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Best hair conditioner: Top 10( by user reviews)


  • What is the difference between balm and air conditioner?
  • Hair conditioner conditioner - how right?
  • Matrix hair conditioner
  • Kerasys hair conditioner with keratin
  • Estel( Estel)
  • Non-inflated conditioner Gliss kur
  • Schwarzkopf
  • Londa for damaged hair
  • Ollin - antistatic forhair
  • "Golden Silk" - spray - conditioner with laminating effect
  • Tsubaki
  • Faberlic( Faberlic)

Probably every lady faced with the fact that after washing their hair, they simply can not be disassembled. They become rigid, indecisive and dry. The reason for this is just shampoos. Even those that do not contain lauryl sulfate or enriched with vitamins, proteins and other nutritional elements, ruthlessly affect the hair, since their main purpose is precisely cleansing.

The actual salvation is the conditioner for the hair. While shampoo removes excess fat and other contaminants, the conditioner saturates hair with nutrients, making them smooth, obedient and shiny. And most importantly - the hair after using the air conditioner is incredibly easy to comb, well curl up and quickly fit into any hairstyle.

Probably many have noticed on the shelves of stores a product such as a shampoo-conditioner. Naturally, this is very convenient in the case when you have a limited time or it is not possible to carry a lot of bottles( for example, on a trip).But using such tools on a permanent basis is not recommended. The fact is that in this case the conditioner stays not only on the hair, but also on the skin. This greatly accelerates the process of its pollution, and also can lead to clogging pores.

Best hair conditioner: Top 10( by user reviews)

What is the difference between balm conditioner?

Many people identify balm and air conditioner, but there is a significant difference between these devices: the

  • conditioner is a means of protecting the hair, but the balm is also aimed at their nutrition and healing;The
  • conditioner is not applied at the root, so as not to bother your hairstyle, and balm is also useful and rubbed into the scalp;
  • conditioner is an excellent antistatic agent, and balm does not possess such properties;
  • conditioners are often indestructible, and among such balms, such products are rare.

How to use the air conditioner?

When applying the air conditioner, you must adhere to a number of mandatory rules:

  • - try to avoid getting the product on the scalp, otherwise the hair will be very dirty and lose volume;
  • - Take care that your hair type matches your hair;
  • - Try not to use shampoos that dry the skin and hair, otherwise the conditioner will not give the proper result;
  • - the ideal option is the use of a set of facilities of one manufacturer.

Top - 10

And now we present to you TOP-10 hair conditioners based on reviews, studied on the Internet.

  • Moisturizing Conditioner MATRIX Total Results Moisture

The manufacturer of this product claims that after using it, the hair will be saturated with moisture, which will make them shiny and alive.

Consumers note the incredibly tender consistency of the air conditioner, which provides comfortable application and quickly envelops the hair. In addition, the tool gives the hair a pleasant, unobtrusive fragrance. The strands after the use are shiny and very easily combed. They do not electrify and do not push. It is important that this conditioner is equally effective regardless of the type of shampoo you use.

From the negative points one can note the high cost, which is not always justified by the results. So, for owners of rigid and curly hair this tool will not bring the desired shine, and combing will ease very little.

Best hair conditioner: Top 10( by user reviews)

  • KeraSys Damage Care Repair

This tool is intended for dry and brittle hair. It is recommended to regularly apply to those ladies who often dry hair with a head, and also curl and straighten strings. It will be useful also for the care of dyed hair.

It is worth noting that the effect of this air conditioner is cumulative. This means that the visible result will be noticeable only after a few sessions. If you will treat your hair regularly, you can count on the following results:

  • - silk smooth, which does not disappear after hair drying;
  • softness and elasticity;
  • - an aesthetic look of the tips( even if they had severe damage), as well as protection from the cross section;
  • - suitable for long hair, which is often difficult to disassemble;
  • - the hair becomes brilliant.

Usually, it takes 1-2 minutes for the hair conditioner to penetrate, but this tool will require more endurance and patience. But the result will please you.

Best hair conditioner: Top 10( by user reviews) Best hair conditioner: Top 10( by user reviews)

  • Estel Curex Versus Winter

Excellent tool for professional grade. It makes the hair more attractive, provides reliable protection against damage when stacking with hot techniques. The air conditioner consumes very economically. He not only makes the hair more pleasing to combing, but also deeply nourishes them. Especially it will become irreplaceable during the cold season, when the hair is highly electrified.

One of the drawbacks is to note the air conditioner's dense consistency. Consumers are advised to keep the bottle upside down so that it is easier to remove the remedy from it.

Best hair conditioner: Top 10( by user reviews)

  • Rechargeable air conditioner Gliss kur TOTAL

This air conditioner is just a salvation for dry hair. Its texture is incredibly light, so the amount of hairstyle is kept. At the same time, the remedy deeply nourishes the hair, saturates them with all the necessary useful substances. Already after the first application you will notice the healthy shine and elasticity of the hair.

It is important that this air conditioner can be used not only on wet but also on dry hair. At the same time, it makes the combing procedure light and pleasant. The application of the remedy does not affect the cleanness of hair and the amount of hair. Even if the tips are too dry and cut, after using the air conditioner they will look more attractive. This tool is a very convenient form of the sprayer. It's even more important that you do not need to wash it.

One of the drawbacks is the obsessive smell that does not weather out the hair throughout the day. If you have long hair, then the bottle will suffice for a short time.

Best hair conditioner: Top 10( by user reviews)

  • Schwarzkopf Professional BC Bonacure Fiber Force

The highlight of this tool is that with the patented technology, keratin has been split into particles that are much easier to penetrate into the hair structure. As a result, the ringlets become strong, shiny and elastic, as if they are not exposed to the daily effects of harmful factors.

Before using the air conditioner, the hair should be washed and slightly soaked with a towel. If you do not notice the visible result after the first application, do not be upset, the effect of this tool is cumulative. For the second time, the results will be much more pronounced.

Sustainable effect can only be achieved after a month of continuous use of the air conditioner. Patience will be rewarded with a healthy shine, splendor, light volume, as well as noticeable hairs seals. A disadvantage can be considered that after application of this means of hair too dirty quickly.

Best hair conditioner: Top 10( by user reviews)

  • Conditioner for damaged hair Londa Professional Visible Repair

Formula of this tool was developed specifically for professional use in salons. After application, even strongly damaged hair will completely change. This tool combines the properties of both balsam and air conditioner. It is quite thick, which ensures a fairly economical expense.

The instructions for using the air conditioner indicate that it is not necessary to rinse it, but in this case you risk getting dirty hair without volume. Therefore, it is better to rinse them with water. In this case you will get light combing, softness, shine and elasticity. But the anti-static properties of this tool, unfortunately, does not possess.

Best hair conditioner: Top 10( by user reviews)

  • Spray-antistatic Ollin Ice Cream

In winter, the problem of strong hair electrophysiology becomes virtually all-important. For many, the only way out is to gather hair into a bundle( but it does not always help).An excellent anti-static spray can be a great solution to the problem. He makes the hair obedient and elastic, not burdening them. This will allow you to show a chic haircut even in the heat of famine.

The duration of the effect depends on how much your hair is damaged( the more healthy hair the result is noticeably longer).In addition, if the room is low in humidity, also do not expect a long-lasting effect.

Best hair conditioner: Top 10( by user reviews)

  • Laminating conditioner "Golden Silk"

The "Golden Silk" conditioner is an ideal solution for thin hair. By enveloping each hair, the tool turns into an invisible film that gives aesthetic and protective effect. As a result, the curls look healthier and brilliant, and also become less prone to brittleness and intersection.

The undeniable advantage of this tool is that it has a significant amount, which means it lacks it for a long time. After drying the hair there is no tackiness, and the hair becomes incredibly light. Despite the effect of lamination, the hair does not completely weigh, but remain lush and bulky. It is also worth noting the convenient form of the sprayer and a pleasant light aroma, which, however, after drying completely evaporates.

Unfortunately, it was not without disadvantages. Thus, the effect of lamination is almost imperceptible, especially if the hair has severe damage. And if you accidentally hit the root of the remedy, your hair quickly becomes greasy. Although packaging does not matter, but, nevertheless, its unsuccessful design somewhat spoils the impression of the product.

Best hair conditioner: Top 10( by user reviews)

  • Shiseido Tsubaki

This air conditioner contains valuable camellia oil - a unique product of its kind. It promotes care of hair and their complete recovery in the short term. It is also worth paying attention to the presence of honey extract, which helps to straighten the hair and gives them shine.

The effect does not have to wait very long. Even after the first application, an incredible smoothness is observed. In addition, the hair does not absolutely weigh. The effect of easy combing is maintained until the next washing. Due to this, hair is less damaged.

After drying the conditioner, the hair will not emit and push. A pleasant healthy shine will also please you. It is worth noting the incredibly attractive aroma that lasts for the hair until the next wash. Consumers note that they constantly want to touch their curls, because they buy incredible softness and ease.

Best hair conditioner: Top 10( by user reviews) Best hair conditioner: Top 10( by user reviews) Best hair conditioner: Top 10( by user reviews)

  • Faberlic ETNObotanika

This is a balm-conditioner, the feature of which is that it seems to "melt" when applied to the hair. Due to the presence of pomegranate and orchid extracts, as well as argan oil, hair is quickly restored and saturated with vitamins.

Hair after application of this conditioner retains original ease. At the same time, they acquire an attractive shine, become smooth and elastic. Like other similar remedies, this product helps to facilitate hair splitting. Due to the saturation of the curls with moisture, they become less brittle and more resistant to damage.

A disadvantage of this tool can be considered only that it is extremely cost-effective. In order to get such an effect, it is necessary to apply the air conditioner with a sufficiently dense layer.

Best hair conditioner: Top 10( by user reviews)

Choosing an air conditioner is no less important than choosing the right shampoo. It is he who is responsible for the attractive appearance of the hair. A properly selected remedy can give your curls not only a cosmetic but also a therapeutic effect.