What to feed geese at home: peculiarities of a diet

Geese are big and fairly heavy birds. But in order to achieve their good development and growth at home, it is necessary to ensure that they are properly fed. And one of the main rules is the nutrition of the feed in accordance with age standards. What to feed geese, let's take



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  • 2 What to include in the diet?
    • 2.1 Winter diet
  • 3 How to feed?
    • 3.1 Notes from the Gutters
  • 4 How and what to feed the birds before the slaughter?
  • 5 Video of Feeding the Goose on a Private Farm

Some features of the

Geese are different from other poultry in the diet, primarily because they are gaining weight by consuming a large amount of green or juicy feed. Even without a grain, the bird grows well and develops. In the warm season, the bird should have free access to the grass. Normally, one person per day should eat about 2 pounds of fresh greenery. In addition to grasses, it is good to add a nettle, a clover, a variety of weed and grass seeds in the diet. In winter, in the absence of a green diet supplement with hay flour, root crops and sliced ​​with husk.

What to feed geese at home: peculiarities of a diet

Since geese are naturally highly metabolised, they especially need an additional dose of minerals. Their menu must necessarily include sodium, calcium and phosphorus. For example, 3% of the diet fills the chalk and crushed turtle, the kitchen salt - no more than 0.5%.

Adult animals at home usually feed two to three times depending on the time of year. For example, in winter, feed is given three times, in the summer, when the bird is in the daytime on a fallow or in a reservoir, feed one or two times. And some farmers give grain or mixed goose in the summer only in the evening, accustoming them to return home the night.

In a gizzard it is always necessary to have a comfortable drinking bowl with clean water, as well as a separate feeder with large river sand or gravel. It is also important to take into account that geese eat a lot of food at night, so in the evening they can give a large dose of fiber.

What to include in the diet?

Speaking in general, the daily ration of geese should contain up to 700 grams of green fodder, 500 grams of vegetables and the same amount of root crops, 300 grams of herbal flour. When making a poultry menu, turn on:

  • 300 g of hay flour;
  • 100 g silage;
  • to 1 kilogram boiled potatoes;
  • 700 g of beans and cereals;
  • 500 g of beets and carrots.

What to feed geese at home: peculiarities of a diet

When calculating for one bird you can use the following example:

  • 100 g of grain( barley or oats);
  • 30 g corn;
  • 45 g wheat bran;
  • 3 g of beans, for example, peas;
  • 20 g of herbal flour;
  • 400 g beets;
  • 100 grams of potatoes;
  • 8 g of chalk and shell;
  • 3 g of edible fats and anhydrous phosphate.

Feeding geese in a breeding season or if the bird is fed to fattening a bit different, but this is a bit lower. During the rye period, geese fed plenty, that is, raise the norm.

Winter diet

Like other birds and animals, in the winter, geese require a more nutritious feed to maintain the temperature and warm the body. As a rule, in winter, poultry is fed twice a day: in the morning-early and in the evening after eight hours. In this mode, the geese form well. In the cold season, the basis of the diet is fodder mixed with shredded root crops( potatoes not more than 80 grams per day), as well as flour and forage and herbal flour. In the day goose good to give carrots, hay shavings. From January until the night in the feeder leave 100 grams of sprouted grain, and also enrich the food with liquid vitamin A, D and E.

What to feed geese at home: peculiarities of a diet

In the autumn-winter period, the ration of birds can be as follows( calculation per person per day):

  • 130 g of cereal grains;
  • 25 g of beans;
  • 60 g of floury feed;
  • 50 g of herbal flour or 20 g of coniferous;
  • 5 g yeast;
  • 5 g of animal feed( cheese, eggs);
  • 80 grams of potatoes;
  • 250 g beets;
  • 10 g of chalk and shellfish;
  • 2 g phosphates;
  • 1.5 g of salt.

How to feed?

Most poultry keep geese for meat, as well as nutritious and delicious liver. That is why for many, the issue of fattening poultry is so important. But abundant nutrition and mass recruitment are also important for the breeding season, since a well-depleted bird has high fertility rates. As before, the main food for geese also remains greens, but now it is worth increasing the dose of grain and root crops.

What to feed geese at home: peculiarities of a diet

In the pre-breeding and breeding period, as well as fattening, the following approximate diet of birds( one head per day) can be used:

  • grain - 30 g wheat, 90 g oats;
  • 50 g wheat bran;
  • 70 g of herbal flour;
  • 25 g of meal and meats;
  • 200 g boiled potatoes;
  • 10 g turtle and chalk;
  • 3 g bone meal;
  • 2 g of salt.

Before feeding, birds eat three times a day. In the morning and in the afternoon they feed the mixture with moisture, in the evening - with grain. As we have already said, geese need a night meal, so there should be fiber.

Notes of the Hedgehogs

Probably many interested in more detail and in practice, consider how geese are fed to recruit masses by many private breeders. For this we offer the story of one of such keen poultry breeders.

What to feed geese at home: peculiarities of a diet

As the poet-amateur writer writes. Kuznetsov from the Moscow region of Vidnoye, he feeds his geese and goose to recruit mass three times a day. In the morning, the breeder gives a moist mix of 100 grams of potato, chopped hay, baker's yeast with milk or noodle. In the afternoon the bird gets cut carrot, filled with vegetable oil, on the basis of a teaspoon of 4 individuals. Also to the carrot the owner adds chopped cabbage and beets. At night, geese receive 120 grams of grain( barley or oats) with the addition of liquid trivitamine( 2 drops per animal).

As the Art. Kuznetsov it is desirable to sprout the grain, because in this way, it becomes a natural source of vitamin E. Goose for a larger mass before the slaughter eat sprouted grain and flavored with milk. We believe that such an example will surely be useful in your household.

How and what to feed birds before slaughter?

Of course, every housedove before the slaughter of the bird tries to feed her and take care of her as well as possible. After all, in this case, everyone hopes to get tasty meat from well-fed bird. Again, for the sake of greater clarity, we propose to consider an example proposed by the farmer. Kuznetsov

What to feed geese at home: peculiarities of a diet

It is important to take into account not only the upcoming period of bird slaughter, but also its diet long before that. So, for example, he begins intensive fattening of geese from the second half of January. From this time on, birds receive 100 grams of boiled potatoes, mixed fodder and crushed clover hay. In the afternoon, in addition to carrots with oil, beets and cabbage, they give herbal flour.

The goose has to be particularly well fed since February. They are given germinated oats of oats and barley, soaked with milk, as well as trivite. With such a diet they have very good meat and high fertility of eggs. As for other ingredients, they are ezed in the same amount as in the rest of the period. Once again, in more detail on the correct feeding of geese, see also the video.

Video "Feeding geese in a private farm"

In this video you will learn, on an example of a private farm of one of the geese breeders, and how to feed geese at different ages. The poultry farmer tells and shows how his feathers live, how they grow, and due to which they have good development and growth.