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Ointment from lichen in man - a tool for children and adults: sulfuric, zinc ointment

[youtube] ZYghmtuGzMM [/ youtube] A high-quality ointment will help you quickly get rid of an unpleasant illness. An entire group of dermatoses, which have similar symptoms and cause similar harm to the body, is considered to be deprived. The body quickly begins to be covered with peeling skin. With

, this spot is accompanied by persistent pain and may itch. Everyone in their own way is suffering from a disease like lichen, but in general, the symptoms are often the same.

As a whole, several diseases that are referred to as one term are deprived of life, but their nature may vary. The most common form is fungal lichen, as well as several types of the disease, which are due to viruses. Some types of this common illness are similar to allergies. The autoimmune response of people prevents the development and damage, first of all, the skin.


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  • 3 Antifungal drugs
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  • 6 Viral pathology

1 Anti-inflammatory drug

Ointment for children or adults can not be universal. The nature of the spread of this disease is very different and start treatment should be only after examination by a specialist. It is necessary to carry out thorough diagnostics and first of all to determine the type of pathogen. In all cases, doctors recommend using ointment for children, creams or special solutions. If you find the symptoms of depriving your children, then it's best to immediately use only external treatment. Pills and prescriptions prescribed by physicians relate to drugs that have side effects. If the lichen has been detected in a mild form and in the initial stages, then it is better not to load the body of the child with extra pills.

Parents need to remember that using the first-best ointment will not improve. If you are advised in a pharmacy some ointment from scrub, it does not mean that they will help. There are many variations in the disease and almost all of them have the same symptoms. Accordingly, the use of an irregular ointment can not only not give the desired effect, but also create complications on the skin and the body as a whole.

Ointment from scabies in humans means for children and adults: sulfuric, zinc ointment

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The most common form of deprivation is considered a fungal. To eliminate it, various ointments are also used. If the fungal appearance of this disease began suddenly, then you will need a sulfuric ointment from lichen. Sulfur helps to destroy the colonies of the fungus and stops their reproduction. To make sure the correctness of your choice, you should only come to the doctor. He will take the diagnostic material of the skin and test it under a microscope. Over time, the colonies of the fungus will begin to appear on the sample, and, calculating the appearance, it will be possible to say with certainty which ointment is suitable. Sulfur Ointment is a universal remedy in this case and it is often recommended by the patient.

2 Use of Clotrimazole

Many fungi contribute to human leukemia. Sometimes it is very difficult to get rid of, because the fungus constantly leaves particles for further reproduction. During all time of medical practice, studies have been conducted in which the drug Clotrimazole was used. It quickly destroys membranes of the fungus in the affected area of ​​the skin and leads to the immediate death of microorganisms. The medicine acts quickly and really effectively, and it shows itself best in the case of a scallop leg, which was caused by a fungus of the genus yeast.

Ointment from scabies in humans means for children and adults: sulfuric, zinc ointment

The drug is quite simple to use. You just have to read the instructions and start using, following the following rules:

  • before applying the ointment it is necessary to clean the area of ​​skin with soap and water;The
  • ointment is applied in a thin layer and carefully rubbed;
  • Clotrimazole can be used no more than 2-4 times a day.

Development of lichen in humans can last for months. Clotrimazole is usually used from 3 to 9 weeks to achieve the desired effect. Such a long treatment will relieve the patient of the fungus and prevent its reproduction in the future. This type of antiviral ointment is authorized for children of all ages, which is another advantage of this treatment.

Clotrimazole has no contraindications. Before using it, you should consult your physician. The fact is that the drug can cause discomfort or worsen your condition only in the case of individual intolerance. Carefully read the composition and make sure that you have no allergies to any of the ingredients.

3 Antifungal drugs

There are a number of other ways to help you get rid of it. For example, zinc ointment and resemblance to it are sulfuric. Such preparations have disinfectant properties and heal wounds on the skin. Sulfur and zinc have different effects on the fungus, but both chemical elements contribute to its destruction. Moreover, zinc ointment can deprive a person of his legs irrevocably. Used most often in a duet with iodine, which is applied to the affected areas of the body in the morning, and at night it is possible to apply a thin layer of ointment.

Effective anti-fungal remedies are also considered:

  • Myzozoral;
  • Mycosetin;
  • liquid Castellani;
  • Acyclovir.

Ointment from scabies in humans means for children and adults: sulfuric, zinc ointment

Find these drugs in the pharmacy will not be a special job. All of them are issued in the form of ointment. They work differently on the fungus, but each in its own way helps to get rid of creepy itching and gradually kills the microorganisms that live on the body. For example, mycosetin is more effective than the scapular lichen, as zinc salt and endenzylcinnamic acid completely destroy all traces of the fungus.

Antsiklovir should be used with another kind of lichen, namely its bubble form. Most often such lichen occurs due to the virus and is caused by infection or reactivation of herpes. To use in the fight against such an antifungal disease is simply useless. For external therapy experts recommend exactly acyclovir, which is the most effective means in this situation. It is worth applying the drug to the affected areas of the skin only in gloves, or to use during the procedure, woolen sticks. Protective measures are used to prevent the spread of the virus.

4 Mild forms of the disease

The mild forms of the disease include pink lichen. The nature of this dermatosis is still not fully disclosed. Doctors claim that it is caused by infectious diseases, but with its degree of infection is much lower than its fungal counterpart. Such lichen can go by itself, but it is unlikely that you will endure a terrible itch. It is necessary to somehow eliminate this effect and get rid of discomfort. The main purpose of therapy for pink lichen is to eliminate itching and its reappearance in the future.

At the beginning, dermatologists recommend using cynthol. This tool helps to dry the skin and at the same time disinfects it. The intensity of itching will gradually begin to fade, and you will feel normal. If the affected areas of the skin cause unbearable itching, that is, more effective means. In such situations, prescribe a special ointment containing glucocorticosteroids. To find drugs in the pharmacy with the contents of this substance is very simple, they are sold at affordable prices.

Self-healing even pink lichen is not recommended. Even if you decide to buy an ointment against lichen and start treating yourself, it is better to go to the doctor and make sure you do everything right. Hormonal ointments can lead to complications and only worsen your condition. In such ointments is a very high content of steroid hormones, which lower the immunity in the body. He ceases to struggle with the infection himself, and the lichens continue to spread. In case of ill treatment, the disease can quickly grow into a chronic form. Only a qualified dermatologist can recommend a really effective remedy in any form.

5 Integrated Procedures

Getting rid of the lichen in any of its forms refers to complex procedures. In addition to prescribing drugs, you must use auxiliaries. They are necessary in order to help the body to restore normal skin on the body. Many of these products stimulate regeneration and therefore their use is considered to be effective. Moreover, use will be free even after the completion of the course of treatment.

Ointment from scabies in humans means for children and adults: sulfuric, zinc ointment

It is often recommended to buy Bepantol, Panthenol or Dexpanthenol. They are sold in the form of an ointment or gel. Depending on the type of drug you can always choose the one that suits you best. When treatment with essential drugs is over, such remedies will help restore the skin affected by lichen. In this case, they have the property of antiseptic and will kill different microbes in not yet fully healed areas of the body. You should spend on such preventive measures if you do not want to cope with another illness immediately after deprivation.

In addition to aids, do not forget to keep an eye on your own hygiene. Ultimately get rid of signs by relieving the help of a regular shower with warm water or bath. But long time to spend in water is not worth it. You do not have to steam the skin, but only clean it with warm water and soap for disinfection. Upon completion of treatment, these are the basic procedures that will help you to forget forever that you have ever had lichen.

6 Viral pathology

This form of withdrawal, as a protective, occurs most often after or with herpes. Many people think it's worth taking classic ointments against fungal lichen, but it's a big mistake. In such situations, you need to fight against herpes and use drugs that are intended to treat this particular disease. Anti-herpetic ointments and gels in pharmacies are sold in a large assortment. Dermatologists often prescribe with them also pills that help to strengthen the immune system and make the body independently withstand the disease.

The main preparations in your kit should be those containing Acyclovir. As in the case of bubbler leg, this remedy is most effective. It prevents the disease from developing and destroys all its signs in the shortest possible time. If you have not found acyclovir, you can buy Viru Merz-Serol - this is a great remedy in this situation, which relieves herpetic rashes, or Panavir, who performs the same functions, but also restores the immunity of the patient.

As with other species of lichen in humans, prevention is required. For this purpose, Panthenol, which has recently become a universal remedy for skin regeneration and tissue regeneration, is suitable for you. There are several varieties of this drug, and they all show a great effect. During the week you can return your skin to its former appearance and get rid of dryness.

Leashy often makes our skin very dry, and then it's hard to get rid of it.

Consult a dermatologist, and it will probably tell you which other remedies will help you to restore the beauty of your skin.