Ways to make a drink for your rabbits

Ways to make a drink for your rabbits Rabbits are vital clean water. Even in the summer, when animals get moisture contained in juicy green fodder, they need dishes for drinking. Just put a container with water in the cage will not work out, as the rabbits are easily littering, dipping the dishes and remaining

without water. Therefore, the drawing of cages for rabbits must contain the designation of the places of the drinker.

Of course, it's easier to buy a drink in a special store, but you can save a lot of money by making the drink yourself. And if you did the cage yourself, and its sizes differ from the standard, then the dishes for watering are more reliable to do with their own hands.

Varieties of rabbits for

Ways to make a drink for your rabbits rabbits Large farms usually use sophisticated automatic drinkers in their designs. Tanks of a large size stainless steel are filled with water that flows through the hose into a distribution tank, equipped with a system of flushing and floats. The pipes of the plumbing line are stretched from the capacity to each cell. And at the end of the tubes there are cups, of which the beasts are also drinking.

The drink is automatically replenished with fresh water from the main tank, so it is called "auto".Such special dishes for watering can be purchased in the appropriate specialized store, as for its own production, its design is very cunning.

Farmers-rabbits have been most valued by nipple drinkers for rabbits, because they do not turn over, and drinking water keeps them clean. They are most often used in the private sector. This design consists of a closed water tank and a nipple - balls, when pressed for which oozing water. Such a drink is also called "exhibition", because for rabbit water extraction it is necessary to press a ball with a tongue.

However, it is important to know that the rabbit is a nipple drinker with a very significant minus. Worth the temperature of the rabbit to decrease as the liquid in the inlet starts to freeze. In addition, it has a small amount. Therefore, to replenish fresh water throughout the day, it will have to be swathed, opening and closing the lid, which, incidentally, will eventually pass water.

Make the rabbits with your own hands

Ways to make a drink for your rabbits The easiest and fastest way is to make a device for drinking animals from plastic containers. Ideal for this purpose a half-liter bottle will fit. In the middle of the container, a hole is cut, the size is equal to the rabbit's head. The sampler drinking bottle from a plastic bottle is fixed by a hard wire inside the cell horizontally through the opening upwards. It is necessary to base the design so that animals can easily get to the water. As you can see, this version of the drinking bowl for rabbits with its own hands is very economical and does not present any difficulties.

Keep in mind that young people are more likely to gnaw plastic, and the plastic bottle will become unusable in one to two weeks. And adult rabbits are unlikely to touch a new drinker, so it may be enough for a few months. Such a drink is easy to wash, but when it comes to the summer in algae it is necessary to erect a new one.

The production of a vacuum potion from a bottle will also not be too labor-intensive. A plastic bottle filled with water with the help of a wire fastens to the wall with a neck down. It is desirable that the bottle itself was not inside, but on the outside of the rabbit cell. The capsule of the bottle is placed as densely as possible to the bottom of the bowl, but does not come into contact with it. Remain gently unscrew the bottle cap. This will ensure continuous flow of clean water as you descend.

As a drink for rabbits, you can also make a metal bottle of stainless steel sheets. To do this, you have to sweat the seams, and sharp edges should be processed with a file. Then a plastic container filled with water is thoroughly fixed in a made metal bottle. Such homemade drinkers will not only provide the rabbits with so much fresh water, but will also last much longer than plastic.

Since one rabbit can drink a whole liter of water throughout the day, not all drinking devices can withstand the craving of several adult pupils. In this case, you can also make a drinker yourself. The description of the principles of manufacturing a dairy for several rabbits is similar to the description of the manufacture of vacuum. The main thing is to find a wide can of fish, like a herring, or something similar.

There are two barrels in height in the jar that occupy about two thirds of the bank's height. A three-liter plastic bottle with a liquid turns sharply and is installed on bars. The liquid immediately will fill the cans to the height of the bars, and as it is drunk, the jar will be continuously replenished with water.

A drink made on conscience will make life easier for you and make your pupils happy. In the caring owner rabbits will always be drunk and healthy!

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