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Dry shampoo - Review of brands, reviews, where to buy

Dry shampoo - a practical tool that should always be at hand. With the help of dry shampoo you can quickly bring your head in order, clean your hair from pollution and even give them an extra volume. Of course, a full dry shampoo will not be replaced, but in the

, in some situations, it can become a real stick-bastard.

Dry shampoo review brands, reviews, where to buy Shampoo in the form of an aerosol-spray with powder is irreplaceable on a trip. Dry shampoo should be kept and in the office - he will rescue if after work you will not go home, but to a party or an important meeting. Dry shampoos with a light texture will help to remove excess of staple preparations. You can refresh the bald without washing the rest of your hair.

This tool will prove to be very useful if the apartment turned off hot water or just no time in the morning before work to wash your head with the usual means. Shampoos-powders will also suit those who are forced to adhere to the bed rest due to a serious illness or after surgery.

Some dry shampoos can also be used as a l

iner - they are very good for creating bulky hairstyles with a matte texture.

Pro-hair.ru magazine has prepared for you a review of popular dry shampoos of different brands and has collected some interesting reviews about this unusual hair care product.

Dry shampoo for oily hair

Dry shampoo is especially good for oily hair. Its components perfectly absorb the excess of sebium, the secretion of the sebaceous glands, reducing the fatness of the hair and mashing them. A dry shampoo helps to clean not only hair, but also a skin, allowing less rinse a head with a usual shampoo.

However, dry shampoos should only be used as an supplement to the mainstream care - several times a week. If shampoos and conditioners for oily hair do not have noticeable effect, and hair quickly becomes dirty, become greasy and sloppy, the problem must be solved in a complex way.

Great results in the treatment of oily hair gives darsonval .It heals the scalp, helps reduce sebum production and stimulates hair growth. About how this cosmetology machine, which treats not only hair, but also skin of skin, can be read in of this article .

  • Darsonval device for the treatment of oily hair and scalp

Composition of dry shampoo

The basis of any dry shampoo is an adsorbent, a substance that is capable of absorbing contamination. Most often this role is performed by white clay, extracts of corn, oats and rice. Dry shampoos may include antibacterial components, such as triclosan. In some media there are extracts of essential oils.

As a rule, the volume of a bottle of dry aerosol shampoo does not exceed 150 ml. Sometimes you can find a mini-volume - 75 ml, which is comfortable to wear in a bag.

Dry shampoos - Popular brands

Naturia Rene Furterer

Shampoo This product has a neutral pH level, suitable for all types of hair and for daily use. In addition to the patented complex of white clay, rice and peanut starch, it includes vitamin B5, as well as essential oils of basil, mint, and cumin, which help to cope with the problem of greasy hair and heal the scalp.

Klorane Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoo review brands, reviews, where to buy The well-known French brand Kloran offers two options for dry shampoo. The first of them - with millet oats. Its basis - extracts of rice and corn, which complements medical healing of oat grains. The second option is a dry seborrhoeic shampoo Klorane with nettle extract. Estimated price - 600-650 rubles.

Dry Balm Shampoo Oriflame

This greasy hair contains a Vitadry complex. Its main ingredients are glycerin, which aims to moisturize the hair, menthol to give freshness, and vitamin E is an antioxidant that should protect the hair from negative effects.

Alterna Caviar Anti-aging Dry Shampoo

A version of the dry shampoo from the popular American brand-manufacturer of high-quality hair products Alterna. The approximate price is about 2400 rubles. According to the manufacturer, in addition to quickly giving the hair an ideal look, the tool works on their rejuvenation. In the shampoo formula there is an extract of caviar, bergamot extract and green tea, enzymes and vitamin C.

Dry shampoos are also available in lines of other brands that produce hair products. For example, TONY & GUY, Redken, Keratin Complex, Cutrin and others.
Buy a dry shampoo in cosmetic stores is difficult. The product is specific and is not everywhere. The best option is to look for brand names in online cosmetics stores. Sometimes a dry shampoo can be found in large network pharmacies.

Disadvantages of dry shampoo

Dry shampoo is always light color. If you are a brunette with a rich dark hair color, this remedy may not suit you. Dry shampoo particles can be seen on dark strands.

For the same reason, dry shampoo can leave light traces on dark clothing.

Hair Specialists recommend using dry shampoo only from time to time. Yet they cleanse hair less effectively than conventional liquid shampoos. On the hair still accumulates fat, dust and remnants of laying. It is therefore very useful to use a special shampoo for deep cleansing and regular peeling of the scalp.

If you have depleted, over-dried hair and dandruff, using a dry shampoo can exacerbate the problem.

Dry shampoo for hair - reviews

Review Olena: "For my feelings, a dry shampoo of washing, of course, will not replace, but in conditions of long-distance train or in the absence of water at home, the thing is really indispensable. Used several brands - the feelings are very similar: use them very simple, unobtrusive fragrance, hair does not bother. In general, I liked it. "

Review Ani: "For some time I could not wash my hair because of an injury - the doctor forbade my head to wet. I wanted to use a dry shampoo by force. He was very frustrating for me. I agree that after a normal shampoo, the hair is much cleaner than the feelings. But in some situations, in order to bring his head into a divine form, without him he can not do without. He improves the look of the hair ".

Review Oli: "The most important thing is very well combing hair after dry shampoo to remove all particles. I have light hair, prone to fatness, so I use it from time to time and satisfied. In the girlfriend her hair is very dark, she somehow tried to apply it several times in a row, on the hair remained a small light raid. In general, as always in cosmetics, everything is very individual. "

Review Inesi: "My hair is dirty very quickly. Decided to try dry shampoo in a cartridge. I liked. It seemed that the hairstyle even became somewhat lavishly( I had straight hair).After application, the fat at the roots disappeared. But too often I would not use it. According to my feelings, ordinary, not very oily hair with frequent use it still dries. "

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