How much do decorative dwarf rabbits live?

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  • Biological Age Standards
  • Possible Causes of Rabbit Lifespan Lifespan
  • Correct Rabbit Eating - Its Longevity Lifespan
  • Dwarf Rabbit Rules

The most common question is how many dwarf rabbits live, you can hear the

unambiguous answer: it depends on the breeddecorative animal.

How much do decorative dwarf rabbits live?

Figure 1. The length of life of a dwarf rabbit depends on a large number of anatomical, household and biological factors.

It is immediately necessary to explain to those who wish to breed such exotic animals the following fact: the number of years depends on many characteristic biological, anatomical and household factors, and not only on the characteristics of the breed( Fig. 1).

Biological Age Standards

A person's desire to have any animal at home or to be engaged in breeding at home should not be mercantile.

When buying rabbits, it's worth remembering that these are living beings with individual instinct-based behaviors.

How much do decorative dwarf rabbits live?

Figure 2. Extranet rabbits breed rams live up to 7 years, but on average 5-6.

In order for dwarf rabbits to survive the maximum number of years, genetically determined, they should not be treated as if they are a soft toy. The conditions for housing these animals should be as close as possible to the natural, easy to apply even in the home environment.

So, in zoology, there are several age thresholds that can determine the lifetime of rabbits. The average indicator varies between 6-7 years. In some cases, the age may reach 10-12 years. These long-livers include sterilized female breeds of dwarf rabbits.

Some breeders of miniature pets believe that the appearance of the beast is influenced to a certain extent by the age of the decorative dwarf rabbits. In particular, pupils with standing ears, which include breeds of rex, colored dwarf, Dutch, lynnogolovka, have a life span of 5-6 years. Extreme rabbits, for example, ram( Fig. 2) can live up to 7 years or more.

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content Possible causes of life expectancy for rabbit

To create a complete habitat for rabbits and comfortable conditions for their presence with humans, certain breeding rules must be observed, while taking into account the following factors affecting how many rabbits live:

  • genetican aspect that involves the presence of a disease;
  • parental health condition;
  • injuries and illnesses, including colds.

How much do decorative dwarf rabbits live?

Figure 3. Remains of food should be removed from the cell before they start rotting.

People with poor hereditary backgrounds are reserved for the purpose of preserving the gene pool. Taken into account such a factor as the complete absence of diseases in the parents of rabbits, as illnesses of females and males can also be passed on to the offspring.

When keeping dwarf rabbits at home, care should be taken to monitor the health of the young, trying to protect against falls and various types of injuries, since such circumstances considerably shorten the age of dwarf rocks.

For those who want to raise a rabbit in conditions identical to domestic, it is necessary to take a pupil at the age of 1.5-2 months, as the baby will still be closely tied to the mother. In addition, it is important to check the presence of vaccine from myxomatosis and viral hemorrhagic rabies disease, as well as withdrawal or worms, if present in the body. The following is a sign of the full health of the baby of a dwarf rabbit:

  • ;
  • healthy, shiny eyes without ulcers;
  • lack of seals and cleanliness in the ears;
  • is smooth, with no ulcers, no hair extensions and no skin under it.

The above factors largely reduce the risk that dwarf rabbits will live a small number of years.

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Correct nutrition of a rabbit - a guarantee of its longevity

In addition to hereditary and biological factors, it is necessary to take into account the domesticated conditions for the presence of decorative animals. Everyone who is going to start a similar animal at home should first be remembered: the rabbits have a very delicate digestive system. Its specificity lies in the fact that the single-chamber rabbit stomach has an excessive degree of digestion. In this regard, animals can eat up to 20-30 times a day, and rabbits even more.

How much do decorative dwarf rabbits live?

Figure 4. The temperature in the room where the rabbit lives should not exceed 20 degrees.

In this regard, it is necessary to carefully monitor the ration of rabbits from an early age, so as not to spoil their gastrointestinal tract and not shorten their longevity. Malnutrition, as a rule, can lead to obesity of decorative breeds of rabbits, liver, heart or stomach diseases. Dwarf rabbits prefer the following products and plants:

  • hay or fresh herbs;
  • oats, barley and beans;
  • turnips, carrots, zucchini, cauliflower;
  • pumpkin, beet, white cabbage;
  • apples, bananas;
  • dill, rhubarb, nettle;
  • dandelion, burdock, plantain, clover, etc.

When choosing a herb as a food for a rabbit, it is better to give preference to juicy, fresh meadow grasses, plants and flowers, excluding lilies and flowers belonging to the family of cattle, as they can be poisonous foranimalsAdding rabbits raw or cooked vegetables and fruits, you need to control the level of freshness, crumble into small pieces, so that dwarf wildlife was convenient to consume them. Cereals should be carefully soaked, you can boil. Remains of food after the rabbit has eaten, it is necessary to remove from the cage, not allowing their decay( Fig. 3).Mandatory to maintain the health of teeth and good digestion of young branches of trees or shrubs, of which home pets can strip the bark. For these purposes ideal birch, apple, gorbe, lime or raspberry branches.

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Rules for keeping dwarf rabbits

Given such features of the rabbit's psyche as hyperactivity, excessive mobility, you should not keep your pet in a cage. Mandatory walks in an apartment or house, on the street on the leash will give the opportunity to fully develop the musculoskeletal system, the proper functioning of the SLE-intestinal tract, the nervous system and the rabbit's mental health. When releasing the animal for a walk in the room, it is necessary to take care in advance about the cleanliness of the carpet and the floor, to close the windows and doors, and to remove those objects that can scare the rabbit: antennas, wires and other gadgets.


In addition, the fluffy pet is contraindicated in drafts, cold, dirt, high humidity, heat and direct sunlight. In this regard, it is necessary to monitor not only the sterility of the rabbit cell, but also its location in the house. The optimum temperature in the room where the dwarf pet's house is located should not exceed + 20 ° С( fig. 4).

Rabbits are considered to be normal animals, so it is best for them to equip a cage with a small house that will serve as a reliable shelter for them. Dwarf rabbits will come up with an optimal size of a home not less than 0.8 m. It should be given a place for drinking with fresh water, a food tray and a floorboard of hay or pressed sawdust. Such a mattress "is recommended to change at least 1 time in 1,5-2 weeks.

The cleanliness of the dwarf breeds of the rabbits reminds the owners that they should not bathe too often. In case of such a necessity, it is important to remember that it should be washed with a special zooshampun. After bathing, the rabbit should be well dried, because the cold may adversely affect the health of dwarf rocks.


Long-tailed rabbits should periodically combine wool to avoid getting confused. Almost all animals are friendly in their hands, give themselves a pat on the back and head and nervous when they touch their chin. Correctly observing the above-described rules of care and maintenance, the owner of such a valuable pet will never raise the question mentioned earlier, because with full-fledged care, the rabbit will be able to live up to 12 years and even longer.