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Furunculus under the armpit( chiryak): Causes and treatment at home

Furunculus under the armpit is a defeat of subcutaneous tissue in the axillary basin with a large accumulation of inflammatory secretion. What are the causes of the furuncle? There are boils in the background of weakened immunity when staphylococci are infected.

1 Major Causes of

Inflammation The causes of

originate more often with the nature of mechanical damage with subsequent staphylococcal infiltration, the healthy organism easily cope with this, but with an increase in sweating or significant overcooling of the body, this inflammatory process develops when the immune response is violated.

Chyryak - under the arm is a very painful process, in its appearance it is recommended to seek help from a dermatologist or surgeon.

Formation of the boils under the armpit is hard to miss, with the appearance of a rise in body temperature, redness on the skin appears first, in the center it is easy to see purulent secret( core of inflammation).It is forbidden to reveal a furuncle independently of the cause of its occurrence, it can cause complications - furunculosis and septicemia.

Furunculus under the armpit( chiryak): Causes and treatment at home

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Symptoms of boils:

  • inflammatory process involves all hair follicles, including not only the sweat gland, but also the connective tissue surrounding it.
  • causes painful sensation in the process of forming the boil and the inflammatory focus is repeatedly deformed( there is a slight swelling that is further spreading and softening).

Treatment of boils depends on the stage of the disease. At first signs of effective ultraviolet irradiation. The influence on the cell of short-wave and long-wave radiation is used impulsively or continuously.

The method used is a contact( directly to the skin) or a distance of about 0.5 cm between the electrode and the skin. When therapy has already opened the element clean it from purulent content and crust before each use. The radiation time - 5 minutes, it is necessary to conduct it in the morning hours daily from 3 to 5 procedures. Assigns a dermatologist or physiotherapist.

At the maturation stage, local anesthetization with antibiotics and NovoKayin is required.
A substance is injected under the skin around the lesion site, promotes localization of the infection center and accelerates the formation of the rod. NovoCain pains the process.

What antibacterial ointments are shown when boiling:

  • Levomekol. The composition includes the antibiotic chloramphenicol and methyluracil, has immunostimulatory effect. The ointment has a bacteriostatic effect on all types of bacteria( anaerobic and aerobic, gram-positive and gram-negative).Important regenerating effect on damaged fabrics.
  • Ointment Bactroban - a broad spectrum preparation. It works on most staphylococci. Highly effective in the treatment of furunculosis, folliculitis and impetigo. Apply twice a day.
  • 2% fusidine-sodium gel. A very strong drug that is effective against many infections is not curable.
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    How to treat a boil under the armpit:

  • Compliance with personal hygiene. Wear garments made of natural fabrics so that the body does not sweat and no irritation has occurred.
  • Spiral drink will reduce the effects of intoxication. Tea, have anti-inflammatory effect, are welcomed.
  • Aids in the formation of oppression with Vishnevsky's ointment or ichthyol compress.
  • Once the boil is over, you should contact your surgeon.
  • Furunculus under the armpit( chiryak): Causes and treatment at home

    In this case, a cut of a boil, removal of the rod and purulent exsudate, treatment of the wound with an antiseptic is performed. After the doctor has opened the education, a few days will have to go to the bandages or apply wound healing ointment to the formation during the day( the most common and available is the Vishnevsky's ointment).

    When deciding to treat chicken at home, remember: use of the remedies is required until the problem disappears completely, not to alleviate the symptoms. Furuncle can not be opened and pressed! If there is a lot of boils at the same time - it's a furunculus, self-medication should be immediately forgotten, the only correct option is the treatment to the surgeon for qualified help.

    Consider applying antibiotics to treat boils. Treatment of boils under the armpit with pills is only if the complications begin in the form of boils or septicemia. It is possible only under the strict control of the physician, taking into account the results of sowing on sensitivity.

    Furunculus under the armpit( chiryak): Causes and treatment at home

  • Lincometin( Mycivin, Lincocin, Myocin) is a bacteriostatic drug, the effect is activated in 2 hours after ingestion. Dosage is determined by the physician individually. Not more than 2 weeks, and when taking abundant drink is mandatory!
  • In case of complication( cartilage), it is more effective than the previous cefalexin. This semisynthetic drug refers to cephalosporins. It is available in the form of capsules, tablets and suspension peros( by ingestion).The maximum concentration in the blood reaches 60-90 minutes after receiving.
  • Amoxiclav is a broad-spectrum drug consisting of amoxicillin and clavulanic acid.
  • In the treatment of children's cartilage preparations do not differ from adult analogues. Dosing is maintained.
  • 3 Home therapy

    Hand the hands with soap every time before touch to the affected armpit and after, the area infected 3-4 times treated with antiseptic substance. After spontaneous opening of the abscesses, gently clean the morning from the manure, a poorly cleaned wound will give repeated inflammation and, most likely, in a more severe form. After cleaning, treat the wound with hydrogen peroxide. The next step is to put a dry aseptic bandage. This procedure is repeated every day until the signs disappear completely.

    It is allowed to use moist heat to relieve pain, but only until the moment of disclosure of education. Wet a clean cloth in warm water( it can be dissolved in it sea salt) and attach to the armpit with boil.

    Garlic Comes. Cleaned garlic chop, put on a gauze wipes and fix them with a patch or bandage.
    Allows you to accelerate the process of forming a boil, to use in the initial stage, to the autopsy.

    Furunculus under the armpit( chiryak): Causes and treatment at home

    Dough. To prepare a "medical" test, you will need 1 egg yolk, 1 tbsp.lbutter. Mix thoroughly and pour the flour until the sour cream's consistency test is obtained. Fix to the affected area using a bandage or a patch. Keep this dough in the refrigerator.

    Soap. Thick commercial soap dilute with a small amount of water and cook on low heat. Cool and add with cotton-gauze bandage.

    Beet juice is squeezed out of juicer and is drunk 4 times a day by 0.5 cups.
    Helps to increase immunity and has anti-inflammatory properties.

    Prophylaxis of the emergence of a boilshot:

  • Hygienic procedures are mandatory after physical activity, which is accompanied by abundant sweating.
  • Receiving vitamins( preferably complex).
  • Timely treatment of any infection.
  • Healthy Lifestyle.
  • At home, treating boils is not recommended! Eating from negligence the staphylococcal rod will be damaged, blood infection may develop. In severe cases, a lethal outcome is possible. Folk remedies work great, but they should only be used at an early stage. When a process is brewing, it is necessary to consult a doctor!