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We choose corner pencil case for the bathroom

Enjoy the comfort of the bathroom as much as possible, but not everyone can boast large room sizes. Most important in this case, learn how to properly dispose of the room, fully use the available space. The bath should make the

look attractive, contemporary and fit in almost everything, so that the owners were comfortable to use the room everyday. Therefore, it is important to pick up the furniture, so that it combines almost all the claimed requirements, while having an interesting look. Of course, this issue can be solved using an interior corner corner pen.

It is not always possible to arrange bathroom space as much as possible, and, choosing furniture, it would be desirable that it was not only beautiful but useful. In this case, buy a pencil case for the bathroom, and he will solve simultaneously a lot of problems as purely aesthetic, and functional. What is the bathroom case? This is a corner cabinet, consisting of various functional departments and boxes for storing the necessary items in the bathroom, things. These are cosmetics, towels, bathrobes, hair dryers and other used in such premises, household appliances.

What are the pencil cases?

Given the small size of the bathroom cabinets-pencil cases are not cumbersome, they are tailor-made for such a modest in size space. Therefore, you do not have to release a lot of space for them. This kind of furniture is fairly considered compact. For maximum convenience, the foam covers are equipped with universal doors, which can open from right to left and vice versa. This unique furniture feature allows you to place the cabinet anywhere.

Angular pencils are especially popular, with a universal door. Usually, the angle in the bathroom to take nothing, valuable space is not used in any way. It is here that the perfect option is a corner pencil case. Having decided to buy this useful furniture item for your bathroom, you were faced with a difficult choice. What is a pen holder to buy, what to look for?

We choose corner pencil case for the bathroom

First and foremost, you should be interested in the quality of this item, as well as the size of the boxes and departments, their number. Not the last place are indicators such as design, color gamma. After all, they should be harmoniously combined with other furniture in the bathroom, with plumbing, accessories. There are different styles of bathroom design. It can be classic, rural, ethnic, and other styles. The pen is easy to execute in one of them( order or buy ready).

If the bathroom has little space

Even in the smallest bathroom, there is always a place to comfortably install a fashionable corner pencil case for the bathroom and thus place the best things in the best way. You do not have to arrange all items in the hanging cupboard over the sink, fearing that it will not survive and collapse. Where to start? Look at the corners, because they are empty, and the total area is not enough. Even the smallest corner is the perfect place to put a special model of the cabinet-pencil, designed specifically for this area.

It is important that the corner pencil is ideally "lifted up" in the smallest bathroom, and its external appeal is in no way inferior to rectangular classic models. What to look for when buying a corner pencil case? First of all, check the quality of the assembly, pay attention to fittings for assembly, reliability of legs, hinges and other details.

We choose corner pencil case for the bathroom

It is best if the assembly will be carried out by professionals at the place of installation of the bathroom pencil case. As you know, the durability of furniture is due to the quality of the assembly. The pencil for the bathroom is of great interest, as it miraculously accommodates a lot of things, and almost does not occupy space and absolutely does not interfere with anyone. We are accustomed to the fact that an ideal bathtub should be a bridge for everything to be there, without which we do not conceive of our lives. This is a washing machine, a shower cabin or a bathtub, linen baskets, bedside tables and shelves.

How to put personal things in the bathroom?

And how to be a mistress, when you need to put some spare shampoos, personal care products, towels and more? Planning for modern apartments does not always take into account the following factors. The laconic and modest pencil may come in handy, as this option has a good shape, so it frees a lot of space, while allowing you to have everything at your fingertips.

At present, furniture manufacturers produce different models of corner pins that fit the tastes of the most demanding consumers. Therefore, you always choose the desired color scheme and the shape of such furniture. When choosing a pencil it is better to give preference to products, executed taking into account modern technologies, on European equipment.

In addition, the cornice can be ordered individually, it is engaged in many companies. Experienced professionals will embody your dream of reality, you will be able to create a bathroom on your own project. You can buy both a corner pen and a whole set of furniture. Usually it consists of a sink, a countertop with a tablecloth and a pencil case.

Features of the

Toolbox Choice It is decided to equip the bathroom, make it more modern and at the same time comfortable. This means that you want to buy a pencil case for the bathroom and, most likely, corner construction. Where to start your search? Determine the size of the product you need. In this case, everything is important - height, depth of shelves, side of the door opening. In addition, the pencil for the bathroom can be made from linen basket or without it.

If this bathroom furniture is equipped with a basket, it is in the lower part of it( attached with screws to the door).How does it look like in action? The opening of the lower door is made frontal, approximately 45 °, with the basket. The pencil is equipped with drawers: if this is a classic version, then this box is in the singular. The reliability and quality of the design of the guides provides trouble-free operation of the corner pencil case.

The bathroom corner corner pencil case has 3 legs that can be adjusted to align the pencil vertically and horizontally. To ensure that the weight of the pencil is evenly distributed, the installation of the legs is carried out as widely as possible. Basically, for the manufacture of pencils used chipboard, from it also made and other furniture for the bathroom, shelves, walls of the economy class. The coating is made with PVC film, which is environmentally friendly, has wear resistance, ergonomics, is not afraid of scratches.

Which model is better?

Everyone understands that the pencil is the perfect solution for the bathroom. After all, it is not only comfortable, but also gives the room the same highlight, which transforms the usual room for hygienic procedures into a refined and fashionable room. Of course, having such a pencil corner can have a lot, but still it is necessary to determine what exactly you intend to keep in it. For example, if your main requirement is the convenient placement of bathrobes, then buy a pencil case, with a vertical compartment.

In addition, very comfortable shelves in the bathroom pen that can be adjusted in height. This way, you set up taking into account all the creams placed on the shelf, jar, and other accessories. The quality of the fittings, too, is not the last place, because it will have to endure so much if the maximum load is assumed. Handles and hinges are great if they are made of chrome plated metal. If soft material( plastic), there is a rapid deterioration of parts, and the furniture becomes unattractive.

Corner pencil can be made not only of chipboard, but also of plastic, glass, metal, designers in this regard are a funny fantasy. What kind of material is better, it is impossible to answer unequivocally, since in the presence of modern technology, they are all wear-resistant and have high aesthetic qualities. If the pencil is made of wood, then it is treated with several layers of varnish, to ensure moisture resistance. Angular pencils are the perfect furniture for your bathroom, leaving only the option that you prefer.