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Exercises for slimming legs and hips in the home

Want to shine with slender legs and a sophisticated silhouette of the inclined hips? Then it is urgent to take note of the burning exercises for slimming legs and hips in the home.

Set "Prat Gap In 5 Minutes"

Many women accumulate fat in this place on the hips,

, but you've quickly made good progress with hateful "ears" with this simple set. Each new kind of movements must be performed in half a minute at a dynamic pace and without short stops. Having done one immediately start the next, just so your muscles begin to "burn".When this set will be given to you easily, lift or triple the number of approaches.

Exercises for slimming legs and hips in the home

Machi - Option # 1

Lie down your face and fold your forearms. Slightly bend your leg right, and another do the waves stubbornly up and smoothly down, lightly touch your fingers to the floor. After thirty seconds, proceed immediately to the second stage.

Exercises for slimming legs and hips in the home


Left to the right. Focus rigid emphasis on the elbow, and place your left arm ahead of yourself. Lower leg in the same position. Bend the top and let it move forward a little forward. Shorten your buttocks and straighten your knees a bit by pushing back. It is important to keep an eye on the flat waist and tightened press.

Detailed video lesson on performing the same exercise on the bench

Machi - option number 2

Lie on the side so that the right side is on the floor, with the right hand should support your head. Detach the main leg thoroughly and make the waves up and down without touching the floor. The upward movement must be done so high, until the buttocks reach a certain contraction.

Exercises for slimming legs and hips in the home

Step-by-step instruction for performing this exercise

Vertical waves

Lie on your back, cross legs so that they become perpendicular to the back of the lumbar. Cut your feet upright, raise them no thirty degrees and lower them without touching the floor. Do not swing your body and do not bend in the back.

Exercises for slimming legs and hips in the home

Rest and long-awaited stretching

If all stages are correct, you will feel burning to remove it, you can make a short stretch. To do this, tell the main leg to the right so that you can grab it with the extreme hand. Place the shoulder belt on the floor and slide your left arm as far as possible in the opposite direction so that you feel a pleasant muscle tension. Repeat these light and effective weight loss exercises for another leg.

Exercises for slimming legs and hips in the home

Slim legs in 5 minutes

This mini set for full pads is so simple that it is possible for every lady, however, these physical weight loss exercises contain a foundation that performs qualitatively and can always achieve tremendous results. Just like in the past set, every move needs to be done vigorously and vigorously.

Stretched Batman

Standing on the back, with a solid emphasis on both elbows, bend your lower leg. Make a smooth, but clear movement of the working foot up with a stretched foot, and down with a shortened. Follow the batman with the effort, so that the tricuspid muscle is felt.

Exercises for slimming legs and hips in the home

Batman with a reduced step

Exercise is similar to the first, only now you need to cut your foot when lifting your leg and pulling it down while moving.

Batman for the inside of the thigh with an elongated foot

Without changing the position of the body, cut the foot so that the heel is stretched up to the limit. Legs are equal. If you do everything right, then literally in five to ten reps you will feel how the lazy muscles of the inner side of the thigh have joined the work.

A lot of exercises for the inside of the thigh

Batmange for the inside of the thigh with the reduced step

Now just cut your foot and continue vigorous movements.

Rest and long-awaited stretching

If you do everything right and at a fast pace, then after two-hour workout you will feel how well the heat and the triangular muscles and muscles of the inside of the thigh have been pumped up.

Exercises for slimming legs and hips in the home

Lie on the right side with a rigid emphasis on the elbow. Tilt your right foot and back to the left. With your left hand, take her by the shin and gently pull, hold the light stretch. Repeat five steps for another leg. To make the fun perform more fun and at a pace, pick up dynamic music. Under such a fun background, you will not even notice how hard the workout was.

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You need to complete these home complexes together and in a day. Do not do it every day - only you will be mocking yourself, because exercises for weight loss are very good and after the first day of muscle training you will be ill so that it will be difficult to walk, not to train. This is a measure of how high-quality you are doing these mini-complexes. Do not miss the charge, because after forgotten training from your body you will not get the desired return.