Paracetamol from headache


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Headache is able to knock out the path and change the usual rhythm of life. Fortunately, often headache is just a pain syndrome that has arisen on the background of

overdose or stress, and is passing very fast. In some cases, it becomes a symptom of a serious illness, and so if you have regular headaches, you should contact your doctor.

Paracetamol from headache

Paracetamol is one of the safest anti-inflammatory and antipyretic drugs. By itself, it is prescribed rarely, but it includes almost all high-cost expensive remedies for pain and heat.

In the treatment it is necessary to eliminate its cause, but it is not worth the pain to tolerate. In order to get rid of the painful pain, it is best to take the appropriate medication that will help you quickly remove the pain syndrome. However, one should not start with powerful analgesics: fairly more affordable and simple drugs, do not significantly affect the health of other internal organs. Most often with headaches paracetamol is used.

Description of the preparation

Paracetamol as an analgesic is used in virtually all European countries. It is acetaminophen, which is the main active ingredient of the drug, is part of other advertised brands. Well known to all efferalgan is precisely the same paracetamol, only in a different package and much more expensive.

This is a non-steroidal( that is, non-hormonal) drug that reduces inflammation and high temperature. In addition, paracetamol - a remedy that struggles with symptoms, but the causes of their occurrence does not affect. Therefore, it is senseless to treat illness with paracetamol: the body quickly becomes addictive to the components and ceases to perceive it as a pain reliever.

Medicinal product is available in pills, solutions for internal use, capsules, syrups and even in ampoules. It can be bought everywhere, paracetamol is sold without a prescription and recommendations of specialists.

Use with Headache

Paracetamol is used both for the reduction of heat and for the relief of pain in the head and toothache, with pain resulting from injuries and burns. Some drugs even help with migraine, greatly reducing the level of pain.

The main reason for eliminating headache when taking paracetamol is that this drug affects the blood vessels, making them more flexible and elastic, as well as expanding and restoring normal blood flow. Since most of the headache occurs precisely because of the narrowing of blood vessels, paracetamol helps to quickly get rid of this problem.

Paracetamol is well absorbed by the body and it enters the bloodstream from the GI tract within half an hour after application of the drug orally.

In order to eliminate headaches, paracetamol should be taken immediately after eating, while drinking plenty of water. When taking pills, you can not drink coffee or other drinks containing caffeine: the liver is heavily affected.

If paracetamol is used without the advice of a physician, the single dose of the drug should not exceed 1 gram and no more than four times a day. Paracetamol for children under 12 years of age is not recommended, but may be authorized with the permission of the doctor. For children under 3 years of age, this drug is contraindicated.

If you are not sure whether paracetamol should be taken, contact a specialist. Indicate which diseases you have, or if you have an allergy to any medications. Of course, paracetamol is considered a very sparing drug, which works well with other pills, it is better not to use it for people suffering from peptic ulcer disease or taking barbiturates.

Aspirin and Paracetamol - Dr. Komarovsky

Paracetamol from headache
Contradictions and Side Effects

Like all other drugs that paracetamol adversely affects the liver. Overdose of the drug may result in the organ's refusal, necrosis and even death, therefore paracetamol should be administered strictly in accordance with the instructions and should not exceed the indicated dose.

Just the wrong way and high doses of paracetamol can lead to acute liver or gastrointestinal diseases. In the presence of anamnesis or in the active phase of diseases such as cirrhosis or hepatitis, it is better to refuse paracetamol administration.

A negative reaction of the body to overdose of paracetamol may begin even if you exceeded the daily dose by 1-2 grams. Therefore, be careful about the number of pills or injections.

For those who are suffering from asthma or bronchial asthma, a physician should be consulted before taking the drug, as some components of the medication can enhance bronchial spasm. Most often, this unpleasant side effect is a high sensitivity of the patient's body to acetylsalicylic acid in the drug.

Large doses of paracetamol have a very negative effect on the immune and endocrine system, and interfere with the normal functioning of the thyroid gland.

With regular use of alcohol from taking paracetamol as a pain reliever for headaches, it is also best to give up. In this case, renal insufficiency may develop. If there is no other remedy for the removal of headaches at hand, paracetamol can be used only 12 hours after the last ingestion of alcohol and washing the tablet with plenty of water. It is also recommended to eat pre-tight food so that paracetamol does not cause any adverse reactions in the stomach.

During pregnancy and lactation, paracetamol can be used for luck, but in smaller doses and not more than twice a day. If you suddenly doubt your use of this medication during this period, consult a specialist. It is worth noting that pregnancy and lactation are the time in which you must take extremely cautious any medication.

Thus, paracetamol is an effective, but single-dose, regular use of which can cause extremely negative effects, especially for the liver. If you have a severe headache, fever, then this medication can help as a temporary measure. For the treatment of diseases that cause headache, it is better to use specialized means.


Paracetamol from headache

There is no particular difference between paracetamol in tablets and capsules - in the second case, they are slightly faster and are sold at a significantly higher price. It is better for children to take syrups containing paracetamol.

This is a traditional drug very cheap. The cost of paracetamol is always small, which makes it one of the most popular drugs, although it is rarely prescribed by doctors. In the pharmacy you can buy a package of 10 tablets for just 5 rubles, and the most expensive product with a similar name will cost 20-30 rubles, and the tablets there will be 20. Of course, analogues and widely advertised drugs with him are much more expensive.


"Even my mother spoke like a harmful paracetamol. The price for it is very small, but no more. The liver, kidneys, lungs suffer from it. I can not drink it, there are immediate side effects - so it's better to buy something more expensive, but without any harm to your health. "

" Paracetamol works fine and is cheap. He takes off the temperature and removes the pain, so I constantly drink it at a cold, when the heat has already started and the head is breaking - nothing is better. Sometimes I drink it and from an ordinary headache - if nothing is serious, then everything is fast. "

" I do not see the point to buy expensive analgesics and antipyretics when there is paracetamol. The only exception is syrup for children, and in all other cases it is enough to drink a white tablet and everything will pass. At a cold with a headache, he does not replace anything at all. "