Pentagine from headache


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Pentalgin relieves cramps and quickly cope with pain. This is an effective remedy of a recognizable green color rather long

being considered one of the best pain relievers.

Pentagine from headache

The stronger the medicine, the more it has contraindications and side effects. In this regard, Pentalgin is an absolutely balanced drug - it no longer has codeine, but its effectiveness has slightly decreased.

With a dizziness with its help it is impossible to cope, but here the headache or migraine retreat practically instantly. The drug contains caffeine, drotaverin, paracetamol, phenyramine and naproxen - that is, it contains the most effective and powerful components against pain. It is available in packs of two, six, ten and twelve pills.

The action of pentalgina

Due to its composition, pentalgine helps with headache very well, as well as it has anti-inflammatory, antipyretic antispasmodic effect. It acts directly on the central nervous system, suppressing the process of developing hormones of pain in it and stimulating the body temperature equalization.

Since there is caffeine in pentalgin, after the administration of drugs, the patient develops blood vessels, increases efficiency, drowsiness, increases the effect of analgesics on the body. Another very useful substance - drotaverine - relieves cramps, so pentalgin can be drunk in any form of pain.

Dosage of pain-relieving

Due to the powerful effect, the maximum dose of Pentalgina from headache is limited to four tablets per day. A normal reception is no more than a pill three times a day, as the effect is often achieved on the first pill.

The course of treatment with pentalgin as an antipyretic agent is three days, as an analgesic - five days.

Overdose with pentahulin

If the dose has been exceeded, the following symptoms may occur:

  • Pale;
  • Lack of appetite;
  • Abdominal Pain;
  • Heart rhythm disturbance;
  • Rise in temperature;
  • Vomiting and Nausea;
  • Headache and dizziness;
  • Frequent toilets;
  • Trembling in the hands and feet;
  • Liver Dysfunction.

Overdose does not appear immediately, the most serious signs may appear on the second day after taking an overdose. In the most severe cases, there may be pancreatitis, tissue necrosis, coma and even death, so you need to follow the instructions exactly. At the first signs it is necessary to wash the stomach of the patient and enter acetylcysteine.

Interaction with other medicines

Because of the possibility of intoxication, it is not necessary to take pentalgine with hypnotics, antidepressants, alcohol. It neutralizes levodopa and drugs for the normalization of the kidneys, and greatly enhances the action of substances that dilute blood.

Doctors also prohibit taking it with Furosemide, Difluanil, Primidon. If you take the drug together with birth control pills, the caffeine content in the body will increase. Because of this, excessive irritation of the central nervous system is possible, so it is worth not only refusing the aforementioned drugs, but also drinking caffeine.

Codex-containing medicines under the prohibition of

Pentagine from headache
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Side effects of

During and after taking pentalgina, the following effects are possible:

  • Various allergic reactions to components;
  • Blood composition and coagulation disorders;
  • Excessive stimulation of the central nervous system - dizziness, insomnia, anxiety;
  • Heart rate disturbance;
  • Sharp increase in blood pressure;
  • Violation in the work of the digestive tract - constipation, pain, nausea and vomiting;
  • Abnormal kidney function;
  • Violations of the sense organs.

If side effects are pronounced or exacerbated and the patient is exposed to any reaction from the body not described in the instructions, medical treatment should be sought immediately.


Pentalgin is contraindicated in pregnant or nursing mothers, minors, patients with ulcers in the gastrointestinal tract, with internal bleeding, asthma, polyps, sensitivity and intolerance to aspirin.

As with all analogues, Pentalgina has contraindications for use in persons with cardiac, renal, hepatic insufficiency. You should not take it and those who have recently undergone surgery on the heart and blood vessels, suffering from blood diseases.

Caution and under the supervision of a physician are treated with the drug diabetics, ulcers, epilepsies, elderly people.


Pentagine from headache

The price for Pentalgin can be very different, depending on the number of pills and varieties. Ordinary tablets are cheap enough, but those who have consoles H, FS, ICN, and others containing prescription codes and are much more expensive.

Price per pentagene varies depending on the number of pills in the package - the more they are, the higher the cost of the package. A couple of pills can be purchased for only 50 rubles, and a large pack of 12 pills are sold for 200 rubles. The only justification for such a high cost is unquestionable efficiency and speed.


"After a new law on drugs for the Pentalgin non-prescription drug, codeine has disappeared. Naturally, immediately the effectiveness has fallen - if the headache helps normally, something more serious for him is not feasible. Oddly enough, the price for all these changes remained the same - the sky-high, from 200 rubles for a big pack. "

" Suddenly learned that there are several types of Pentalgin - normal, N, iscian, fc and so on. What is the difference - I do not understand, I buy the usual, it helps me very well, even with migraines, and dysmenorrhea is removed at a time. Side effects, however, are too much, but it is better to suffer from nausea from the pill than to let the head hurt to nausea. "

" With great surprise, he learned that Pentalgin has risen in price and is now sold for prescription by a doctor. Why? What is in these pills that they have been supervised by? And the prices for Pentalgin screwed up, before 60 rubles could be bought. And now the pharmacy does not come without hundreds. "