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Paint for the ceiling: the choice for the bathroom

The naked bathroom ceiling is a nonsense. Even if you have decided to use a tension variant, it is still necessary to protect the surface of the ceiling from aggressive moisture. An unprotected slab will be saturated with moisture and rapidly collapse. The fungus and mold will be

actively multiply and adversely affect the supporting structures. Paint the ceiling will have to.

Paint for the ceiling: the choice for the bathroom

The choice of paints for the bathroom ceiling, as well as for the walls, should be done taking into account the capabilities of the wallet. Perhaps it's a bath in the apartment, which you leave a year later. Paint the ceiling in it can be anything. If this is your apartment, you will live for a long time and your children and grandchildren will remain there, then please choose the best paint. Consider variants in the order of reduction of the price.

Modern Energy Saving Liquid Thermal Insulation

In the western countries energy consumption has long been national. Prices for energy are already so high that they are experienced by ordinary citizens on their wallets. Owners of houses and apartments in the choice of building and finishing materials are primarily guided by the opportunity to reduce the cost of heating.

Therefore, the paint for the ceiling for the bathroom, as well as for other premises, uses energy-saving( liquid thermal insulation). In the composition of the composition of such a paint, along with synthetic rubber and acrylic polymers, include hollow ceramic and silicone balls.

Liquid insulation, like bathtub paints, has suppressing advantages over all parameters. The only minus is the price from 300 to 500 p. For the finished square meter. Let's consider more details of this material and their values ​​for the chosen purpose.


Insulation properties above all praise reflect the thermal conductivity. The parameter shows how much Watt of heat passes through a layer of material of thickness 1 m at a temperature difference of 1 Kelvin. In liquid isolation, the order is 0.0012 W / m * K.In other paints this parameter is worse in 50-500 times and is 0.05-0.5 W / m *

Removal of condensate is an unprecedented property. Displays its coefficient of resistance to the static effect of water. A liquid energy saving paint gives 18x protection. The "wash" of the film is only 0.8 g / m2, absorption of water no more than 2% in 24 hours.

Paint for the ceiling: the choice for the bathroom

The wall breathes, which ensures durability of load-bearing overlays. Coefficient of permeability of steam is 0.02 mg /( m * h * Pa).This means that the crude ceiling can dry even after painting.

Excellent adhesion to the surface. Adhesion not less than 1,5 MPa allows to paint a wet ceiling and covers the surface of the crack up to 2 mm thick. It is very convenient and saves time on surface preparation.

The elasticity of a film of dried paint at bending is 1 mm. It allows you to apply it directly to the wooden ceiling. Even if it will deform when heated and wetted, cracks do not occur.

Resistance to contamination derives from remarkable water-repellent properties. Resistance to shock loads also allows you to wash the surface with any detergent using any brush.

Operating temperature ranges from -40 to 160 degrees. This paint can be used to protect the ceiling in the bathroom, which will be used as a steam room with high temperatures of water vapor.

Protection from mold is inherent in all modifications of this type of paint. Covering not only the ceiling, but the walls of the bathroom, as well as pipes, you can forget about the mold forever.

It is worth mentioning some more important positive qualities of energy-saving paint: matte surface and durability more than 10 years. If such a paint cover the metal bath itself, then the water in it will cool down more slowly, due to the fact that the thermal insulation will not allow the heat of hot water to pass through the surface of the metal. Paint has high sound insulation. The liquid thermal insulation dries very quickly, during the day.

What's up?

Consider other types of paints for bathroom ceilings in descending order of price. At the same time, we will list the benefits that we will get rid of when moving to a particular paint. Paints will be considered standard, without any additional impurities. Addition of various fillers allows you to improve the quality of one to two parameters, but no more. The price of this paint will be higher than that of liquid thermal insulation.

Silicone paints have become relatively recent. Their characteristics are closer to the ideal. They are waterproof and breathe, so bathtubs will fit perfectly. Good elasticity will allow to fill cracks and defects in the structure of the ceiling. These paints do not have the properties of thermal insulation, they do not paint metal surfaces, and condensation is going on. The price varies within 250-400 g per painted square meter.

The average cost-effective option of acrylic latex paint will allow you to get all the necessary parameters, but within a satisfactory range. In such a paint less elasticity, less resistance to condensation, it requires preparatory work on surface treatment before application. The maximum working temperature of latex paints 60 ° C is not suitable for steamers. Latex paint is less breathable. The price varies from 150 to 300 rubles.

Paint for the ceiling: the choice for the bathroom

The most common paint due to the price is acrylic. Compared to latex, it loses its waterproofness and longevity. This option can be used for the bathroom, if there is a desire to bring the ceiling to order at least sometime for several years, until the water destroys the paint. On the other hand, acrylic paints due to special additives can drastically change their properties. Therefore, these properties at purchase can be carefully considered and choose the most suitable bank, the more so that the prices for such paint vary from 100 to 250 grams per square meter.

What should not be used?

Water-based paints based on PVA are intended for dry premises, and it is not necessary to buy such a specially for a bath. If you did repair in other rooms and left a little bit of such a glue, it can be applied at the expense that it will last only 2 years. But the price will be no more than 100 rubles per square meter.

Choosing a paint for the ceiling for the bathroom by color, you should rely on your own taste. Most of the owners prefer white matte color.

How to prepare the paint surface and what tools are needed for it can always be specified by the seller. The paint, which will be painted on the ceiling, should benefit and please the eye.