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Easy exercises for weight loss in the abdomen and at home

Some of the most problematic areas in the female body are the sides and stomach. Here we are hated by the calories that turn into unattractive fat rollers. To bid farewell to them, it's also important to continuously perform light exercise for

for weight loss and side effects at home.

Slender waist

Clear and slim waistline - the dream of all girls and ladies without exception. It's easy to achieve, the main thing in this case is not to go through a thin line and not to pump muscles. If this happens, you can forget about the aspen waist, instead you will get a strong twisted torso.

Easy exercises for weight loss in the abdomen and at home


The most light and very burning fat burning exercises are deep slopes to the sides, they can be performed in a variety of variations. They are also actively used in many asanas of yoga.

Easy exercises for weight loss in the abdomen and at home

  • Stand firmly, but at the same time try to relax, straighten your shoulders well, put your feet on one shoulder line.
  • Perform clear and coherent slopes right and left. It is important that they are strong and sharp, they can alternate with diagonal inclines. To fulfill them, it is necessary to stretch not only to the side, but a little forward at an angle. The more intense the extraction, the better you do the charge.
  • It is necessary to move on an exhale quickly and funly. It is best to form a small complex for yourself. You can start with 20 slopes. When the body becomes accustomed, run the set two times in a row. When such a load will be small, then increase the number of repetitions for another set.
  • Talasana or out of palm trees with a slope of

    This asana is taken from classical yoga and slightly interpreted, for quick burning of fat on the sides.

    Easy exercises for weight loss in the abdomen and at home

  • Straighten like a string, put your leg under your shoulders. Clear the mind from strange thoughts and stay in this pose, feeling your breath.
  • Pull your arms to the ceiling, inhale on full breasts and bend to the right so that the right arm stretches along the trunk, and the left rushes diagonally upwards and exhales. Drag the muscles along the entire length.
  • It is important to breathe correctly while performing this asana. Smooth breathing and the same exhale. On the exhalation, lean, and on the breath accept the initial posture. Stay in asanas from 1 up to 3 3 minutes on each side.
  • Another Effective Exercise

    Sturdy and Beautiful Press

    Another critical area in the female body is the tummy zone. There are many complexes with which you can make a good press. Here are the easiest physical exercises out of them that will help to achieve this goal.

    Easy exercises for weight loss in the abdomen and at home


    The ideal tummy starts with healthy, durable back muscles. To train them and burn fat in the abdomen, there is a stunning and very effective static exercise - a horizontal strap.

    Easy exercises for weight loss in the abdomen and at home

  • Lie down on the floor down your stomach, put your hands exactly under your shoulders and climb. Place the body so that there is burning in the area of ​​the press, but with this the back should be absolutely straight and even. The foci rests on the fingers. Soles and hips should be in constant stress.
  • Always breathe evenly and deeply. Feel how your body warms up. For beginners it will be enough for one minute, when you feel ease increase the time to two - four minutes.
  • Video Tutorial One of the Best Exercises for the Press


    Another burning and effective rule are scissors. By doing so, you will soon see how the stomach is dying.

    Easy exercises for weight loss in the abdomen and at home

  • Position exactly on the back. Raise your head and shoulder belt, while stretching your arms diagonally upwards. Cross all the time aspiring to the floor, keep your feet even, if hard, then bend them.
  • Align the legs one by one so that the hands touch them. When lowering your leg, make sure that it does not lie on the floor. Do not drop your head.
  • Breathe smoothly and calmly. The more active you are, the more efficient the fats will burn. Do three approaches. Start with ten repetitions for one run, gradually increasing them to 30.
  • Finally

    Work on yourself and your figure is not easy work and its result will only be visible if you have to carry out the charge constantly, not missing a single day.