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Stevia - what is it, use and benefits

Steve what it is, use and benefit

Today, the average rate of sugar in our country is 90 g per day at a rate of 50 g per adult. This leads to the development of many diseases, the consequences of which is difficult to fight. That is why the new sources of sweet are actively sought. Were invented artificial sweeteners, which

have a number of their shortcomings. The alternative was the honey grass stevia - a natural substitute for sugar, which gradually displaces it from the diet of more and more people.

Content of the article:

  • 1 What is stevia
  • 2 Useful properties of stevia
  • 3 Contraindications and damage
  • 4 Cost and form of production of stevia
  • 5 How to use stevia as a sugar substitute
  • 6 Opinion of doctors about stevia
  • 7 Useful properties of stevia - video

What is stevia

This is a perennial grassy shrub with straight stems in height 60-100 cm. The value is represented by leaves, which can be about 1 thousand on one bush. We know more than 250 varieties of this culture that grow in South and North America.

Steve what it is, use and benefit The most sweet in the leaf right before the flowering. The sweetness of sucrose is 15 times less than .The fact is that in stevia there are substances contained only in it. They give a unique sweetness. These are diterpenic glycosides.

There are several techniques that allow extraction of valuable leaves from the leaves. The output is low-calorie steviosoid powder, 300 times higher than the sweetness of sugar. Unlike sucrose, the sweet taste in stevia appears slower, but remains longer. It is not a beneficial environment for the development of a disease-causing microflora.

Useful properties of stevia

Steve is recommended as a substitute for sugar due to its health safety, low calorie content.

When to take a medicine:

  • in diabetes mellitus;
  • for the fight against overweight and obesity;
  • at elevated blood sugar or cholesterol levels;
  • in atherosclerosis;
  • in case of violation of the operation of the Systolic-Gastrointestinal Tract( gastritis, ulcer, decrease in the production of enzymes);
  • for skin diseases( dermatitis, eczema, allergic reactions);
  • for gum and teeth pathologies;
  • in the case of thyroid gland, kidney disease;
  • to activate immunity.

Herbal Stevia as a substitute for sugar is useful not only in the presence of certain health problems, but also as a prophylactic. Stevizoid helps to maintain normal blood glucose levels, produces a light antibacterial effect.

Contraindications and damage

If the substance is taken in large doses, it can be toxic to the body. Before taking stevia, you should consult a doctor.

When you can not use a remedy:

  • If there is an intolerable component of the funds.
  • For problems with arterial pressure. The product is able to reduce it, and strong jumps are not safe, can lead to unwanted consequences.
  • If you do not follow the dosage, excessive use of stevia can cause hypokalcemia( with a low glucose level).
  • Take caution with pregnant women and young children.

The cost and form of the production of stevia

Steve what it is, use and benefit You can buy a product at any pharmacy or order online through specialized websites. Today, many manufacturers offer a remedy in various forms and in packages of different volumes, with and without additives.

Steve you can buy in pills, powders, in liquid form or in dry leaves of .Also sold are filter bags of 1g. A pack of such tea with 20 packs costs an average of 50-70 rubles. Each producer may have a different price. In the tablet form, the remedy can be purchased for 160-200 rubles for 150 tablets in the package.

How to use stevia as a sugar substitute

A daily safe dose of 4 ml per 1 kg body weight per adult. If you brew dry leaves, then 1 kg body weight is not more than 0.5 grams. If taking stevia in tablets, then on the day, enough 1 piece dissolved in a glass of water or another drink( tea, juice, compote).

Steve is resistant to acids and high temperatures. Therefore, it can be combined with sour drinks or fruits. Its properties are stored during baking, so its can be used in cooking.

To accelerate the process of sweetening the beverage, it needs to be heated. In cold liquid, stevia grass gives its sweetness slowly. Do not disturb the dosage. People with diabetes should not take stevia in parallel with those that lower blood sugar.

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The opinion of doctors about stevia

In 2004, steviawas approved as a dietary supplement. But among the experts in the field of medicine there are many disputes, it is worth replacing the usual sweets glucosides.

Any dietitian will say that during the diet for stevia, there is no need to emphasize. It is not allowed to use more norms. From sugar at desire to lose weight it is better to refuse at all. If you want sweet, you can eat honey, dates in moderate quantities Tatyana Borisovna, dietician
Today, stevia can be bought at a pharmacy and ordered via the Internet. But I did not get into the eye without the flavor extract or some other additives. Therefore, I as a doctor would recommend buying the dry leaves of this plant. This is a clean and safe product. "Mykola Babenko, physician
If you normalize the weight of people with obesity, the pressure is reduced. In this plan, the use of stevia can help. But taking it as a means of weight loss can not. She works only complex with diet and exercise. Canceling sugar is good for health. But his substitutes are not a panacea for illnesses. "Nadiya Romanova, gastroenterologist

If you refuse sweet is very difficult, sugar can be replaced by natural means - stevia. The use of this plant will not add extra calories. But keep in mind that everything is well in the least. Overdose may endanger the body's unwanted effects. Therefore, the useful product remains, while it is correct to use it.

Useful properties of stevia - video