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Illin's day - what's the number, signs, customs and history

We all know that it is no longer possible to swim in Ilyin, according to signs. And the fact that this holiday is dedicated to the prophet Elijah. But is it really? What is this holiday and what is it symbolizing? Where did the belief that it is impossible to swim in the open water from this day? What traditions of

have been followed by our ancestors before? We will try to find the answer to these questions.

Ilyin Day of the day in 2017

Ilyin day annually marked August 2 .The date is not passing, that is, every year it is one and the same.

Ilyin's History of the Day

So, according to the most common version, this national holiday was established in honor of the Old Testament prophet Elijah. According to the descriptions, it was a very jealous and righteous man. It was in his case that Elijah was ascended into heaven still alive.

However, the paradox, this prophet was a protagonist to any manifestation of paganism, but his image was deprived of the pagan deity of Perun. It was him that before the advent of Christianity, the Slavs revered and worshiped him. Probably for this reason the image of the prophet is still associated with the lord of rain and lightning, and according to legends, Perun is a thunderbolt. As we see, Ilyin's day is a more pagan holiday and does not apply to the prophet himself.

Traditions of the holiday

The most famous, perhaps, custom is a ban on bathing in any water body. Moreover, if this day was raining, then no one was allowed to go out into the street, even all animals were kept in a shed, so that they did not go out. Otherwise, there will be a lot of problems in the coming year, and the cattle can not even survive this year. And all because many believed in the fact that in the water on this day all evil returns.

Our ancestors in Ilyin's day never worked and spent it in idleness. After all, it was considered, who will take at least for any business, then will hurt the whole village. Therefore, the Slavs behaved in the custom - for those who began any work - in the field, in the courtyard, at home, took the tools, and then sold them. On the money earned, they usually bought alcohol.

Celebrated this holiday, the so-called fratchina, when one or several villages gathered for a collective meal. It is obligatory during the brothers that they sacrificed an animal, usually done by men. Such a meal usually grew into noisy parties, games, round dances, songs and dances.

Required to cover the roofs of Ilyinian straw houses. To do this, they were harvested in advance from the first sheaf of straw, while according to her beliefs she could not be transported on that day in the cart, she should be at that day already at home. It was believed that such a rite helps to save health, and legs are strong and no illness in the coming year will not overcome.

Signs on Ilyin Day

  • Rain in Ilyin did not show any good on the day. For example, it was believed that if on this day there is a rain with thunder, then head will soon hurt. But if the thunder is prolonged, then the health of the coming year will be weak.
  • It was necessary to sow hay until this holiday, then the harvest in the coming year will be good, and all year will be successful. If on the contrary - after Ilyin day to mow hay, then the year will be lean. And they said: "To Ilyin the day to sow hay - put a honey in his pill, after Ilyin - pudd manure."
  • It was forbidden to swim even more because our ancestors believed that it was from this day that Ilya would cool the water. So often they used to say: "The deer in the water drowned his leg - the water in the rivers is cold."
  • But the ban on the work of beekeepers bypassed the party. Moreover, it was even welcomed. It was believed that even if an evil spirit would fall, then Elijah would drive him away.