Bonatox: Anti-wrinkle serum, reviews and results

Botox injections are one of the most popular rejuvenating treatments to date. However, do not forget that it is quite painful and not always safe. It is difficult to predict how the skin will respond to a puncture, and even more so, on the administration of a substance in

tissue. Even if celebrities often suffer from unprofessional masters, ordinary people, moreover, can not be sure of the ultimate outcome. In this regard, there are all new developments in the market for cosmetologists that can stop aging without injuring the skin. Often - these are serums that quickly absorb and penetrate even into the deepest layers of tissues. One of the most famous and popular means of this kind is Bonatox.

Bonatox: Anti-wrinkle serum, reviews and results

Effective or Medium?

First, Bonatox serum was used only in beauty salons. Knowing the fear of many women before injecting, cosmetologists have tried to find a safe and effective remedy that will eliminate wrinkles and make the skin younger. The result turned out to be more significant than the wizard and clients could have assumed. As a result, many women began to dream of having this miracle serum in their cosmetic bag.

If you want to buy a really good product, then make sure that America is listed on the packaging by the country of origin. The fact is that this tool came from there. Only in the United States is unique equipment and original formulas necessary for the production of high quality rejuvenating whey.

If you are not completely sure about the effectiveness of Bonatox, then you should read reviews of women who are already familiar with this tool. The largest number of comments can be found on women's forums and specialized sites about cosmetics. Basically, women have a positive effect. The main thing is that the serum was original and high quality.

The chemical composition of the

The effectiveness of the Bonatox rejuvenating whey is due to its extremely unusual composition, the source of which is the cobra poison. It is worth noting that previously it used a synthesized analogue, but it is in this medium that the poison is present in its natural form. Thus, Bonatox can achieve an obvious rejuvenating effect by an order of magnitude faster than similar serums. The most noticeable results will be on the skin around the eyes, as well as in the area of ​​the nasolabial folds, where signs of aging appear in the first place. It is worth noting that thanks to the special processing technology, the cobra poison contained in the Bonatox serum does not pose any danger to the body.

In addition to snake poison, it is also worth mentioning components such as proteins, the famous coenzyme Q10, melatonin and wild yam. They have a beneficial effect on the skin, giving it freshness and youthfulness. A number of components from the composition of this miracle serum is kept in the strictest secrecy.

Bonatox: Anti-wrinkle serum, reviews and results


Benefit Bonatox rejuvenating whey is designed to tighten the skin, saturate it with nutrients, and also to maintain the elasticity of collagen. It is important that most of the ingredients are absolutely natural, making them easy to digest and are well perceived by the skin. Thus, without puncture and coercive interventions, the skin gets all the necessary nutrients to look young and tucked.

The Bonatox serum has a number of undeniable benefits that make it beneficial against a number of similar products:

  • - natural composition;
  • - the natural process of penetrating substances into the deep layers of the skin;
  • - complete absence of pain and discomfort;
  • - hypoallergenic components;
  • - acceleration of restorative processes, thus delaying wounds and inflammation;
  • - the effect comes very quickly;
  • - wrinkles around the eyes disappear;
  • - Illuminated or completely pigmented.

Perhaps the only disadvantage of Bonatox serum is that it is hard to find. In order not to fight for a fake, it is desirable to buy it directly in the country of production, or to order from official sites.

How to use serum

There is nothing complicated in the use of Bonatox serum. The procedure is quite standard, as well as for other similar means. The main thing is to prepare the skin well before application:

  • - remove makeup with special tools;
  • - wash well to permanently remove residues of cosmetics and other contaminants;
  • - Make a mask that deeply cleans pores;
  • - You can further treat the skin with a herbal broth( for example, chamomile) or simply moisturize it with a light cream or milk;
  • - 20 minutes after the end of all skin manipulations, it is advisable to apply a small amount of serum on it, patting with fingertips until it is completely absorbed.
  • You can also use whey in the morning as a nutritious day cream. Half an hour after the whey is absorbed, you can apply your usual makeup.

    If you want to use the tool as much as possible economically, then it will be enough to apply it only at night. This is the most beneficial time for nutrition and skin rejuvenation. Also, the use of whey must necessarily be accompanied by the application of nutritional masks and periodic deep cleansing with scrubs and peels.

    Bonatox: Anti-wrinkle serum, reviews and results

    Contraindications and Side Effects

    Even though the Bonatox serum composition is completely hypoallergenic, one should not rely on good luck, but rather test. Apply the cream to the elbow's inner flexion and wait a bit. On the skin there should be no redness, no itching, no other unpleasant sensations. These measures are important, firstly, because not every body can adequately respond to snake venom, and secondly - there is always the risk of getting a dangerous counterfeit.

    Bonatox rejuvenating whey should not be used if you are less than 40 years old. At this age, the body has enough elemental moisturizing and nutrition to maintain the skin in its normal state.

    Bonatox Serum is simply a unique remedy that helps rejuvenate your skin without any costly and painful treatments. Her secret lies in a unique composition, which, in addition to the natural poison of the cobra, includes a lot of useful substances. In order for the tool to be really effective, it is important to purchase the very original, made with unique technology. Also do not neglect the basic rules of skin care.