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How to shave correctly: the rules of perfect shaving


  • Skin Preparation
  • Shaving Foam: Save or not?
  • Rules for perfect shaving
  • Technical aspects of shaving process

How to shave correctly: the rules of perfect shaving Although the presence of a beard makes a man more rude, adult and sexy, few of the representatives of the strong sex specially its

In order to make the shaving process the most comfortable and prevent the appearance of rigid bristles in the shortest possible time, it is necessary to follow some recommendations.

Skin Preparation

Men who are used to using an electric razor, as well as young guys using a shaving machine, forget to prepare the skin for the procedure and sometimes do not know how to shave properly. Often, they only wet the face with water, soap it and start shaving.

To moisturize the skin before shaving the beard takes 3-5 minutes. It is necessary to use not hot water, but warm. With the help of moisturizing soap, the skin, including the neck area, is treated. Conventional shower gels and body soap are not suitable for such a procedure, since they dry skin and may cause irritation.

Foam for shaving: to save or not?

Since the person is still a part of the body that is always open, it is not necessary to use the cheapest option of foam or gel for shaving. Usually the foam is pressurized in the cylinder. Such a mass dries the skin. To mitigate the production of additives used to convert foam resembles a grease mixture. In addition, use of stabilizers - chemicals that allow the foam to be well preserved and maintain its consistency and properties. How to shave correctly: the rules of perfect shaving

The cheaper the shaving foam, the more toxic the composition. The consequences of using such a mixture can cause irritation, allergic reactions, redness. When buying a gel or foam in a cylinder, it is necessary to read the composition and choose a hypoallergenic variant from the well-known brand. The best way to shave a beard is to use a special gel or soap that strokes to foam and is applied with a brush to the face of the face.

Rules for perfect shaving

It would seem that shaving against hair growth contributes to their better removal and achieving a smoother result. But with this method, there is a high probability of the appearance of ingrown hairs, which are manifested by white blisters, acne or spots similar to burns. Especially this reaction is noticeable to the man on tender and sensitive skin, so it is important to know how to shave correctly. Possible skin reactions such as burning, itching, redness, problems with the appearance.

Shaving Preparation:

  • For several days do not shave;
  • Foam grown in different directions;
  • If the face skin is very dry and sensitive, it is recommended to treat it with pre-oil;
  • Indicate the direction of hair growth in different areas of the face;
  • Start shaving in the direction of growing hair;
  • For a cleaner shave it is recommended to shave the beard perpendicular to the growth of the hairs;
  • To remove hair as much as possible, you should shave perpendicularly, but in the opposite direction. How to shave correctly: the rules of perfect shaving

When there is a noticeably noticeable bristle on the face and neck, it can be noted that the hair on the cheeks is directed downwards, at the sites next to the scrubs of the hair grow to the chin and to the base of the jaw. A competent shave of a beard involves taking into account all these nuances.

Purely not a shaven face and neck, a new bristle may appear again in the evening. After all, the process of shaving machine or other device does not remove vegetation forever, but only reduces its length. How to shave correctly if hair growth on the face occurs much faster compared with other parts of the body?

Errors in Shaving Process

  • In the process of shaving machine inexperienced men are pushing too much, than injuring a person's skin. At excessive pressure on the head of the razor on the skin of the face appear deepening. The contact angle of the surface of the skin with blades varies. As a result, after such shaving there are long hairs and there are wounds on the skin.
  • Adhering to the correct angle when shaving the machine will allow the man to avoid cuts and simplify the process. Incorrectly hold as modern designs of machine tools with a movable head, as well as old designs of T-shaped machines. To determine the correct angle, it is necessary to place the lid over the blade of the T-shaped head of the machine so that it relates to the skin without pressure on it. Then tilt the machine to the collision of the blade with the skin. Modern designs of machines on the one hand is easier and easier, because the blade has a fixed angle. But the appropriate machine for a particular man should be chosen from many models and manufacturers, as all individual. How to shave correctly: the rules of perfect shaving
  • Some are lazy to apply foam a few times, shaving the beard dry. Such manipulations are very harmful to the skin, and pleasant in them is not enough. If you do not want to repeatedly soak the skin with foam or gel, it is enough to moisten it with water.
  • In case of insufficient skill, it is necessary to hold a machine-tool many times in one place causing damage to the skin and irritation. Since modern machines consist of 3-5 blades, even one slip is 3-5 movements of the blade on the skin.

To reduce the risk of skin irritation and prevent cuts, you can only try to use cold water after steaming. To remove the hair in difficult places for shaving, it is necessary to move his head in different directions, tightening the skin.

At the end of the shave procedure, carefully wash the remainder of the shave and shaved hairs. Then apply a lotion or cream after shaving to moisturize and also disinfect the skin. It is not possible to rub a shaved skin with a towel, slightly enough to get wet, so as not to cause itching and burning. It is better to use means of shaving without soap, which contains vitamin E and aloe vera.

Technical aspects of the shaving process

It is sometimes easier to grow a beard than to get rid of it. Start the shaving recommend from the area of ​​the cheeks, spending the top with patches. To improve the effect, you can help with the other hand, tighten the skin lightly. How to shave correctly: the rules of perfect shaving Nail shaving is also carried out, moving towards the chin. Since the neck area is fairly tender, there are often enlarged hairs. To solve this problem when shaving beard you need to use sterilized tweezers to grab them and shave. After the end of the procedure, this area is treated with water with moisturizing soap with exfoliating particles, then apply a thick layer of cream.

If the bristle is soft, you can use the following method. First, apply a wet towel to the skin of the person, moisten the blade of the shaving machine in very cold water. After these manipulations the process of shaving will seem rather easy. With hard bristles, cold water will complicate the process.

When the cheeks and neck are shaved, the area with the hardest bristles remains - the mustache. While hair is removed from other areas, foam is already deeply penetrating into the skin over the upper lip, softens it. It is more convenient to shave the mustache with a machine tool, when the lips are slightly tucked, so that the skin stretches out.

When all areas on the face are shaved, it is important to evaluate yourself in the mirror. If somewhere there are hairs, it is possible to moisten the machine with hot water and walk them without special tools for shaving. Daily shaving provokes faster hair growth, so optimally shave your beard and mustache once every three days.

Shaving for men is the same ritual as applying makeup to women, so it's important to make it a pleasant, lively procedure. Gradually there is a skill, how to shave correctly.