Requires castration of rabbits

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It is believed that castration of rabbits can harm the pet's health, but there are those who consider this a necessary measure. To understand who is right here, you need to know some


Requires castration of rabbits

What is the castration of

? If we take the experts' opinion, then they claim that castration of rabbits is not harmful. On the contrary, it may become an animal necessity. Listen to this idea is useful to those who plan to keep rabbits in the apartment, especially if there are children in the family.

Requires castration of rabbits

Uncategorized rabbits become aggressive after puberty.

All the matter is that after the puberty uncredited rabbits become aggressive. Due to their physiological characteristics, these animals are constantly in search of a partner for mating in the absence of sexual life. Your pet may start biting and scratching. Such behavior extends not only to people. The animal behaves in the same way with other home pets.

Those who find it impossible to carry out such an operation for an animal only because of their interests, should know that a rabbit-like medical event will benefit. The animal receives an opportunity to conduct a measured life, calmly interact with other pupils, loses aggressiveness. Some hosts believe that if you allow non-cattered pets to parry, then you can get the same effect. In fact, this is not true. Moreover, then you will have to take care also about the offspring of your pet, which is quite numerous in these animals.

When rabbits breeding is meat, the animal castration operation is also appropriate. The reason is that the sexual glands significantly affect all the functions of the body as a whole. Castrated animal is gaining weight faster. Therefore, the time of cultivation is greatly reduced. This allows you to save money that can be spent on feed. The livestock maintain that meat and cattle castrated favorably differ from those who did not pass this procedure.

Studies show that castrated individuals are less susceptible to disease. Sterilized females are less likely to suffer from uterine and other genital cancers. We can say that the risk of this ailment completely disappears. Therefore, apart from other advantages of such manipulation, it is also possible to prolong the life of your pet, making it healthy and carefree.

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content When conducting

surgery At the age of three or four months, when the sexual glands, namely, the seed, can be blurred, consideration should be given to the procedure.

Requires castration of rabbits

Veterinarians do not recommend castrated rabbit after 2 years.

But for each animal, the decision is taken individually. In decorative rabbits, large breeds of maturation can occur earlier. It should be remembered that conducting sterilization at very young age may be fraught with unpleasant health consequences.

Sometimes pet owners decide to intervene when the animal is already in adulthood. Veterinarians do not recommend castrated rabbit after 2 years. Only in exceptional circumstances, after a thorough examination, the doctor will give permission.

It happens that the rabbit gets to the new masters already at a mature age. For a male to determine whether he was undergoing surgery, it is easier, but with an individual female, things are going harder. But for this there are several proven ways.

You can shave the wool and look for the scar remaining after the intervention. Some veterinarians make such a seam that traces do not remain. Then, understand how things are going, it's possible only during the operation. This is an extreme method and it is not advisable to resort to it, as there is a risk to the health of the female.

Any surgical intervention is a high risk. Sterilization and castration are no exception. With all the rules, the availability of quality tools and the risk of anesthesia during surgery is minimal. Trust the animal only to an experienced surgeon, since the question is very serious.

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Contents Process steps and

restoration The successful outcome is a thorough preparation. There are some rules that must be followed before the operation.

Many mistakenly believe that it is impossible to give food to animals during the preparatory period. This rule does not apply to rabbits. Because of the features of the stomach structure, the risk of vomiting from anesthesia in rabbits is absent. On the contrary, a hungry animal worse undergoes surgery, as well as adaptation after intervention.

As soon as the anesthetic effect ends, the rabbit can be taken home. There he will be able to lead an ordinary way of life. A spicy drink will go to the animal in favor. Remember that after castration, it is necessary to isolate the rabbit from the female for another month and a half. During this period, the reproductive function is preserved. Special seam care is not required.


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It can be concluded that castration is not only necessary but also a useful procedure for rabbits. This will significantly increase the life span, add health. Proper preparation and proper care postoperative period is a key to success.