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It is better to wash your kitten eyes, or Clean Eye surgery

It is better to wash your kitten eyes, or Clean Eye surgery The eyes of little kittens always attract attention - big, clear, a little surprised, they make the faces of the kids magically touching. Kittens are born blind, their eyes are tightly closed. They begin to open about the second week of their life, and they open up to the

on the tenth-twelfth day. In all, without exception, kittens eyes first have a grayish-blue color, which over time gradually transforms into the final, characteristic of this breed - emerald green, amber or blue.

In order to always look at the world of the baby always remained healthy and fun, after him to take care - to wash the kitten eyes. In a full-fledged cat family, all the care for baby hygiene, including the hygiene of the eye, takes on a mother-cat - she without tired poured out the offspring in a damp rough language. Cat litter has a bactericidal effect, so licking not only clears the kitten of a kitten, but also prevents the development of infections. Having grown up, the kitten is accustomed to wash himself, wiping his face and eyes soaked with saliva with a paw.

However, in some cases, kittens may need extra eye care. Increased lacrimation, hard crust and various painful discharge( including purulent) can be caused by inflammatory eye diseases and other causes, including:

  • conjunctivitis
  • keratitis
  • corneal injury
  • eye contact with foreign body
  • eye contact with chemicals
  • Allergy

It is better to wash your kitten eyes, or Clean Eye surgery

Causes of Acne in

Cats Fighting eyes can be a symptom of such terrible infectious diseases as chlamydia, rhinotracheitis, kaliciavir and others. That is why it is so important not to delay visiting a veterinarian in the first manifestations of ill-being. The doctor will diagnose and prescribe the necessary medications, but the eyes will not need to be used by the kitten in any case. This procedure will require you to be careful and specific, so it is better to prepare for it in advance.

Eye Care

First you need to decide on the choice of a rinse solution: it will depend on the severity of the condition of your pet's eyes. Solutions can be divided into two groups - neutral, that is, intended for the hygienic treatment of eyes and prophylaxis, and therapeutic, which are used in the complex therapy of various serious pathologies. If the extraction from the eyes is negligible - you can bypass the weak solutions of manganese or boric acid, as well as use the broths of chamomile or calendula. Even ordinary boiled water will fit. Rinse the cat's eyes with tea brewing is not recommended.

If there are thick purulent discharge from which the eyelids are glued, then more powerful agents should be used: furatsilin, chlorhexidine, various antibiotics or some preparations of the homeopathic series, for example, aconite or belladonna.

Good results are obtained by rinsing with a physiological solution at a concentration of 0.9%, as well as a complex immuno-globulin Vitafel.


kitten's eye procedure. For washing, you will need clean gauze wipes or cotton wools - a few pieces on each eye.

Once you have collected everything you need to catch and fix the animal. A kitten is best wrapped in a towel so that he can not scratch you. Get ready for a desperate resistance - cats hate any manipulations and defend their freedom in all ways. It is better if someone will help you, holding the head of a kitten.

By preparing the "patient", you can begin the operation "Clean eyes".Wipe the napple with warm solution and gently remove the sintered crust. Then prepare a new napkin, abundantly soak it in solution, remove the eyelids of the baby with the thumb and index finger and rinse carefully with caution from the outer corner of the eye to the inside. At the outer corner of the eye, slightly remove the napkin so that the solution falls on the conjunctiva and distributed over the glazique. At the end of the procedure, wet the eyes with one more napkin - clean and dry. One can use a single-use syringe without a needle to rinse with a solution directly under the eyelids. However, this method is better not to apply to inexperienced cat owners, since it requires certain skills.

It is better to wash your kitten eyes, or Clean Eye surgery

When releasing a miserable mischievous sufferer to freedom, treat him with a drop of delicacies, so that he has at least one pleasant memorization of the postponed procedure. Maybe next time he will take her a bit more calm.