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Ointment with propolis from hemorrhoids

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Ointment with propolis from hemorrhoids

Most people, in the face of the problem of hemorrhoids, try to treat themselves on their own. For this purpose, they actively use popular methods and means. One of the most effective drugs that

can prescribe to you, even a doctor, is an ointment with propolis.

Effect of propolis

What is useful propolis and how does it affect the inflammation of hemorrhoids and is characterized by itching in the disease? Propolis is a valuable beekeeping product that has a lot of useful properties:

  • decontamination;
  • anesthesia;
  • relieves inflammation.

With propolis, you can get rid of many problems, including hemorrhoids. Any drug containing propolis gives the effect of an analgesic. It effectively relieves pain. That is why, as soon as the patient has the first symptoms of hemorrhoids, the doctor most often prescribes ointment or candles with propolis.

Due to the healing components that contain propolis, it quickly passes:

  • itching and burning;
  • swells appendix;
  • hemorrhoidal nodes are dried.

With the manifestation of hemorrhoids in the form of bleeding, wounds and cracks, it is this ointment that can stop the appearance of blood, and will also help to heal the tissues. Quite often, the doctor prescribes drugs with propolis based on the fact that it stops the development of bacteria and infections in inflamed areas.

In the period when hemorrhoids appeared, you can also use propolis. For example, the infusion of this healing substance thins blood, and therefore, it will not be so much stagnant in hemorrhoids. Preplastic oil, which is taken on an empty stomach in the morning, is good. It will promote better bowel work and consequently problems with constipation will go away to the background.

Effective Hemorrhoids

Ointment with propolis from hemorrhoids

Propolis is one of the effective ways to help get rid of hemorrhoids at early stages as well as in later stages. It is actively used for the manufacture of oils, candles and ointments. For the manufacture of rectal suppositories, propolis and cocoa butter are the most commonly used, which helps to soften inflamed wounds and increase tissue regeneration. Sometimes they make a medicinal product that includes olive oil. It is also characterized as an excellent healing substance.
Most often for the treatment of hemorrhoids, the doctor prescribes a complex of remedies. These are special rectal suppositories, ointments, lotions and sedentary baths. It is worth saying that the seat can be done as soon as itching and burning appear, but the disease has not yet completely manifested itself. It is very good to use cool water. Incidentally, there you can add a teaspoon of propolis tincture. The

Ointment is best used after a bowel movement or cleansing enema. Before this, put a candle with propolis, and apply a thin layer of ointment from the top. A similar treatment will help to heal quickly and relieve all symptoms of the disease.

Treatment with propolis

As soon as the first sign of the disease appears, you should contact a specialist who can help with the problem. The doctor can prescribe complex treatment using candles, ointments, and hemostatic drugs. If the doctor prescribed for the treatment of propolis based preparations, the ointment and candles can be purchased already in the pharmacy. If you want to know what is included in their composition, then you can do it yourself at home.

Spreads from hemorrhoids with the addition of propolis can be prepared as follows:

  • A small amount of petroleum jelly, natural wax or cocoa butter must be melted in the water bath.
  • Then add 15-20 gr.propolis
  • After cooling, the finished mixture should be poured into molds and put into a refrigerator.
  • Treatment of hemorrhoids with such suppositories takes about 10 days. It is necessary to set up one thing per day and it is desirable for the night. Due to the components, they quickly relieve itching, inflammation and heal wounds.

If your doctor recommends using propolis based ointment, then you can always make it yourself. To cook ointment from hemorrhoids is quite easy and simple. To do this, you need to bring only 100 grams of butter or animal fat to a boil and add the grated propolis( 10 grams) to it. After cooling the mixture can be used to treat cracks, wounds and inflammation of hemorrhoids. It well eliminates itching and discomfort during emptying.

Ointment with propolis from hemorrhoids

A doctor may also advise the use of propolis and tincture butter. Tincture helps to improve blood circulation and eliminates the stagnation of venous blood, but the butter will allow the work of the intestine. Tinctures can be purchased at the pharmacy or supplemented with alcohol. At the same time, his insistence will take about a week. To make such a healing mixture based on propolis, it is necessary to shred 20 gr.add the olive oil( 100 g) to it. Then the mixture should be warmed up for an hour in a water bath, then strain through a gauze several times. You can use this oil for the treatment of cracks. To do this, you can simply attach to the anus, a small swab saturated with this mixture. Oil also helps to eliminate itching and burning during inflammatory processes and helps to more effectively regenerate tissues.

In this case, the doctor should warn that there may be an allergic reaction to this healing product of apiculture. Therefore, it should be used without fanaticism.

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