Species of fox rabbits and care for them

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Lately, the decorative fox rabbit is gaining world popularity among pets, although this breed is still rare. Fox rabbits were brought out in the 20th years of the twentieth century in Germany and Switzerland from the Angora breed. Their initial vocation was to supply wool. But because of their unclaimedness, they forgot about this breed. Due to its good external features and seductive character, they have earned attention and popularity already as pets.

Species of fox rabbits and care for them

Fox rabbits were brought out in the last century for the supply of wool, but quickly gained popularity as home pets.

The appearance and character of the

Rabbit fox was named because of its long wool, similar to the fox. The rabbit's body is uniformly covered with thick, fluffy coat length of 4-5 sm. The trunk is firmly rounded, the neck is small, the head is large with vertically standing small ears. The wool on the ears is short and reaches 1-1.5 cm in length. In the fox breed, the front paws are short, a small tail is adjacent to the body. Eyes are large and naive blue or white, giving an angelic expression to the muzzle. The average weight of an animal is 3 kg. The coloration can be blue, white, ore, agut, chinchilla or harbor.

Fox rabbits are very cute and cute creatures. They are characterized by peaceful and calm humor. Friendliness and kindness allow these animals, both with children and with adult family members. Rabbits are very fond of attention and care and are distinguished by a zealous and playful character. They are quick enough tied to people and can constantly follow them.

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Rabbit Fox

Species of fox rabbits and care for them

Rabbit Dwarf Rabbits come in blue, white and black colors.

There are several varieties of this breed. They are completely different with each other and differ in color, character, appearance. Each of these varieties was derived at different times and in different countries.

Dwarf fox rabbits were introduced in Austria in the early 90's. They were nicknamed by dwarf because of their small size in comparison with other species of this breed. Their weight is from 800 g to 1.5 kg. Due to the long coat the shape of these animals is difficult to determine. According to the composition and rigidity of hairs, fur is close to the fissure. The coloration is red, blue, white or brown. By character, dwarf foxes can be gentle and tender, or restless and lively. This breed is most popular among other species of fox rabbits. Not prone to caring. Wool is enough to comb 1 time a week, it is not confused and does not form a breast. In one litter can be born from 2 to 4 rabbits.

Swiss Fox is one of the most beautiful. She appeared in Switzerland in the 20's of the last millennium. This elegant creature is endowed with a veil body with a rounded shape. His strong paws, a wide chest, a large muzzle and ears, whose length reaches 10 cm, distinguish this species from others. The weight of a rabbit is 2-4 kg. The coloration is blue, white, black.

The color of the eye coincides with the color of the wool. Exception - with a white color in the Swiss fox eyes pink. The character of this representative of decorative animals is rather compliant. He is quickly attached to people and is well-traveled with them. The only downside is the luxurious long wool that needs to be combed continuously to avoid the appearance of lumps and diseases.

Species of fox rabbits and care for them

Rabbit breeds are black and golden in color.

The breed of silver fox breed in the United States. It appeared almost simultaneously with the Swiss breed. Because of its dark color with a silvery shade, the fur is compared with the color of fur of black-and-brown foxes. Earlier representatives of this breed were called the American silver giant. Rabbits are large in size, they weigh up to 5 kg of

Medium sized body with well-developed shoulder joints. Thick coat is rough and hard. The silver shade of a rabbit takes up 5 months of its existence. Do you like these pets good-natured creatures. They love attention, affection and care. Producing silver fox rabbits, in comparison with other breeds, not only as decorative animals, but also for commercial purposes. They give a lot of meat and adapt in different climate conditions. In addition, females can grow alien rabbits, without rejecting them and accepting as relatives. One litter gives up to 8 cubs.

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Contents and care of fox rabbits

When purchasing a decorative rabbit, you must take into account all the pros and cons. Such a decision requires moderation and discretion. Care and keeping a rabbit at home - the process is not complicated. It is worth remembering that long thick wool requires regular scrubbing. This procedure takes no time. Without combing the wool of the animal is confused and ducts formed. Get rid of them will be quite difficult and painful for the rabbit. Such a cutting procedure is carried out in specialized salons with the help of a machine. Wiggle carefully by sticking from the tips to the hair roots.

When buying a rabbit, you should immediately think about the cage. The bald rabbit grows very fast, so the cage must immediately be taken in large sizes, which will allow the animal to stand on the legs and go to full height. In addition there should be placed a rabbit house, a nursery for a hay, an autoswitch and a tray. The pallet must be made of plastic, as the lattice bottom does not fit under the pet's claws. Cage can not be placed on the sun, in places where strolls are walking.

Species of fox rabbits and care for them

Cage Scheme for Rabbits.

Put a bed of straw or sawdust on the bottom, which should always be kept dry. These gentle creatures love purity, so the litter should be changed and cleaned 3 times a week, and the tray should be washed daily.

Care for a fox rabbit consists of a proper diet, time to walk, cage maintenance and disease prevention.

This animal feels comfortable even when the temperature reaches -20 degrees. But absolutely not resistant to direct sun, stench and overheating. Unfavorable factors for him are dampness, drafts and high humidity. Rabbits are very casual and cowardly creatures, so it is expedient to lock them in a cage.

If you take your hands, hold them very tight, otherwise it can jump from the height and break your spine. Do not let small children come to him. Children can, without knowing it themselves, cling to the animal for sensitive areas - a scalp or ears. All this can cause nervousness, illness and even death.

The main power of fox rabbits is hay. It should be of good quality and they should always be filled with nursery. Also, the daily ration is added to the feed, oats, horses and fodder mixes. Gradually, rabbits begin to feed dried fruits with apples and pears, breadcrumbs, white breads, raw and boiled pasta, and buckwheat.


For drinking, the usual crane water is suitable, in advance, or passed through the filter. Animals need daily walks, so let him walk outside the cells. Pre-define a safe area for walks - the rabbits are very fond of gnawing everything that happens on their way.

Fox rabbits quickly get used to their nickname and people around them if they live permanently in one family.

They cozy feel on their hands, like attention and affection. They detect their activity at night, and in the afternoon they hide in their own house and can stay there for 17 hours. It is not necessary to bathe the animal, he himself cleanses his wool. If there was still a need for bathing, it is worth keeping it out of drafts. A prerequisite for maintenance and care is timely inoculation and circumcision of the claws.


Following certain rules for keeping and caring for fox rabbits, you care about your pet's life and health. In return, you will be happy moments along with your favorite pet.