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Suspended, floor and corner bathtubs

With the desire to find inexpensive, beautiful and high-quality bathroom furniture, most buyers spend less than one hour of precious time in search of the appropriate option. But with such a zeal the interior items are not always fully compliant with all

functions assigned to them, they are short-lived, do not fit into the interior. How to protect yourself from mistakes and pick up really suitable bathroom furniture? The market offers a huge selection of various furniture designs for this room. There are pillars for the bathroom pendant, floor, corner.

Bathtubs: how to choose?

How many people there are so many thoughts. Everyone has an idea of ​​the design, functional design, color and shape of the furniture that he wants to see in his bathroom. Of course, with this the choice is limited to the dimensions of the room, the methods of installation of sanitary constructions, etc.

But there is still demand, so there will be an offer, so manufacturers offer a large number of options, among which you can easily choose their own, which is perfectright in front of your bathroom.

Before proceeding with the selection of the pedestal, consider the following aspects:

  • The curtain must necessarily be made of waterproof material.
  • The functional features of the pedestal should match your needs, it should have the required number of boxes and shelves that can be adjusted in height, if necessary, have a built-in laundry basket.
  • Under the design of the floor or pendant stand should correspond to the interior.
  • After installation the pedestal should provide unobstructed access to hot and cold water supply pipes and sewer drains.
  • Before you begin your search, you need to determine the type and configuration of the furniture you want. It will depend on its functionality and ways of saving forever lack of space in the bathroom. Let's look at everything in order. The most popular furniture for bathrooms is a variety of curbstones. Now the market offers two variants of such furniture: floor and pendant.

    The main advantages of the stands are:

    • elemental installation( they simply put in the appropriate place, connect the water supply and sewer, this installation process is over);
    • most models have built-in linen baskets, but the question of how to put in our tight bathrooms and this design, disappears by itself;
    • high carrying capacity( the chair will not fall if you place a large package of detergent powder, the same capacity with air conditioning, etc.).

    But these pillars have one significant drawback: the modest sizes of most bathrooms make it difficult to assemble, clean the floor cleanly and cleanly, and it is very difficult next to it.

    Pendant pillars also have a number of undeniable advantages: the

    • has no difficulty cleaning the bathroom;
    • visually expands the space;
    • gives the bathroom a contemporary look;
    • is not dependent on inequalities of sexual intercourse.


    • installation requires additional skills, forces and time( as a rule, such cabinets are attached to the wall on the brackets, for the installation of which you need to make several openings);
    • to hang such a tumbler on every desired place will not work, the wall should be solid and durable and maintain the weight of the hanging structure. Mounting the cupboard on the partition separating the bath and toilet rooms is not strongly recommended. Typically, this overlap has a small thickness and is made of hypo-concrete, which has good moisture resistance, but can not boast strength;
    • rarely can be found pendant cabinets with built-in linen baskets, so the location of this additional and necessary interior details should be considered in advance.

    Of course, the angle bars for the bathroom are more popular. They are practical, they can be both floor and hanging. Their unquestionable advantages include the fact that they easily rise to a free angle, while not taking away the room free space. If you want to hide the tubes under the bath and give a more aesthetic look to the bathroom, you can consider the option of buying a pedestal under the bath. They are made of materials with high water resistance and meet all the requirements for furniture for bathrooms. Towels under the bath can be made in a variety of color solutions and have the most unexpected design forms, which will give a good opportunity to create a unique interior. In addition, bathtubs help keep the most massive things without spoiling the interior of the bathroom.

    It is not enough to decide with the perfectly suitable design for your bathroom, it is also worth paying attention to the maximum life and full coincidence with the interior of the room. Here you should focus on a few parameters, which we would like to tell below.

    The material for the bathtubs

    The first thing to look for when choosing a material is the humidity of the room. It is worth noting that practically all floor and pendant bathroom cabinets, presented on the market, can successfully store its appearance in conditions of high humidity for several decades.

    Buyers are in doubt whether it is worthwhile to buy hanging and countertops under the bathroom from a tree or chipboard, as they quickly become useless. In a hurry to soothe, the soaked and lacquered tree will not spoil for a long time even in conditions of high humidity, and a laminate bench with a chipboard for the bathroom will serve its time without causing trouble.

    Suspended, floor and corner bathtubs

    If it is clear with solid wood stools, marriage is visible to them with a naked eye, then when buying laminating products, you should be careful. They are attractive to the buyer for their low price, but still marriage among them occurs quite often. In the first place, it is worth paying attention to the facade of the products. During transportation, various damage and detachment of the film are possible, which are not noticeable during a brief inspection. If bloating, detachment( even insignificant) was found during the examination, it would be better to look at another product, as defect defective pedestal protection will be imperfect. If it allows financial status, it is worthwhile to dwell on the variants having a painted but not laminated surface. The percentage of the lack among them is much less common.

    For those who are not satisfied with the options for wood or wood, you can advise to buy a plastic hinged or floor tumbler. The lock is only that with practical parameters such nests are not stronger than wooden, from moisture and temperature fluctuations, they are insured, but they are not presentable appearance and are more suitable for installation in country houses or temporary buildings.

    Metal furniture has long lost its position in the market, and it can be found very rarely. Of course, in a bathroom with a muted light will look great forged metal products, decorated with silver candlesticks with lighted candles and antique mirrors, but such an interior can not afford all of them and it does not always look appropriate in our apartments. Therefore, such variants, as a rule, go under an individual order.

    What kind of fittings should be preferred to

    A great alternative is the combined options, such as wooden cabinets with original metal fittings, mirrors, various illumination, etc. They not only decorate the appearance of the room, but will also give it even more practicality..

    Suspended, floor and corner bathtubs

    It is worth paying attention to the fittings, which is equipped with a favorite model. It tends to wear more than the design itself and works much more often than the shelves and the surface of the pedestal. For handles and loops to serve faith and truth for many years, it is worthwhile to stop on metal variants. They have a long lifetime than their plastic counterparts. In addition, the appearance of such accessories is more attractive. Typically, components are manufactured in Russia, China and Europe. The latest variations are characterized by an increased lifespan. So paying attention to the manufacturer of accessories will be completely unprofitable. The most optimal option for handles and loops will be chrome plated metal. It is more reliable. Thanks to the high quality of execution, neat forms, various options, this hardware will not only be a functional part, but also an interior decoration of the bathroom. Articles made of plastic with gold or with the application of chromium in conditions of high humidity can lose their appearance in a month.

    Color solutions for floor and pendant cabinets under the bathtub

    The bathroom is a synonym for cleanliness and sterility. Therefore, many prefer to choose furniture for the bathroom, made in white. Undoubtedly, he has a number of advantages. This versatile classic, perfectly combined with most other colors. In addition, the white color makes the room visually more spacious. But the interior of the interior, made in such a chromatic solution, seems thicker, more voluminous and heavier. Our bathrooms are not spacious, and white curbs, on the contrary, take their visual space from them. This should be taken into account when choosing. Especially since the market in this sense is diverse and variability.

    The colored solution of the pedestals for the bathroom is not necessarily selected strictly according to other furniture or plumbing. It is enough to not get out of the general tones of the room, but you can, on the contrary, work on the accent. It is believed that the bathroom should be picked if not white, then light furniture: green, blue, soft beige, but we are ready to argue, as the style and design of the bathrooms are so diverse and individual, that sometimes the ideal option is quite dark curbstones: black, wenge, marble, etc.

    Suspended, floor and corner bathtubs

    More often on the market there are red curbs. It is necessary to consider that it is dominant, invigorating and excited in the interior of any room. If you need energy in the morning, it's your perfect choice. If you want calm and calm, choose a different color solution.

    Orange is also a very popular color for the design of bathrooms. The combination of gray and orange furniture is often used when creating hi-tech interiors. The combination of orange with gentle and warm shades is used to create a calm and warming atmosphere.

    Pay attention to all shades of greens. Wonderful combinations are created when using green furniture with orange, yellow and cream interior details. The green color of the furniture is suitable for those bathrooms where people prefer to rest and calm the psyche. Light shades of blue also calm down, but dark blue, on the contrary, can cause depressing and pressing feeling. But well-chosen blue furniture and pedestals under the bath will visually make the space wider and more spacious.

    Black pillars will add luxury elite and luxurious notes to the interior. Black is perfectly combined with silver or gold, perfectly fits in red, gray, sandy-golden interiors. But in an ultra-small bathroom, even one such detail as a miniature curbstone can create an uncomfortable and gloomy atmosphere. So when choosing a black curb you need to be careful.

    Stylistic unity

    Each apartment room should cause positive emotions and feelings. Not an exception, and a bath, it must also be part of the coated space. Therefore, the pedestal should be in harmony with the design elements, the chromatic solution, combined with all components or, conversely, to make a conscious accent among them. Designers believe that the choice of a bathrobe in the bathroom should be in accordance with the prevailing element in the interior. For example, if the tile image has a large and large picture or pattern, then the trunk should differ in the massiveness of the details, drawers and pens. If the picture on the tile melts, choose a cupboard with compact boxes and elegant fittings.

    If the bathroom is dominated by soft and curved contours, a tumbler with rigid rectangular contours should not be chosen. A sophisticated retro-card is also unlikely to fit into an interior in the style of modern or high-tech.

    By the way, the accessories of the pedestal are always eye-catching and are an integral part of the interior. Very important nuance is the repetition in the form of components of the trunk of the outlines of accessories and plumbing( mixer, hooks for clothes, towels, etc.).

    Buy a cupboard based on all the above tips and you can make your bathroom functional, beautiful and interesting. Good luck and nice shopping!