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Women's Fashion at aliexpress 2017 new photos

According to the Russian representation of AliExpress, the fashion is one of the most popular categories on the site, and most of the buyers of clothing, footwear and accessories is from Russia. For example, in 2016, 60% of gross sales of sellers had to be for women's clothes purchased by Russian

users. What is the secret of the success of the Chinese site in our country?

Women It's a matter of course, in a huge assortment and low prices. Mark Zavadsky, director of platform development in Russia, says: "AliExpress opens a world of shopping for every woman, regardless of her income level and the city in which she is located. AliExpress products are more competitive, even with delivery, than similar products available on the Russian retail market. "


Autumn fashion on aliexpress 2017 trend photos novelties

So, the main directions of the style of 2017 will become:
Style Booho - characterized by patchwork, it is Mexican jackets, dresses and sundresses with ethnic motifs, bright, multi-colored coats, cozy yarn. A great example of this style is presented at Alyexpress, the Artka store.

Style Retro - so in the 70's, it is a shoe pants, an oversized waist, abstract prints, an emphasis on details( buttons, earrings, buckles).
Gothic - classic black in all.

Women Minimalism - Use as little detail as possible. Only monochrome gamma, without the effect of multilayer, without superfluous decoration.
Baby doll style - an image in a doll style. Short dress of delicate shades with high collar, in addition to lace, vegetative or geometric print is allowed.
Victorian style - the preference is given to bright colors, lush bows. To complement the image of brooches, collars. Volume and Layeredness in the image as the embodiment of this era.

Women General tendencies are directed to use of various prints and ornaments, brilliant fabrics and accessories to them. Actual "Beast Print".Now imitating a leopard on a coat and shoes, as well as hats in a three-dimensional image. The stripes, the chess board, the big cell will again be at the peak of fashion. This is an everyday classic image.

Women Trouser suits - a variety of styles in collections this fall to the joy of business lady and office workers. Tweed jackets, as well as leather, suede and velvet for trousers, dresses, skirts get a new look with different decor elements - deep cutouts of various shapes, large buttons, custom-width belt, collar collar, deep pockets, more often overlay, decoration and fringe decoration, the division of the asymmetric shape, the variety of rhubarb, the flames and the bulky sleeves.

Women Top clothes - in fashion furs and trim from it. The sleeves of fur - a special chic. The fur is offered in bright colors - red, green, pink. And also the coat in the floor, bushletes, blown short jackets, sheepskin coats. Geometry does not tire to pursue and finds expression in Coat A-silhouette, dress-trapeze. Lovers of unusual styles - Dolce & Gabbana coats. All these autumn trendy trends can already be found on Ali among the products of the category "Clothes" from Chinese sellers and, of course, in a hurry to order to keep up with the fashion and even the cool, damp autumn weather to walk in warm and comfortable clothes, while staying stylish!


Trendy brands for aliexpress 2017 how to look for

Here is a main list of the most popular brands and search links on the site Aliexpress, passing with it you will fall into the catalog with the right brand.

  • Abercombrie &Fitch - AF
  • Adidas - Adey, Adi, Addas, Adidas, Adidas
  • Apinestars - A Stars
  • Asics - ASKS
  • Burberry - Bur, Berry
  • Calvin Klein - CK
  • Chanel - CC
  • Columbia - MBia, Core


  • Diesel - Die, Dies, Diezel, Dsl
  • Dsquared - DSQ, D2
  • Ecko - Rhino
  • Emporio Armani - AX, EA, ARMA
  • GAP - GAP, GAP
  • Hollister - HCO, Holistes
  • Lacoste - Crocodile, Croc, Lac
  • Louis Vuitton - LV
  • Mizuno - MZ
  • Michael Kors - KORSS


  • New Balance - N Shoes
  • Nike - NK
  • Oakley - OK
  • Prada - Pra, Prad, Prd
  • Puma - PIMA, PM
  • Ralph Lauren - RL, LAUR


  • Ray-Ban - RB, Ban
  • Reebok - rbk
  • Tommy Hilfiger- Tommis
  • Victoria Secret - VS, V Secret, Secret, VS
  • Vans - Vans
  • Yves Saint Laurent - YSL
  • Zara - Zar, Za


Fashion jewelery on aliexpress 2017 photo novelties

Having only a couple of bucks in your pocket or on a card, you canFill your cosmetic bag with jewelry completely. It's no secret that almost all jewelry in the world is made and made in China, and also such joy as necklace, earrings, bracelets, rings, brooches, accessories for jewelry, necklaces with stones, bright jewelry can be bought at Alyexpress and everythingRussian, well, and free access to the whole world, including countries such as Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Ukraine and.etc.

Women At Aliexpress, it's not hard to find fun beads that will emphasize your shape and style, and some can be worn "solo" without additional accessories. Necklace is easily decorated not only with any evening dress, but also your everyday outfit, which essentially completely updates you. Definitely cheaper than Alyexpress, necklaces can not be found, and the assortment is simply impressive, you can watch for hours.

Women Decoration is such a thing that adorns a girl, no matter how steep. The most popular are hair jewelry, although there are whole sets of jewelry. Here you can see a directory of haircuts on Alyexpress, hairpins, hairpins, rims with stones or ears, and much more. In a women's wardrobe, earrings play an important role, they never have much.

Women It is very important to pick the right earrings right under your desired outfit, neckline or evening dress. Alyexpress has a huge assortment of different earrings, the eyes literally run out. We recommend that you use sorting by rating and number of orders, so that you can immediately see the most interesting and interesting models.


Fashionable clothing aliexpress 2017 photo novelties

Clothing on Aliexpress can be the most varied, but one thing is clear: it is always fashionable, high quality and corresponds to world trends! It is not necessary to think that clothes and China always have low quality and not standard sizes. The main thing is to be able to choose the right way, my favorite model and style, to buy the help of our site, having received a discount up to 90%.

Women It is very easy to make purchases on AliExpress, especially since it can be done with credit cards or other money systems. If you have ordered clothes on Alyexpress and it has not come to you, the seller will help solve this problem, the main thing is not to be afraid and to write them in English. In order not to miss the size of the clothes on AliExpress, it is better to make all measurements and send them to the seller, who can tell you what size you better buy. However, there are occasions when there is no such opportunity, and if you translate your parameters into size, remember: the number of centimeters received must be divided by 2.54.


So, it turns out that if your waist circumference is 70 cm( divide by 2.54), this figure is 27.5 inches - the size. However, there are also small measurements, so it's best to clarify this question from the seller. The sizes of dresses on Alyexpress are easier to choose - they are usually sewn from stretch fabrics, which clearly lies in the figure. However, it is important to take into account the position of the waist, fit your model to your height - it will determine the size.


Fashionable dresses on aliexpress 2017 photo popular patterns

Dresses are an integral part of any women's wardrobe. Moreover, lately fashionable shows proclaim the triumph of elegance and femininity as opposed to a comfortable sports style. If the classic little black dress is tired of you and I want to pick something more distinct - it's time to do it based on the latest trends that promise to be relevant in 2017.

Women At aliexpress, buy dresses, as well as other elements of women's wardrobe does not work. This trading platform has a wide range of products, affordable prices and a simple interface. Buy a dress on aliexpress can be any color, fabric and style. This site will look fashionable and feminine. Even the most capricious fashionista will find on the aliexpress a black dress, as reported by well-known M. Monroe. Here you can find the outfit, ranging from retro style and ending with models from the latest fashion shows. And in order to correctly select the sizes of dresses for aliexpress the table will become a good assistant.