate the joke. Before tea, one kettle is set to boil, while in the other it simply gets cold water. The victim should sit in a place at the table so that she could not escape immediately. The room enters our hero and holds both teapots in his hands. And he keeps them with towels, making it clear to the guests that the water is very hot. And with the words "Carefully boiling water" sharply puts a teapot with cold water on the victim on his knees.

New Year

All of this, of course, fun, but it's worth drawing once again attention to the fact that the victims of the drawing should be with a good sense of humor, with strong hearts and nerves. Otherwise, it may end up in insults and bad mood.

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